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Is Your Vehicle Color Increasing the Odds of Getting a Ticket?

We’ve all heard that the color of your vehicle matters when trying to avoid a ticket. But is it true?

Safety is the biggest concern while driving, but there’s always that looming paranoia that the police may be waiting around the corner.  

Today, we’re talking about the best ways to avoid being ticketed on the road and if car color really makes a difference.

Let’s dive in!

Is Your Vehicle Color Increasing the Odds of Getting a Ticket?

Though we would all like to think that police officers are fair in everything they do, they are, in fact, still humans. Color seems like a silly influencer when it comes to who gets a ticket and who doesn’t, yet it is still an influencer. 

The color of your car does seem to correlate with whether or not you should worry about being stopped by a cop. The psychology of color is strong, and police officers subconsciously steer their eyes toward a handful of colors on the roadways. 

What Color Car Gets Pulled Over the Most? 

You’ve probably heard all your life that a red car is the quickest way to get pulled over while driving. However, the truth isn’t so clear. In general, police officers stop white vehicles more often than red cars. 

The skewed outlook comes in when you consider how many white cars are on the road versus how many red cars. There are far more white than red cars, so it makes sense that law enforcement would stop white more. 

Red comes in second place on the number of pings, but the lower number of red cars on the road probably means you should still take it easy if you own a red vehicle. Overall, the most popular colors for ticketing go like this; white, red, gray, and silver coming in fourth. 

Do Red Vehicles Get More Tickets? 

Red cars do get more tickets than other colored vehicles. The myth is no myth after all, and it all stems from the unconscious draw humans have to the color red. When people see the color red, they often associate it with an influx of energy, excitement, and intensity. Research even proves it can cause a slight rise in blood pressure. 

For a police officer on the beat, seeing your red car could make them feel a sense of urgency, resulting in being pulled over. Another factor to consider is red and the background. Red is a color that pops against the natural backdrop of the world. 

McDonald’s understands this fact quite clearly. Marketers use red for branding and marketing every day, and it’s no different when it comes to your car standing out among the pack. You’re essentially advertising your presence. 

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Police officer giving a woman a ticket.
Slow down to ensure you don’t get a ticket!

What Do Most People Get Pulled Over For? 

Most of the time, people get tickets for speeding or driving aggressively, regardless of their vehicle’s color. You don’t have to drive like you own the roads. Driving with an attitude will almost always catch the attention of a police officer looking to write some tickets. 

Do Police Target Certain Cars? 

There’s no clear answer here except the answer any police department would give you if you asked the question. Police officers would say that they do not target any particular color, make, or model of car. They often look for specific behaviors from drivers when deciding who to target. 

However, we all know there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. Not all cops will be fair and do things by the book. Some areas have notably higher crime rates linked to certain types of cars, and it makes sense for police to look a little harder at those vehicles. 

Two women driving blue convertible together.
Your car color isn’t the only thing causing you to get pulled over. Make sure you’re driving safely too!

How Can I Avoid Getting a Ticket When Driving? 

If you don’t want to get a ticket while you’re out driving, aside from choosing a vehicle color you might not like, it helps to mind your p’s and q’s. Here are a few helpful hints to get you steering in the right direction. 

Obey All Road Laws

This tip is simple, although people tend to find it hard to follow. Obey the standard road rules! Stop at stop signs and red lights. Yield at yield signs and yellow lights. Don’t tailgate, and use your turn signals when preparing to make a turn. 

Drive the Speed Limit

The number one way to avoid notice by police officers is to follow the speed limit. If a speed limit isn’t posted, and you’re on a residential road, assume the limit is 35 miles per hour. Otherwise, follow the posted number. You can get away with going up to 10 miles per hour over the limit, but don’t try to push it any further.  

Wear Your Seatbelt

One of the simplest reasons cops use to dig a little deeper into your business while you’re driving is that you aren’t wearing your seatbelt. Strap up before you leave the driveway, so you’ll have one less reason for an officer to pull you over as you travel. 

Be Polite to the Police and Answer Their Questions

If you get pulled over, you have a better chance of avoiding a ticket if you’re polite and respectful to the officer who stopped you. There’s no shame in brown-nosing here, but don’t overdo it. Use sir or ma’am when you speak, and make eye contact. 

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Does the Color of Your Vehicle Really Matter? 

If you think about it, your vehicle’s color shouldn’t cause you to get a ticket as long as you’re following all the rules of the road. If the cop has no reason to pull you over, the theory says they won’t. So go ahead and buy that red car. Just make sure you are on top of your game every time you pull out of your driveway. 

What color car do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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