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How to Easily Get Unstuck in the Mud

Man, getting stuck in the mud can really ruin your day. We’ve all done it at one time or another. We’ve all spent more time than we should getting dirty and slinging mud around to no avail. You probably learned quite a few lessons from the problem-solving you had to do. 

Understanding how mud, gravity, leverage, and traction work will help you maneuver your way out of it a lot quicker next time. Check out these helpful hints on easily getting “unstuck” in the mud. 

How Do You Get Unstuck in Mud By Yourself? 

Getting stuck in the mud without anyone to help is the worst-case scenario. Don’t panic. You have the tools you need to get back on the road right at your fingertips. Check it out. 

Put Your Vehicle in Park

First, make sure your vehicle is in park. It seems self-explanatory, but getting stuck in the mud can stress a driver. Simple things could easily slip your mind when you’re anxious or stressed. Just make sure the vehicle is safely stationary before you get out to see how badly stuck you are. 

Place a Car Mat or Board in Front of the Tire

Once your vehicle is stationary, step out and grab your floor mats. If you have a wooden board, it might be more efficient. Otherwise, you’re working with floor mats, and here’s hoping you have some. 

Place the wood slat or the car mat in front of your two most stuck tires. The hope is that when you hit the gas, the tires will grab on the mats (or wood), and you’ll get enough traction to drive right out of the situation. 

Drive Forward Slowly

Now that you’ve got the helper pieces in place, put the car in drive. Push the gas down ever so slightly. You don’t want to rev the engine here. You’ll just dig yourself deeper into the mud by trying to muscle your way out of it. 

Slowly push forward, and the mats (or wood) will give your tires something of substance to grip. If your first attempt doesn’t do the job, check the mats’ position to ensure they’re still in a good spot. Try it again. 

Man helping friend drive truck out of mud
Getting stuck in the mud can quickly ruin an off-roading adventure.

How Do You Get a Pull Out of Mud? 

If you’re still in the mud, you may be too deep in the mud to use the floor mat method. If that’s the case, you’ll need a little help. Again, don’t panic. You have options. 

You could start by calling a tow truck. If that doesn’t seem like a good option, you could try calling a buddy or family member that has a truck with a hitch or, even better, a winch. You could also check to see if your auto insurance provider has roadside assistance that can help you. Your insurance doesn’t have roadside assistance? Maybe you have a warranty on your vehicle that has that provision. 

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Will AAA Pull Me Out of the Mud? 

If you are an American Automobile Association (or AAA) member, you can call them to get you out of the mud. However, their policy is that your vehicle must be close to or adjacent to a passable, established road for them to send someone out to help. You can’t rely on AAA to save you if you’re in a more remote spot. 

Woman standing next to Honda SUV stuck in mud
Getting unstuck from the mud can be challenging if you don’t have the right equipment.

Can You Push a Car Out of Mud?

You might be able to push your car out of the mud, but you’ll need some help. It won’t work if you’re the only person in the vehicle. If you’re with a friend, someone should lightly press the gas while your friend pushes from the vehicle’s rear. 

This method won’t work most of the time, but a car full of buddies might be able to work some magic. Just be careful to make sure everyone is in a safe spot before you put the car in gear. 

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How Do You Drive Through Mud? 

When you’re driving through a muddy spot, a few techniques will give you a better shot. First, make sure to keep a slow and steady pace. Driving too fast will dig you into the mud, and driving too slow will allow time for your vehicle to sink. Keep a steady, controlled pace. Keep your path as straight as possible too. Turning the wheels lends an opportunity to get out. 

Who Do You Call When You’re Stuck in the Mud? 

Not the Ghostbusters, that’s for sure! Now that you know a simple method for getting yourself free from the mud, you have a plan of action. Make sure to carry a working phone while you’re out, so you’ll be able to call someone to help if the “stuck” is really sticky. Finally, know your insurance or AAA membership options, just in case. Now get out there, and drive more confidently, knowing that not even mud can stop you!

Have you ever had to get yourself out of the mud? How did you do it? Tell us in the comments!

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