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Scam Attempt: Famous YouTubers are Having Identities Stolen

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, that’s not necessarily the case when imitators try to scam others. A couple of famous YouTubers have had some scammers trying to pretend to be them in hopes of making bank on their followers.

While the scam appeared rather obvious to most, there’s always the potential that an innocent person could become a victim.

Today, we’re sharing what happened with these famous YouTubers and a few tips for keeping yourself safe online. Let’s dive in!

Who is RV Odd Couple?

RV Odd Couple is a popular RV YouTube channel from John and Mercedes Condon. They’ve shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of RV life for several years. Their transparency and honesty have helped them garner 163,000 subscribers. The most committed members they refer to as their “Odd Squad.”

The couple isn’t shy about their previous struggles with alcohol and how their faith and family are important to them. Their relationship was on the brink of divorce at one point. Now, they’ve grown exponentially in their relationship and appear to be thriving in their sobriety.

They earned a reputation among the RV community. Subsequently, they focused their knowledge, expertise, and bank account on opening their own campground. After a tremendous amount of blood, sweat, tears, and prayers, Thunder Canyon Campground is taking reservations. You can stay at their campground and maybe even run into them during your stay!

How Is Their Identity Being Stolen?

Unlike some other YouTubers, John and Mercedes are very active in the comment section of their videos. They regularly engage with viewers and comment back and forth with them. While scrolling through the comments, they noticed a few posts that appeared to be from them, but weren’t. The posts advertised cryptocurrency services and the contact information for someone they recommended.

The scammers created a YouTube account titled “pinned: by RV Odd Couple.” The account even used an icon that was similar to that of the authentic RV Odd Couple account. To some naive individuals, it appeared somewhat reputable. However, the bogus account seemed obvious to most people familiar with the channel.

Did RV Odd Squad Members Get Scammed?

No reports have been made to John and Mercedes regarding any of their members getting scammed. As we said, most people familiar with the internet recognized the scam.

Anyone familiar with RV Odd Couple knows they’re one of the last channels you’d expect to see spamming their comment section with links to make investments in cryptocurrencies. 

Are Scams Common on YouTube?

While technological advancements can make life easier, they also make it more difficult. Scams on YouTube and other social media platforms are incredibly common. Scammers are constantly looking for the easiest targets possible. The anonymity of the internet makes it easier than ever for them to find potential victims.

Those overseeing these social media platforms have departments that keep users and their accounts safe. Users must do their part by securing their accounts and taking several necessary steps to avoid scams.

Tips to Avoid Internet Scams

You can do several things to avoid being a victim of an internet scam. Follow these tips and you can stay safe while using the internet.

Be Skeptical

Having a healthy dose of skepticism is always important. You must use a bit of common sense when interacting with anyone, especially online. If it looks or sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let your emotions or feelings get in the way of thinking rationally. It could cost you!

Be discerning in your interactions online. What are the odds of royalty reaching out to you and asking for help during their time of need? While most of us can see through these scams the second we see them, not everyone does. There are plenty of victims that lose money every day from online scams.

Protect Your Computer

Avoid clicking on any links or downloading files that may contain viruses and other harmful software. By clicking on links or downloading files, scammers can access your computer and any sensitive information.

They may even install software that locks you out of your computer entirely and demand that you pay a ransom to regain access. Use antivirus or other software that protects your computer and prevents you from installing malicious software onto your computer.

Never Give Personal Information

You should cease all communication the instant you suspect an individual or account is a scammer. You should never give personal information or enter any information into a form you aren’t confident is legitimate. The more information scammers can gather, the more they can use it against you.

Never give credit card information, social security numbers, or personal information. You could have your identity stolen and destroy your credit.

Immediately Take Action

You should immediately take action by reporting any suspicious activity. Use the reporting feature on YouTube and other social media platforms to report suspicious accounts. If you sent money or gave sensitive information to the scammers, you need to report it immediately to local law enforcement.

They likely will have a department that handles these types of crimes.

In all honesty, there’s often very little chance of victims getting their money back once they’ve been scammed. However, it does happen. Reporting it to authorities can be the first step toward catching the scammers and preventing others from becoming victims.

Stay Safe and Don’t Be A Victim

Safety should be the top priority of anyone who uses the internet regularly. It’s a shame that dishonest people are trying to rob people of their hard-earned money, but it’s nothing new. Scammers have been around for hundreds of years and will likely not go away anytime soon.

The best we can do is educate those around us about staying safe while online and help them learn to identify potential online scams. Share this article with them and help them to avoid being a victim.

Have you ever been scammed online?

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