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15 Best Small Motorhomes in 2022

Small motorhomes are a popular option for many potential RV buyers in 2022. Couples, as well as families, are looking for travel alternatives to airplanes and hotel rooms. 

While purchasing a motorhome isn’t inexpensive, many people see it as a long-term investment for their family. Especially if they regularly like to travel and get away on weekend trips. 

If you’re not into driving a larger RV on your vacations, we’ve got the details on the best small motorhomes in 2022. You may find the rig of your dreams among these 15 options. 

Let’s roll!

What is a Small Motorhome?

Class C, Class B, travel trailers, and even some fifth wheels can be small motorhomes if they’re under 25 feet long. While plenty of small RVs exist on the market, in this article, we’re focusing on the B and C style, which we’ll describe below. 

Many people opt for small motorhomes for a variety of reasons. They’re often easier to drive, take up less parking space at home, and can be great boondocking rigs. Not to mention, most campgrounds at national parks only allow RVs shorter than 35 feet. 

Whether it’s for personal travel style or not wanting to maneuver a 40-foot rig, smaller motorhomes are becoming more popular in 2022. Before we get into the list of the best small RVs, let’s examine the distinction between Class B and Class C rigs. 

Woman looking out small camper window
Small motorhomes can still pack a big punch while road tripping.

Difference Between Class B and Class C Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes, or camper vans, are perfect for those wanting an easy-to-drive vacation vehicle. They’re welcome in virtually any campground, and you won’t have difficulty finding parking at grocery stores on your trip. 

While not cheap, Class B rigs offer the comforts of home in a small footprint. Most even come with bathrooms and a kitchen area. Another benefit is these small motorhomes are fuel-efficient. With high gas prices, this is an appealing feature. 

Class C RVs typically offer more living space and better storage capacity than Class B camper vans. For this reason, families of three or more may find this style of RV more attractive. 

Unsure of which style is best for you? Renting a small motorhome for a short trip may help the decision-making process. Websites like Outdoorsy and RVShare offer many kinds of privately-owned rigs available for rent.

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Orange camper van driving next to lake
Cruise the country in a compact camper.

15 Best Small Motorhomes in 2022

With so many motorhomes on the market, finding the best ones to buy may be a little daunting. We’re here to help narrow the choices to 15 of the best small RVs and camper vans available in 2022.

Small Class C Motorhomes

Forest River Forester LE

Price: Starting at $75,000

Length: 24’ to 32’

A trusted name in the RV industry, Forest River offers affordable motorhomes in a variety of styles. The Forester LE series has 14 different floor plans available on either a Ford or Chevy chassis. 

This small RV packs in many features, including a kitchen, full bathroom, plenty of storage, and a queen bed. A family of six can comfortably travel and sleep in any of the Forester LE models. 

If an eco-friendly RV is important to you, all Forest River Foresters are “green-certified.” Their overall efficiency will help you save money and resources while traveling. 

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R

Price: Starting at $120,222 

Length: 24’ to 32’

Besides having a cute name, the Minnie Winnie’s small footprint offers travelers in 2022 an excellent motorhome experience. The six floor plan options, all built on a Ford Chassis, give you multiple choices of layouts to suit your needs. 

The basic Minnie Winnie floor plan sleeps five people, even without a slide-out option. And all six models include a full bathroom, a U-shaped dinette that converts to a bed, and a fully functional kitchenette with a pantry. 

Thor Chateau 22E

Price: Starting at $117,150

Length: 24’

Built on either a Ford or Chevy chassis, the Chateau 22E provides sleeping space for four people. Standard features include a queen bed, cab-over bunk bed, spacious dinette, full bathroom, 40” TV, and a closet. 

While the included features may be perfect for many people, Thor offers some upgrades to make the Chateau 22E even nicer. Add-on options include an outdoor shower, exterior TV, electronic stabilizing jacks, and a 100-watt solar charging system. 

This small motorhome also has the capacity to tow up to 8,000 pounds. You’ll be able to hitch up your car so you can explore the areas further away from your campsite. 

Forest River Sunseeker LE

Price: Starting at $82,737

Length: 24’ to 32’

The Sunseeker LE is similar to the Forester LE mentioned above but offers a few extra features. Each of the nine floor plans includes pass-through storage, making it easier to bring some of your larger adventure toys with you. 

Depending on the layout, up to six people can sleep comfortably in the Sunseeker. Another nice feature of this model is the additional storage provided in the dinette area. You’ll find two large drawers under the seating area. 

The interior of the Sunseeker feels spacious, so larger families can comfortably be inside without feeling cramped. 

Coachmen Prism

Price: Starting at $125,000

Length: 25’

If glamping is more your style, the Coachmen Prism may just be the small motorhome of your dreams. Built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, the smooth driveability of this rig is hard to beat. 

While the Prism has a smaller fuel capacity than some other motorhomes on the list, it may be best for shorter trips. But you’ll be camping in luxury with on-demand hot water, residential flooring, a conventional oven, and plenty of storage space. 

Nine floor plans are available, each offering sleeping space for four to six people. 

Gulfstream Conquest 6237

Price: Starting at $80,000

Length: 24’

The Gulfstream Conquest will suit your needs if you’re looking for an affordable small motorhome for family travel. This RV sleeps up to six people and offers enough amenities to make your camping trips comfortable. 

Features include a 40” TV, electronic fireplace/heater, bedroom closet, overhead storage throughout the coach, and basement storage. Additional options like an electric awning, vinyl flooring, outside shower, and stainless steel appliances are also available. 

Winnebago Ekko

Price: $171,845

Length: 23’

Built on an AWD Ford Transit chassis, the Ekko is perfect for those who like to boondock. According to the Winnebago website, this RV “combines the efficiency of a camper van and the capacity of a Class C coach.” 

New for 2022, this small motorhome comes equipped with 450-watts of solar panels, a 50-gallon fresh water tank, and ample pass-through basement storage. You’ll be able to bring bicycles, inflatable kayaks, and fishing poles on your adventures. 

The Ekko sleeps four and offers a wet/dry bath, indoor and outdoor kitchen space, and a well-insulated interior. Outdoor enthusiasts will love this rig!

Unity Leisure Travel Van

Price: Starting at $164,920 (USD)

Length: 25’

Leisure Travel Vans is a Canadian company offering a sleek new RV with six distinctive floor plans. Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the Unity provides a stable driving experience with added safety features. 

Solo travelers, couples, and families of up to four will find the perfect floor plan for their needs. Each model comes with a kitchenette and bathroom with a separate shower. 

You and your traveling companions will appreciate the luxury feel of this home on wheels. Customizable features like upgraded upholstery, cabinetry, and decor allow you to personalize the Unity to your desired needs.

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Class B Motorhomes

Airstream Atlas Touring Coach

Price: Starting at $273,273

Length: 24’

Airstream doesn’t just make those cool-looking silver travel trailers. Now you can get the quality the company is known for in a luxury Class B motorhome. While it’s not an inexpensive option, it sure comes with some great features.

Some of the small motorhomes on this list don’t have slide-outs, but the Atlas does, which allows for expanded living space. It contains a full bathroom with shower, two-burner cooktop, Murphy bed, and 40” hideaway TV, making this a perfect tiny home on wheels. 

Built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, you get high-quality safety features, fuel efficiency, and a smooth driving experience. 

Roadtrek SS Agile

Price: Starting at $183,260

Length: 19’5”

Coming in at just under 20 feet in length, the Agile campervan is the perfect adventure vehicle for solos and couples. It has an indoor cooking area, bathroom with shower, convertible bed, and sitting area, 24” TV, and 330-watts of solar. 

The Mercedes-Benz chassis offers stability and safety while driving up mountain ranges looking for the perfect campsite. Additionally, the Agile has a decent amount of storage for your weekend or extended trips. 

American Coach Patriot

Price: Starting at $175, 493

Length: 22’

While the basic model of the Patriot sleeps two, upgraded floor plans allow for additional sleeping space for one or two more people. Depending on the model, this small motorhome comes on either a Mercedes-Benz or Ford chassis. 

You’ll find ample storage space inside the rig, including a wardrobe, wet bath, on-demand water heater, and beautiful cabinetry and surfaces. One feature not often found on smaller motorhomes is a macerator pump for easy emptying the black tank. 

The Patriot also comes with a roof-top solar charging system. This feature allows for boondock camping in beautiful locations away from the crowds. 

Winnebago Solis

Price: Starting at $128,311

Length: 21’

With an included pop-up camper top, the Solis comfortably sleeps four people. It’s an excellent option for small families looking for adventure vehicles. 

Winnebago cuts no corners when it comes to nifty features in their motorhomes. The base model includes 220-watts of solar, ceiling-to-floor insulation, a wet bath, a Murphy bed, and double doors on the back of the van. 

The Solis is a relatively affordable option for anyone in the market for a small Class B motorhome in 2022. It won’t break the bank, allowing for the possibility of adding some extra camping gear for the family. 

Coachmen Nova

Price: Starting at $134,856

Length: 20’11”

All-new for 2022, the Coachmen Nova motorhome offers tons of features in a small package. Something it has that other campervans on the list are missing is a two-burner cooktop. One of the two available models also includes a pull-out pantry. 

Built on a Ram Pro Master 3500 chassis, this rig is sturdy and ready to take you up off-road paths safely. It’s similar to the Solis, except it only sleeps two people since it doesn’t have the pop-top. The wet bath is also a little more spacious than other campervans. 

The roof rack included in the standard model allows you to bring enough supplies for extended camping trips. And the 220-watts of solar on the roof provide options for off-grid excursions. 

Thor Gemini AWD Class B+

Price: Starting at $146,100

Length: 23’7”

The Gemini is a cross between a Class B and Class C motorhome. It sleeps three people and offers two different floor plans. Plus, both models include a slide-out, allowing for more living space inside. 

A unique feature of the Gemini is a full bathroom with a separate shower. So if a wet bath isn’t appealing to you, this may be an excellent option. 

Equipped with a 100-watt solar panel, you have the option of taking this AWD motorhome off-grid. A bit roomier than other Class B rigs on the list, you can enjoy boondock living in luxury. 

Roadtrek Zion

Price: Starting at $163,660

Length: 20’9”

Last on our list of the best small motorhomes for 2022 is the Roadtrek Zion. One feature of this campervan that’s different from others is its open floor plan. If you’d rather not attach your expensive bike on an outside rack, simply load it in the center of this coach. 

The Zion also has a decent amount of storage, including a kitchen pantry and drawers under the sofa. Like many other Class B rigs, it has a wet bath rather than a separate shower stall. 

The sofa converts into a king bed, and an optional folding mattress can transform the front seats into an extra sleeping space. 

A Small Motorhome for Everyone in 2022

If you’re considering a small motorhome purchase in 2022, we hope this list gives you a good starting point for your research. There’s a rig out there with the right price point and floor plan to suit every type of camper. 

Which of these small RVs appeal to you the most? Let us know in the comments below. 

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