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What’s the Most Reliable SUV in 2022?

If you’ve never owned an SUV, you don’t know what you’re missing. The right vehicle can move mountains for your future adventures, and today’s SUV options are more reliable and qualified for the job than ever before. 

You might be considering getting a new SUV soon. You must know what you’re buying. Reliability is crucial when you plan to take your SUV off the beaten path. Take time now to dig into some helpful info on which SUV is the most reliable in 2022. Let’s dive in!

What Is An SUV? 

An SUV is a sport utility vehicle. The SUV classification combines elements of a run-of-the-mill passenger car with features standard on off-road vehicles.

There’s no universal specification for what makes a vehicle an SUV, but you’ll often find them more spacious than cars, have AWD or 4WD, larger tires, more storage space, and accessories like a roof rack or grab bars. 

Man driving SUV
Explore mountains, beaches, deserts and more from the comfort of an SUV.

What Should I Look for in An SUV? 

When you’re scoping out possibilities for your new SUV, there are a few design elements you’ll want to consider. Here’s a brief look at some of the things you may want in an SUV. 


Seating is crucial in any vehicle, but the seating in an SUV can get pretty fascinating. Try to decide what type of seating you want before purchasing an SUV. You can get captain seats, bench seats, third-row seating, leather seats, heated and cooled seats, and much more. 

Cargo Space

The cargo space in an SUV is vital. You want enough room to store your gear and goodies when you take your SUV camping or off-roading. Check for a roof rack. A solid roof rack can give your vehicle more utility and storage space. 

Safety Features

Today’s SUVs are safer and more reliable than ever, and there’s an extended list of various safety features. You could have lane-keep assistance, where the vehicle will autonomously assist you in maintaining your lane. You could get dual, side, and window airbags for collision safety. There’s also an SUV that parks itself and presses the brake if you get too close to hitting something or someone. The possibilities are pretty interesting, so investigate the safety features of an SUV you’re interested in buying. 

2WD versus AWD

Most cars are 2WD, meaning that only the two front or the two back tires spin when you press the gas. Most SUVs are either 4WD or AWD, which gives the driver the benefit of all four wheels spinning when you press the gas. AWD is beneficial when you want to explore off the beaten path, as it helps you not to get stuck so easily. 

Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of an SUV is notably higher than that of a car, giving you the chance to move more with your vehicle. Most SUVs can tow up to 3,500 lbs on a hitch, but it’s always best to check with your user manual before towing. 

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SUV towing small camper on highway
Check the towing capacity of your SUV before you buy to ensure you can take it on all your camping adventures.

What Is the Most Reliable SUV On the Market for 2022? 

Popular opinion says that the Toyota RAV4 Prime is the most reliable SUV this year. Its specs are relatively impressive, and it’s a plug-in hybrid. You get gas power when you need it and the economy of electric power for everyday commutes. 

Consumer reports give the RAV4 Prime a reliability rating of 84 out of 100. The electric powertrain on Prime is one of the significant contributors to its reliability rating. 

Toyota RAV 4 parked next to scenic lookout.
Toyota RAV4s are some of the most reliable SUV options on the market.

About the Toyota RAV4 Prime

Toyota makes three “RAVs”; the RAV4, the RAV4 Hybrid (no electrification), and the RAV4 Prime, a plug-in hybrid. Toyota released the Prime in 2021, while the other two RAVs have been available for some time. Let’s learn more about why the Prime may be the most reliable SUV.


The Toyota RAV4 Prime comes in two trims. You can opt for the SE or the XSE. The SE is the best bet for your money, and the RAV4 Prime qualifies for a $7,500 tax rebate. If you add the Weather and Moonroof packages to your SE, you’ll have an excellent vehicle for a killer price. 


The RAV4 Prime SE has many bells and whistles. It has 18” alloy wheels, auto headlights, AWD, push-button start, heated front seats, and a comprehensive safety package. It also has adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, a 6-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto. 

The RAV4 Prime XSE builds on the excellence of the SE by adding 19” alloy wheels, wireless smartphone charging, a red-accented cabin design, faux leather seats, a vast touchscreen, and auto-dimming mirrors.

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White SUV parked in snow.
Explore in all seasons with a reliable SUV.

What Is The Most Unreliable SUV? 

While the RAV4 may be the most reliable SUV, Consumer Reports say that the Mercedes-Benz GLE is the most unreliable SUV of 2022. It had a rating of 5 out of 100, making the purchase of this vehicle pretty alarming. The SUV had seven safety recalls in the past two years. Drivers reported electrical issues, problems with the brakes, and engine trouble. 

Is The Toyota RAV4 Prime Worth It?

If you’re in the market for what Prime offers, then this model is worth the buy. With a base price of $39,800 and a tax rebate of $7,500, you’re getting quite a vehicle. The standard features are top-of-the-line, and you can always upgrade with Toyota’s add-on packages. Visit the RAV4 discovery section of Toyota’s website, and take a first-hand dive into the specifics of the year’s most reliable SUV.

What feature of the Toyota RAV4 do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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