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5 Easy Places a Camper Can Use the Bathroom

You can only ignore it for so long before you have no choice but to answer nature’s call. Some people get anxious just thinking about having to use the bathroom while camping. It may even be enough to prevent some people from thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We love camping and want you to have a great and anxious-free camping experience. Today, we’re sharing five easy places campers can use the bathroom.

Let’s see which option might be best for you!

The woods may not be an ideal or the most comfortable place for a number two, but it’s perfectly legal in most circumstances. However, you could run into legal issues once you finish your business. If you want to avoid legal issues, ensure you know how to dispose of your waste properly.

Some areas require you to bag your waste and take it with you when you’re finished. However, in other areas, you may be able to dig a hole and bury your waste.

Make sure you know the legalities of pooping in the woods where you’re camping. You should always ensure you’re a safe distance from water sources and campsites when using the restroom in the woods.

Should You Avoid Using the Restroom When Camping?

You shouldn’t avoid using the restroom when camping or during other activities. Waiting 15 or 20 minutes for a more convenient place to use the restroom is one thing, but holding it for a day or two can be very dangerous. Not emptying your bladder can weaken your bladder muscles over time, cause urinary tract infections, and increase your risk of kidney disease.

You can set yourself up for a dangerous situation by holding in a bowel movement. The longer you hold it, the more your body will absorb water in the poop, which makes it easier to pass. Severe cases can cause extreme constipation that may require a laxative or possibly even surgery to fix.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself as comfortable as possible to use the restroom while camping.

Can You Poop in a Camping Toilet?

What’s the point of a camping toilet if you can’t poop in it? Luckily, you should have no problems pooping in most camping toilets. Many of these toilets use baggies or other methods that allow campers to poop into them and dispose of the waste when possible.

Camping toilets and baggies often use unique formulas to help expedite the breakdown of waste. This reduces smells and makes it easier for campers to store their waste until they can safely dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

Pro Tip: Get the inside poop…oops we mean scoop…about What is a Camping Porta Potty?

Toilet in outhouse for camping.
There are many bathroom options to use while camping.

5 Easy Places a Camper Can Use the Bathroom

Don’t let the fear or anxiety of needing to use the bathroom stop you from enjoying camping adventures. Let’s look at five easy places campers can use the bathroom. 

Campground Restrooms

Many campgrounds have restroom facilities available for campers. These often include showers and toilets but vary depending on the campground. Some will have very modern and clean facilities that are well kept and offer privacy. On the other hand, some campgrounds haven’t invested in their bathroom facilities, and you may only find vault toilets. Vault toilets are typically glorified outhouses.

You can use resources like Campendium, iOverlander, and Google Maps reviews to look for any complaints from guests regarding a campground’s bathrooms. The quality and cleanliness of campground bathrooms can often be hit or miss. So do plenty of research if you’re picky about where you use the restroom.

RV Bathroom

Camping in an RV means bringing a bathroom with you. You won’t have to worry about taking the risk of using a campground restroom for showers and answering nature’s call.

You’ll know exactly what to expect when you open the door to the bathroom. You also won’t have to worry about there not being toilet paper or using the half-ply toilet paper many campgrounds provide in their restrooms. 

Portable Toilet

Portable toilets can make it extremely easy to use the restroom when camping. They’re ideal for those who enjoy tent camping. Portable toilets allow campers to recreate a standard bathroom experience wherever they take their toilet. You can purchase specific privacy shelters for your portable toilet or find a remote and private location where you’re camping.

When using a portable toilet, you must make sure you dispose of all of your waste appropriately. Find an RV dump station or a vault toilet to dispose of your solid and liquid waste at the end of your trip. Using special waste baggies can help minimize smells and accelerate the breaking down of solid waste.

Camping shovel digging hole to use the bathroom while camping
When in doubt, dig a hole when camping to go to the bathroom.

Dig a Cathole

If you’re looking for a more natural method, use a trowel to dig a hole for your waste. Before going to the restroom, dig a six- to eight-inch hole. Go to the bathroom in the hole and then use the trowel to fill the hole with the waste at the bottom. Do not bury your toilet paper. Instead, bring a ziplock baggie to store used toilet paper so you can take it with you and dispose of it properly at the end of your trip.

One mistake many campers make is not digging their hole deep enough. Digging the hole six to eight inches helps ensure that animals do not find it.

This could cause several issues for wildlife and potentially attract them to the camping area. The last thing you want is hungry animals thinking your campsite is a potential source of food.

Take It With You

One of the best ways to leave no trace is to take all of your waste with you. You can purchase compost baggies, like dog poop bags. Pick up your waste and dispose of it elsewhere using these baggies. This helps minimize your impact on the land around you and is the safest way to ensure you leave no trace.

These baggies come lined with chemicals that cause the contents to gel up, reduce smells, and help compost. They can work with portable toilets and for individual uses while camping in the wild.

Pro Tip: Make going to the bathroom while camping easy by packing toilet paper tablets.

Easily Answer Nature’s Call

Don’t let your bodily functions stop you from getting out in nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Although it’s not a popular topic, going to the bathroom is a normal part of human life and something everybody must eventually do.

So find whatever method works best for you to get out and make some camping memories with your loved ones.

What bathroom option would you prefer to use while camping? Tell us in the comments!

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