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Where Do Women Shower When Car Camping?

With remote working becoming more common, people want to hit the road and travel. One demographic that has embraced car camping and traveling has been women.

You can find podcasts and communities of women solo traveling in RVs and car camping their way across the country.

One of the most challenging tasks with car camping is finding a place to shower and stay clean. So, where do women get clean when car camping? Let’s look at the options.

What Is Car Camping?

Car camping is a type of traveling where the adventurer turns their car into a camper. Many car-camping enthusiasts convert vans, SUVs, and trucks with just about everything they could need. It might surprise you how luxurious and comfortable car camping can be.

This camping style works excellently as most people own a vehicle of some sort. You are typically only limited by your imagination, budget, and DIY skills when modifying a vehicle for car camping. You can camp in some pretty incredible locations and enjoy a lifestyle full of adventures.

Woman reading map while car camping
When solo car camping, finding a place to shower can be challenging.

Where Do Women Shower When Car Camping?

Most vehicles used for car camping are standard passenger vehicles that people modify to accommodate their camping lifestyle. However, most people can’t build in a shower, which means finding places to shower along the way. Here are some of the most common places women get clean when car camping and traveling.

Truck Stops

You may think truck stop showers are only for semi and big-rig drivers. However, that isn’t typically the case. Truck stops often allow any paying customer access to their shower facilities.

These are often great spots to take a long hot shower with plenty of water pressure.

Despite what you might have heard, truck stop showers are often very clean and well maintained. Most large chain corporate truck stops employ workers to thoroughly clean and dry shower rooms between uses. With so many truck stops across the country, it’s not hard to find one in most places.

Pro Tip: Use these tips on Truck Stop Showers for Non-Truckers when car camping.

Gym Memberships

Joining one of the nationwide fitness centers like Planet Fitness or 24-Hour Fitness is an excellent way to stay fit and have access to showers. If you are a member of these gyms, they likely won’t say anything if you skip your workout and head straight to the showers. This can be a very cost-effective way to stay clean while car camping.

When signing up for a membership, just ensure your plan includes access to more than one location. Some of the cheaper gym memberships only allow the use of a single facility. If you plan to spend time traveling, you’ll want to pay a few bucks more each month to have access to more gyms.


There are over 2,700 YMCA locations across the country. One of the biggest goals of the YMCA is to improve the health of those in the community. Even if you aren’t a member of one of their locations, you can typically still pay a day-use fee and have access to their facilities, including showers.

These are often very safe places where women feel comfortable and don’t have to worry while showering. The cleanliness and quality of the facilities will vary from one location to the next, but they’re typically in decent condition.

Interior of car where woman is car camping next to the beach
From gym showers to portable camping showers, there are many showering options while car camping.

Portable Shower

Some women don’t want to rely on others while traveling. This is where a portable shower can come in handy. You can get some DIY portable shower options, but you can also purchase pre-made units.

Portable showers can help you stay clean whether camping in a car or a remote location or if you don’t want to deal with finding a place to go. Depending on where you camp, you may need to shower in a bathing suit to avoid any issues with public nudity.

Pro Tip: Stay sweet smelling with our guide on How to Find the Best Portable Shower for Your Camping Trip.

Hotel Room

Many women who spend weeks or months car camping treat themselves every now and then. A hotel room means not worrying about power usage or water consumption.

It can also allow them more space to stretch out than camping in a vehicle. This isn’t typically the most cost-effective option if you just need a shower. However, a long, hot shower and a nice comfy bed can be worth every penny.


Body wipes can do the job if you need a way to stay fresh and keep odors away between showers. If you’ve never seen these before, imagine a giant baby wipe. These wipes are large enough to clean under your arms and any other sensitive areas prone to smelling when not bathed regularly.

They may not entirely replace showering, but they can do a great job of helping you extend the time between showers.

A Friend’s House

One advantage of car camping is the ease of getting to visit friends and family during your adventures. Many car campers will even plan their travel routes so they can visit friends and family along the way. While catching up and spending time with these loved ones is reason enough to visit, most loved ones won’t have a problem with you taking a shower while visiting.

If they let you use their shower, clean up after yourself and let them know you appreciate the hospitality. You don’t want to take advantage of your friend’s generosity.

Interior of tent with portable camping toilet inside
Pack a camping toilet when car camping for convenience.

How Do Women Go to the Bathroom When Camping?

While men can stand to answer nature’s call half the time, women don’t have the same luxury. Women who spend time camping and need to use the restroom during their trips will often get a camping toilet to make it much more convenient and comfortable.

A camping toilet allows you to take it with you on your adventures and practically replicates using a standard one.

However, depending on where you use it, you may have one of the best views you’ve ever experienced while relieving yourself.

What Is the Best Way to Maintain Your Hygiene When Car Camping? 

You must maintain your hygiene when car camping. Failing to do so can result in various health conditions, some of which can be very serious. Taking advantage of the showering options we’ve shared with you is a great way to do that.

We recommend always having body wipes available because you never know when you’ll need them. You may underestimate a hike, or the weather conditions may change. These conditions may result in you getting sweatier or dirtier than you anticipated. 

Being able to quickly wipe yourself down and get the dirt and sweat off can be extremely helpful and help maintain your hygiene. Finally, ensure you’ve packed enough feminine hygiene products. You never know when aunt flow will show.

Is Car Camping Safe?  

While showering is essential to car camping, you must also consider your safety. When car camping, you may not always sleep in a typical campground. You should always be aware of your surroundings and leave if you feel unsafe.

Car camping allows you to move on your way quickly in these instances. However, using the proper caution and safety practices, women can camp in their cars without issues.

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