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10 Best Antiquing Cities in the USA

If your idea of a fun road trip includes hitting some of the best cities for antiquing, keep reading. 

We’re letting you in on some of the hottest places to score a new addition to your antique collection. In fact, these ten cities are known for having some of the best antique shops in the country. 

Do you enjoy small towns or large bustling cities for treasure hunting? Either way, we’re sure you’ll be drawn to at least one location listed here. 

Let’s take a look!

What’s Antiquing?

Antiquing is an activity enjoyed by many people who collect old items with some historical importance. Clocks, furniture, baseball cards, Depression glass, artwork, and cars are just some examples of collectibles sought after by antique hunters. 

Items classified as antiques are typically at least 100 years old. They often have value based on their origins, condition, rarity, or historical significance. 

If you’ve ever watched Antiques Roadshow, you already have an idea of the kinds of antiques people find. Sometimes these old treasures turn up in estate or yard sales. Other times they’re inherited. 

Some people collect antiques based on an interest or appreciation for particular items. Other times, they believe the item might be worth something due to its rarity. 

Therefore, antiquing is a popular activity enjoyed in many locations across the US. These ten cities have some of the best opportunities to satisfy your craving for antique-hunting while on your next vacation. 

Woman antiquing
There are many amazing antiquing towns across the USA.

#1 Adamstown, PA

About the Town: Located about 70 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Adamstown boasts the title of Antiques Capital, USA. Miles of farmland surround this quaint town in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country. 

Adamstown is home to over 5,000 antique dealers. Additionally, the town is full of year-round flea markets, antique malls, and vintage stores full of treasures to sort through.

Best Antique Shop: The best antiquing opportunity in this city occurs three times a year at the Antique Extravaganza. It’s a 4-day event beginning Thursday of the last full week of April, June, and September. 

#2 Buchanan, VA

About the Town: This Virginia town nestles within the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountain ranges. You’ll feel like you stepped back in time when visiting Buchanan. Over the last 20 years, once-dilapidated storefronts gained new life through restoration projects.

Numerous antique shops line the town’s Main Street. In addition, The Factory Antique Mall is only an hour’s drive away from Buchanan. Spanning 121,000 square feet, it’s the largest antique mall in the US. 

Best Antique Shop: The Best Place Antiques, located at 19799 Main Street, has two floors and over 40 vendors. 

Pro Tip: Love antiquing? Head to the American Pickers Store. We uncovered how you can easily get to it.

#3 Charleston, SC

About the Town: This South Carolina port town has a rich history dating back to 1670. Cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages are a common sight while strolling through Charleston’s Antique District. 

Due to this, Living Magazine and other publications regularly recognize Charleston as one of the best antiquing cities in America. 

Best Antique Shop: The Charleston Antique District on King Street boasts numerous shops filled with items from nearly every period of American history. 

#4 Clinton, TN

About the Town: Fodor’s Travel considers Clinton one of the country’s top ten best antiquing towns. You can find over 20 shops full of old treasures in the Antique District. In fact, it’s the most extensive collection of antique shops in the South.

Best Antique Shop: Burrville Antiques, located at 355 Market Street, specializes in antique furniture, farmhouse decor, and hand-poured candles. 

#5 Galena, IL

About the Town: Located in northwestern Illinois, Galena is on the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, it’s no wonder the town has many shops where you’ll find collectibles ranging from jewelry to furniture. 

Antique hunters will find plenty of places to search for treasures along Galena’s Main Street, nicknamed “Helluva Half-Mile.” Additionally, over 125 shops and restaurants line the historic street in this town of 3,500 residents. 

Best Antique Shop: All That’s Vintage, located at 212 N. Main Street, has a little something for every antique lover. 


#6 Hazel, KY

About the Town: Hazel is one of the smallest towns on this list. Firstly, Hazel is home to about 400 people. Still, it is home to14 antique shops. If you need a set of old church bells for your collection, you might just find them in Hazel. 

Fodor’s Travel named Hazel one of the best antiquing towns in America. Therefore, you will find the 14 shops filled with old collectibles cover 40,000 square feet.

Best Antique Shop: Blue Moon Antiques, located at 312 Main Street, is one of the area’s most popular shops.

#7 Millerton, NY

About the Town: Besides being one of the best antiquing cities in the US, this Upstate New York town is also very cool. In 2007, Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine named Millerton one of the coolest small towns in America. 

One of the coolest things to check out is the Millerton Antiques Center on Main Street. You’ll find 35 dealers specializing in such collectibles as European art, pottery, and Oriental rugs. 

Best Antique Shop: Hunter Bee, located at 21 Main Street, specializes in quirky folk art, industrial collectibles, and American country pieces. 

#8 New Orleans, LA

About the Town: Is there anything you can’t find in New Orleans? You’ll find great food, music, culture, architecture, and some of the best antiquing in the US in this bustling city. Additionally, you can find some great antiquing spots.

Royal Street and Magazine Street are the hot spots in town for sorting through shelves of antiques. You’ll find everything from jewelry to furniture in over 40 shops lining these two streets. 

Best Antique Shop: Royal Antiques, located at 309 Royal Street, is a family-owned antique shop founded in 1899. 

Pro Tip: After antiquing in New Orleans, use our tips on How to Spend a Day in New Orleans, Louisiana.

#9 Walnut, IA

About the Town: Iowa’s Antique City, population 776, proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to antiquing. In addition to Walnut’s 15 shops specializing in old collectibles, the town holds an annual antique show every June. 

If you visit during the Walnut Antique Show, you’ll find 17 city blocks filled with over 300 vendors to peruse their wares. 

Best Antique Shop: Granary Mall, located at 603 Pearl Street, is a two-story building filled with over 100 dealers from seven states. 

#10 Wiscasset, ME

About the Town: Firstly, if you appreciate charming riverfront locations, Wiscasset will delight you! This quaint Maine town originated as a Native American settlement situated along the Sheepscot River.

Secondly, you’ll find many of Wiscasset’s antique shops located inside historic buildings. If you’ve been searching for unique nautical collectibles, you might find them at one of the shops specializing in them here. 

Best Antique Shop: Wiscasset Antiques Mall, located at 536 Bath Road, is home to over 100 dealers. 

The Best Antiquing Cities in the USA

If you appreciate antiques, you’ll want to add some of these best antiquing cities to your vacation bucket list. Consequently, many of these locations have great restaurants, camping, and family activities nearby. 

So which of these cities will you visit on your next antiquing adventure?

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