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How to Easily Get Rid of Fleas

If you’re battling fleas in your house, yard, or camper, you’re probably itching to say goodbye to them. These tiny insects are black or brown and can leave their mark on you and your pets. A flea infestation doesn’t go away without help, so you shouldn’t procrastinate in addressing it.

Today, we will look at what you can do to stop the scratching and quickly get rid of fleas. Let’s get started!

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are wingless insects with six legs and extremely powerful claws. These claws allow them to hold on tight as they feed off a host. Because they are wingless, they rely on their stronger and longer back legs to jump over 12 inches very quickly. There are well over 2500 species of fleas, and 300 are in the United States.

Fleas can live almost anywhere, but they prefer warm climates. You’ll often find them outside in cool, damp areas. Some places you can see them are near trees, shrubs, and tall grass. They’ll happily hop on dogs, cats, and other animals that walk past.

What Can Kill Fleas Instantly? 

One of the best ways to kill fleas instantly is soap. Any soap will kill fleas, but you want to ensure it is safe for pets before applying it to your furry friends.

Apply the soap and let it sit for a minute or two before washing it away. This helps ensure you get all the fleas and that you and your pet won’t be scratching any longer.

Flea on a persons hand
Kill fleas instantly with soup or talc.

What Naturally Kills Fleas Instantly?

If you want to treat a flea infestation naturally, there are some options. Talc is a chalky mineral that can quickly absorb moisture and dry up fleas. This mineral kills them instantly and creates a non-hospitable environment for future fleas. Many commercial flea treatments and powders have talc as the primary ingredient.

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How Do You Get Rid of Fleas in 30 Minutes?

If you are facing a flea infestation, there are several things you can do in 30 minutes to get rid of them. The first step is to toss anything that contains fleas into the washing machine. You can then use a powder and trap, then spray on any areas infested with fleas. Give the items time to do their job before cleaning surfaces or vacuuming your carpet.

Finally, you’ll want to bathe your pets. Be generous with the soap and shampoo. Look through their hair and at their skin for any signs of fleas. You’ll likely see several fleas floating in the water as you rinse the soap.

It’s also best to ensure your pets are current on their flea treatments. If not, schedule a visit with your vet or head to the store to get your pet flea treatment. You can also use commercial or homemade flea collars to help your pet be less attractive to fleas.

Person scratching ankle rash
If you notice red bites around your ankles, you might have fleas you’ll need to get rid of.

How Do You Get Rid of Your Pet’s Fleas? 

If you’re preparing to battle your pet’s fleas, we’re here to help. Ridding your pets of fleas takes perseverance and consistency, but you can do it! Let’s walk through the steps you can take to get your pets and home flea-free!

Use a Topical Prescription

Topical prescription treatments are one of the most common ways to get rid of fleas. However, you want to pay special attention to your pet’s type, age, and size. These prescriptions can start killing fleas within a matter of hours. Within a day or two, your pet could be free of fleas.

Administer an Oral Prescription

An oral prescription can be an effective way to eliminate fleas. This method requires your pet to swallow a pillow or tablet and ingest the medicine. A negative characteristic of these prescriptions is that they don’t do anything to the fleas until they have bitten your pet. Using these in combination with other treatments can make them more effective.

Use a Pet-Safe Spray

A pet-safe spray can kill fleas on the spot. However, many of the sprays you see on the shelf are not safe for pets and can be harmful. Before spraying anything directly onto your pet, check with a trusted veterinarian and read the instructions.

Dog scratching neck
If you spot your pup starting to scratch, use a combination or tricks to quickly get rid of fleas.

Bath Your Pet in Hot Water With Flea Shampoo

A hot bath and a good scrubbing with flea shampoo can kill most of the fleas on your pet. If your pet isn’t fond of baths, do your best to comfort them. Get them wet and scrub the flea shampoo thoroughly over their body. Let the shampoo sit and do its job for a minute or two.

You should expect to see some fleas falling off of your pet as you rinse the flea shampoo off of your pet. Use the water to wash away any dead fleas, and thoroughly dry your pet.

Use a Flea Comb

Once your pet is dry, a flea comb can make it very easy to find any fleas that didn’t get washed away. A flea comb is a safe way to inspect your pet for fleas, as you will trap the fleas in the comb.

Have a cup of water nearby to dunk the comb in regularly while combing your pet. You want to keep the comb wet, and any fleas that it captures will drown in the cup of water. Don’t forget to comb around your pet’s armpits, legs, and at the base of the neck and ears.

Get Regular Vet Checkups

Regular doctor visits aren’t just for humans, but for pets too. Taking your pet to the vet regularly for a checkup can help catch a condition before it becomes severe. If your pet is frequently experiencing issues with fleas, a vet will likely be able to offer advice based on your pet’s specific situation.

You’ll want to take your pet to the vet for more than just fleas. So make sure you find a vet you trust to care for your pet. Doing so can help extend and improve the quality of life for your pet.

Allow Your Pet to Groom Itself

Many animals have an instinct to groom themselves. This typically means licking their paws and other body parts. Your pet can do a great job at grooming themselves without your help.

However, you should take action if your pet gives too much attention to a particular spot. This attention can signify for some animals that there’s an infection or other allergic reaction. So make sure you keep an eye on your pet and get to know their normal behaviors.

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Are Fleas Easy to Get Rid of?

If caught early, a flea infestation isn’t the end of the world. However, when left unattended, it can be a rather tricky task. You may need to hire professional help in extreme situations. You must take action immediately when you spot a flea on you or your pet. A delayed response will only give fleas more time to reproduce and settle into their new home. By following our tips and taking action, you and your pets can avoid a major flea infestation.

What insects do you believe are the hardest to get rid of? Tell us in the comments!

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