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How to Receive a Package at a Campground?

Where do you send packages when your address constantly changes? Receiving packages and mail can be incredibly challenging for those embracing the nomadic life.

Many turn to resources like Amazon Lockers and the USPS General Delivery.

However, those options aren’t always possible. So how do you receive a package at a campground? Let’s find out!

Do All RV Parks Accept Packages?

Unfortunately, not all RV parks accept packages. Many RV parks will gladly accept and hold guest packages, but that’s not always the case. We have encountered some parks with stringent rules about receiving packages.

If you need to receive a package, you should inquire with each RV park about their policy. If they allow it, this can give campground managers a heads-up to look for your box. Failing to do so can result in a challenging and stressful situation trying to track down a package.

Will Amazon Deliver to a Campground?

Amazon will deliver to some campgrounds. We’ve visited campgrounds where Amazon will deliver straight to your campsite. All you need to do is put the campground and the site number, and they’ll send your package. However, they don’t consistently deliver to campgrounds.

Some campgrounds won’t allow Amazon deliveries. If that’s the case, you’ll need an Amazon Locker or another pickup site. Many retail stores serve as pickup and drop-off locations for Amazon deliveries and returns. Check with the campground management before sending any Amazon packages to the campground.

Woman receiving packages at amazon locker
Using Amazon Lockers is a great way to get packages while on the road.

How Do You Get Mail While RVing?

Getting mail while RVing can be challenging, but there are some great solutions. Many RVers use mail-forwarding services, providing travelers with an address for all their correspondence. The service will collect and sort the mail until the customer tells them when, where, and how to send it. Depending on the delivery method, they’ll typically deliver your mail wherever you are in a few days.

Many mail delivery services also use technology to their advantage. They can scan the mail as it comes in, and travelers can access an online mailbox.

This allows them to see mail as it arrives and have the service send any essential mail to them. They no longer have to worry about missing a critical jury summons or a letter from the IRS.

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What Is USPS General Delivery?

General Delivery is a mail service the United States Postal Service offers. Some post office locations will receive mail for nomads and other individuals without a local address if it has a marking for “general delivery.” Those wanting to pick up mail must show a photo ID to prove they’re the intended recipient.

However, USPS General Delivery does not receive packages from UPS or FedEx. They’ll reject any packages sent through these methods or will hold them at a carrier facility. This could result in a lengthy drive to pick up your parcel.

Not all USPS locations offer General Delivery. If you need to receive mail on the road and use USPS General Delivery, you’ll want to call the local post office to ensure they offer the service. While there’s typically a standard procedure for addressing and receiving general delivery packages, it’s worth asking if there are specific instructions. It can help avoid potential complications.

Can You Get Kicked Out of a Campground for Receiving a Package?

While you might think that receiving a package at a campground is unlikely to lead to expulsion, that’s not true. Some campgrounds are incredibly strict regarding their rules and have a zero-tolerance policy. When you check into a campground, you agree to follow and obey all rules and regulations, whether you agree with them or not.

A popular Youtube channel, RV Miles, is a prime example of what can happen when you receive a package at a campground that does not allow guests to accept packages. In July 2020, campground management kicked Jason and Abby out after they had a package shipped to the campground.

Some campgrounds are more accommodating and understanding than others. The site wasn’t willing to budge on its stance. Management called the police to supervise Jason and Abby as they packed their belongings.

How to Receive a Package at a Campground?

If you need to receive a package at a campground, there’s a proper way to handle it. Failing to follow the appropriate protocol could send you on a wild goose chase for your package or require you to leave a campground. Let’s look at how you can receive a box at a campground.

Get Permission

First, you must inquire about the campground’s policies and get permission. Rules will vary by location, and there’s no telling what you’ll encounter at a campground or RV park. Even if the campground allows you to receive a package, it’s best to give them a heads-up so they don’t reject or return the delivery.

Confirming Shipping Estimate

Before completing your order, you’ll want to confirm the shipping estimate is safely within the timeframe you’ll be at the campground. Add a few days to avoid shipping delays. If not, you might have to extend your stay to ensure you’re there when your package arrives.

Track Package

Once you’ve ordered your item, keep an eye on its tracking. Depending on the carrier, tracking updates every 24 hours or as your package travels between destinations en route. This will allow you to stay updated on the status of your parcel and whether it will arrive on time. Tracking your package also lets you know your package’s arrival as soon as possible. 

Get Package ASAP

The campground is generous by letting you use their address to receive a package. They’ve done enough to help you, so do them a favor and don’t expect them to babysit your package. It would help if you grabbed your package quickly to avoid potential issues.

You can often set alerts to notify you when carriers deliver your package. However, it would help if you planned your schedule to ensure the campground doesn’t have to hold onto it for too long. The offices may also not be open during certain times. If you’re adventuring when your package arrives, you may communicate with the staff and let them know when you plan to grab it.

Be Gracious

Campgrounds are not obligated to accept packages or parcels for campers staying at their establishment. Show them appreciation and treat them respectfully. Failing to show graciousness could cause the campground to stop allowing travelers to receive packages. So be nice, say thanks, and create as little additional work as possible for the staff.

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Get Your Packages While Camping

Sometimes you have to receive an essential package while in a campground. You’ll want to do your research and get permission before scheduling any deliveries. However, even if you’re in a campground that doesn’t allow you to receive a package, other options exist. Amazon and other merchants are making it easier for you to give them your money, even while camping.

What mail service do you prefer to use on your adventures? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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