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What Is a Deeded RV Lot?

Finding a campsite to rent these days can be challenging. How about purchasing one instead? We’ll discuss how you can purchase a deeded RV lot. You’ll never have to make camping reservations again. 

Keep reading to learn what a deed RV lot is and if it’s a good investment. In addition, we’ll provide tips for looking for a deeded lot and what size site you might find. 

Let’s dive in! 

What Is a Deeded RV Lot?

A deeded RV lot is an area of land in an RV park or resort for sale by the owner. The owner of an RV park or the site can sell the deed to the campsite to an individual. The lot comes with a deed because someone else owns the land. If you purchase a deeded RV lot, you are typically responsible for monthly or annual dues, taxes, and other utility fees.

Is Buying An RV Lot a Good Investment? 

There are pros and cons to buying an RV lot. It’s an excellent option for a vacation home. However, one of the most significant risks is that the RV park owner may sell the campground or resort, and a new owner can change things or get rid of deeded lots. It can be challenging to view purchasing an RV lot as a decent long-term investment. 

Overall, a deeded RV lot can be an investment for someone who will use it often or if you’re able to rent it out. Some RV resorts allow their deeded lot owners to rent out their space. It can be a great way to earn extra income or cover your dues or fees.

If you use the RV lot frequently, it could quickly pay for itself, considering the rising costs and high demand for campsites across North America. When you invest in a lot, many parks allow you to put up a casita, deck, patio, or shed to make the space your own. It comes in handy for storing things when you’re not there, and some use their deeded RV lot as a home base. 

Where Can I Find Deeded RV Lots?

You can find deeded RV lots through online searches, like RV Property which lists sites around North America. Many motorcoach and luxury RV resorts offer lots for sale. Escapees RV club’s SKP Co-Op Parks also have campsites for purchase.

Be aware that there are often long waiting lists for deeded RV lots, so sign up early.

What Do You Need to Know When Buying An RV Lot? 

As with any significant purchase, reading the fine print is essential. Here are three factors to keep in mind before buying an RV lot.

Upfront Costs

When shopping for a deeded RV lot, ask about any fees. Know what your upfront costs will be, including taxes. Ask questions such as, “Are the first year or first months fees due upon purchase?”

The last thing you want is to be surprised by the purchasing price upon signing. You may also want to have a lawyer look over the paperwork to ensure everything is clear. 

Taxes and Fees

Determine what your taxes and fees will be for the RV lot. Will you need to pay property taxes and annual fees? Are there any hidden fees? For example, do you pay electricity monthly, or is it included in your dues?

When shopping for lots, you might also want to have conversations with lot owners in the park to gauge their experience. For example, do fees go up every year?

Rules and Policies

Even when you’re the owner of a deeded RV lot, you still need to obey the rules and policies of the park. Know what they are before you purchase, and don’t think there will be exceptions. If you have dogs, make sure you know how many pets you can have at each site.

Also, review the policies for visitors, vehicles, storage, items you can have on your lot, etc. Finally, ask all the hard questions before purchasing so that you’re not surprised after signing on the dotted line.

What Is the Average Size of An RV Lot? 

Knowing if your RV will fit on the lot is a critical factor. RV lot sizes vary significantly across RV parks and resorts. A 55’ by 20’ site is a fairly average size for a large rig.

You can also find bigger deeded RV lots that include patios or casitas. Particularly in luxury motorcoach resorts, you’ll find large lots that border with landscaping for privacy. 

Can I Buy a Lot of Land and Live in An RV?

In many places, it is legal to live in an RV on land you own. However, local laws vary across cities and counties. You may need to obtain a permit to live in your RV. Some localities require access to a proper septic system and a well or city water to be in place.

Is a Deeded RV Lot Worth It?

A deeded RV lot is worth it if you have the budget and a long-term vision for its use. Since there can be waiting lists and steep upfront costs, it wouldn’t be worth using it for one season. Some campgrounds offer seasonal or annual passes if you’re unsure that a deeded lot is right for you. 

If you own a deeded RV lot, we would love to hear about your experience. Drop us a line below! 

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