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Don’t Let This Innocent Mistake Get You Kicked Out of a Campground

If you’re traveling extensively, you may have to order something online and have it delivered during your travels. Dealing with mail on the road can be challenging because you won’t be able to receive packages or paper mail at every RV park.

Let’s look at other ways to get your mail when on the road.

Do All RV Parks Accept Packages?

Not all RV parks accept packages. It’s critical to check with the main office before ordering anything to be delivered to your campground. Sometimes the campground will charge a fee, usually around $5 per package.

Other times, the campground will allow delivery for free, and some campgrounds won’t accept packages. RV parks that don’t allow delivery or charge for it often have information about the local post office or Amazon locker locations nearby.

Why RV Parks Turn Away Their Camper’s Mail

Many RV parks are experiencing staffing shortages. They don’t want unnecessary work or extra duties placed on staff members who might already have a full plate.

When campgrounds don’t accept mail, they usually aren’t trying to be difficult for campers. It’s often something they don’t want to keep track of or manage at the office.

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Man carrying boxes
Keep in mind, not all RV parks accept packages!

Can You Get Kicked Out Of a Campground for Your Mail?

One famous full-time traveling family was kicked out of a campground because they had a package delivered to a campground that didn’t accept mail. RV Miles recalls a frustrating experience in 2020 at Montrose San-Juan RV Resort. Jason and Abby had been traveling for almost four years with their three boys.

Unknowingly, Jason violated the rules of this campground when he ordered a package that FedEx delivered. Although there are numerous details of their story (we recommend watching their YouTube video), RV Miles had to leave this campground because of this violation.

How to Check If Your Campground Accepts Mail

The easiest way to check if your campground accepts mail is to ask the staff. Don’t ask the rangers. Usually, their job is to check guests in and out and maintain the property. Make sure to go to the campground office.

Ask about receiving paper mail like a birthday card or bill notice, and also ask about receiving packages. Sometimes campgrounds are specific about what they’ll accept.

For example, a package delivered by FedEx is okay, but a package delivered by USPS is not. Always ask upon arrival, or if you need to order before arrival, call ahead to get the rules of that particular RV park.

RV park welcome sign.
Only send packages to your RV site after you confirm with the staff that they accept mail.

How to Get Your Mail When Traveling

If the campground doesn’t accept mail, all hope is not lost. You can still order your daughter that stuffed unicorn for her birthday or receive the box of Easter goodies from your parents. If you need to have a check mailed to you, there are still ways to do that. Let’s explore your options.

USPS General Delivery

Note that not all post offices will participate in the USPS General Delivery service. Often, the RV park staff will tell you if the local post office accepts General Delivery. If they don’t know, call or visit the local post office to find out. Don’t assume that you can have your mail sent there.

People use General Delivery when they are without a permanent address. You would have paper mail and packages addressed to you with the information “General Delivery” under your name and then the city, state, and zip code of the post office. It’s a good idea to speak with the postmaster at your location if you intend to use this service extensively. Then they will have a heads up because this location may not typically receive General Delivery incoming mail.

There may also be a limit on the amount of time you can use this service. The post office holds each piece of General Delivery mail for no more than 30 days.

To pick up General Delivery mail, you need to know when they may arrive. Go to the post office, give them your name and ID, and the attendant will go to the back to pick up your mail. It’s an easy process. Just make sure to have your ID on hand.

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Use An Amazon Locker

As Amazon locker locations continue to grow, they can be an excellent option for travelers who need packages delivered quickly. On Amazon, you can search for locker locations near you all over the country. Once you’ve selected the destination locker and placed your order, you’ll receive the standard confirmation email.

The pick-up process is simple. Once the package arrives, you’ll receive an email or notification with a unique code. Scan the barcode at the locker station once you come to pick up your parcel. A box will open, you’ll get your package, and then you’re done.

Send Your Mail to a Family Member

If you’ll be returning home or visiting family members during your travels, another option is to have your mail delivered to a family member. If you take off from Massachusetts and have family you’ll visit in Oklahoma, have mail sent to their house. You can pick it up during your visit. 

If you’ll be gone for two or three months and then return home before hitting the road again, have your mail delivered to a family member’s residence where you can pick it up once you return. Always make sure this is okay with your relatives. Some family members may not want to deal with excessive mail, sorting it, and safeguarding important information.

Even if you leave for an extended period, you can still send your mail to a family member. Then when you arrive at an RV park that allows packages or a location where the local post office receives General Delivery, you can have that family member gather your mail and send it to you in one package.

Reduce Your Mail Footprint

It’s a good idea to change your delivery options to electronic delivery if possible. Not only does it save paper and reduce waste, but it makes it easier to receive notices and bills when traveling. Most businesses allow electronic payments, and it’s easy to set up auto payments. If you can, reduce your mail footprint by going digital.

Don’t Get in Trouble for Your Package Deliveries

Jason and Abby from RV Miles showed travelers what can happen if you don’t know the rules at a particular campground. Other travelers had similar experiences. Avoid a mess or deal with angry staff, and know the rule for package deliveries at every RV park you visit.

It would be awful to ruin a National Park road trip in Utah because you were kicked out of a campground you reserved for two weeks. The way campgrounds are going nowadays, you might not have many options for other places to stay.

Have you ever received packages at a campground? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments below!

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