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Why Do Truckers Pee in Bottles and What is a Trucker Bomb?

Okay, everyone knows that if you’re not a trucker, the life of a trucker is somewhat of a unique existence. Living life on the road is a solitary lifestyle, and an extended stay away from the rest of humanity can lead to some strange behaviors. 

You’ve likely heard of truckers using plastic jugs or bottles for peeing on the road, but is it really a widely practiced method? To put it simply, yes. Truckers do still pee in jugs or bottles while they’re on the road, and for quite a few reasonable reasons.

Jump into a brief explanation of an age-old issue. 

How Do Truckers Go Pee? 

Well, truckers pee just like the rest of us. Where they pee is where the path deviates a bit. Though peeing in a bottle or jug is a common practice among truckers, jugs, and bottles aren’t the only places truckers relieve themselves. 

Rest stops, truck stops, portable toilets, and the side of the road also present nice spots to use the restroom. Gas stations, fast food restaurants, and other typical potty stops for travelers are a little more difficult to navigate when you’re driving an 18-wheeler. 

Why Do Truckers Pee in a Bottle and Dump It Out of the Window?

Answering this question means you’ll have to put yourself in the place of a trucker. Truckers often have strict time schedules to meet, and too many potty breaks can mean not getting where they need to be on time. Time restrictions are one reason why truckers pee in bottles. 

Another reason is that sometimes you have to go when there isn’t a rest stop or truck stop nearby. Your bladder won’t wait for an appropriate restroom at times, and a bottle or jug is a lifesaver. 

A trucker might dump their pee out the window to keep from building up too many pee jugs in the cabin. They may also just be emptying the container for reuse later. 

What Is a Trucker Bomb? 

The term “trucker bomb” is a slang term coined to describe the practice of peeing in a bottle or jug and tossing it out the window. Of course, truckers aren’t the only drivers practicing this method, but it doesn’t make it any less gross. 

Trucker bombs have been an ongoing issue for decades, and authorities have even had to structure laws to help discourage drivers from dumping their old urine jugs all over the place. Some places carry heavy fines for drivers caught tossing their pee jugs out the window. 

Can a Bottle of Urine Explode? 

A bottle of urine isn’t like an actual bomb. It can’t explode with a fiery rage, but it can pop its top. Think about it. Tossing a plastic bottle of liquid out of a window onto the road at high speeds is asking for a popped top. 

The situation gets pretty messy if the jug is full of someone else’s pee. It’s easy to see why “trucker bombs” aren’t exactly a welcomed practice in most places. It’s littering at the least and pretty disgusting at most. 

What Do Truckers Do When They Have to Poop? 

Going number two is usually a whole other story, but some truckers do still relieve themselves in a plastic bag or a large-mouth jug. Some trucker bombs are a little more vicious than others – if you get the point. 

However, it’s important to distinguish that this practice isn’t uniform among all truckers. They use actual bathrooms the majority of the time. Truck stops are prevalent, and they’re always open. Finding a proper restroom isn’t something out of reach for a trucker who feels the urge. 

Do Truckers Wear Diapers? 

Some truckers do go so far as to wear diapers. The job of an 18-wheeler driver is tough, and some drivers simply don’t want to bother with stopping for restroom breaks.

Why lose time and money when you can just pee in a diaper? It’s a personal preference, for sure, but it seems a bit less savage than tossing your wastes out onto the open road. 

How Do Female Truckers Use the Bathroom? 

Females don’t have the control that males do when they’re peeing, but they can still get by on the road. Some female truckers can pee in bottles or jugs with no problem. They sometimes fall in line with the trucker bomb practice. 

Others get more creative, peeing in buckets filled with kitty litter. However, there are plenty of portable potty options on the market today. There’s really no reason to get super creative when there’s a simple prefab option for pottying on the go. 

Truckers Do It Out of Necessity

Overall, bottle dumping isn’t as widespread as some think, but it’s practiced more than you might expect. Relieving ourselves is a fact of life, and you’ll find a way when you need to go bad enough. 

Living most of your life inside the cab of an 18-wheeler means you have to get a little inventive at times. Don’t hate too hard on the truckers and their peeing habits. They do a lot to keep the world functioning as you like it. 

Haven’t you ever had a hard time finding a bathroom on a long road trip? 

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