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Is the Buckner Mansion Real (and Can You Stay There)?

Let’s answer the key question right out of the gate. Yes, the Buckner Mansion, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is real. It’s a historic landmark and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. But many visitors don’t know the mansion is also said to be haunted.

Can you stay at this haunted mansion? And even if you could, why would you want to? We’ll answer all of this and more. Join us as we delve into the mystery of the Buckner Mansion!

What Is the Buckner Mansion?

The Buckner Mansion is a grand home built in the 1800s. It’s 20,000 square feet, is three stories tall, has three ballrooms, and has a uniquely designed cast iron fence. Besides being the residence of the Buckner family, the mansion has gone on to serve as a business school, the setting for a television series, and a popular tourist attraction.

Where Is the Buckner Mansion?

The mansion is amongst many other ornate homes in the exclusive Garden District in New Orleans. Its physical address is 1410 Jackson Avenue, just a couple blocks southeast of Saint Charles Avenue, a main thoroughfare in the city and part of the Mardi Gras parade route. It stands on the corner of Coliseum Street and Jackson Avenue.

Buckner Mansion location on map
Head to New Orleans to see the spooky Buckner Mansion.

What Is the Garden District Known For?

As you can imagine, the Buckner Mansion is not the only extravagant home in the Garden District. In fact, the Garden District is known for its luxurious, expensive homes in a neighborhood lined with massive oak trees and the smell of jasmine wafting in the air.

It’s also famous for touring via the St. Charles Streetcar, shopping on Magazine Street, and several celebrity residents. Sandra Bullock, Peyton and Eli Manning, Nicholas Cage, Anne Rice, and John Goodman are among the neighborhood’s most famous homeowners.

What Is the History of the Buckner Mansion?

Cotton kingpin Henry Sullivan Buckner, a wealthy planter and slave owner, built the Buckner Mansion in 1856. His goal was to build a home so stunning that many would consider it the grandest home around. He mainly wanted to get the better of his former business partner, who built a mansion in Mississippi.

After the Civil War, the mansion had a succession of owners, eventually falling into disrepair. It resurged as the Soule Business School until the school’s closing in 1983. In the early 21st century, there was restoration to its former glory.

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Is the Buckner Mansion Haunted?

Many say the ghost of Miss Josephine, a former slave of the Buckner family, is haunting the Buckner Mansion. Following the Civil War, Miss Josephine remained with the Buckner family as a governess and midwife.

So why do people think she haunts the home? They often hear Miss Josephine sweeping. People also say they pick up the smell of lemon from out of nowhere from time to time. Lemon was supposedly one of Miss Josephine’s favorite scents. Some have even said they have witnessed her presence in the home, particularly along the grand staircase.

Folks also say they have experienced other unexplainable phenomena, such as lights flickering on and off, doors creaking open, and slamming shut. They also saw chandeliers sway without even a hint of a breeze.

The Buckner Mansion’s opulent look and haunted history made it a prime setting for the popular television series “American Horror Story” for the show’s third and eighth seasons. In the series, the house served as Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a  boarding school for young witches learning their craft.

Buckner Mansion with American Horror Story logo over top
While you can’t tour the Buckner Mansion, you can still see the exterior or rent the home for $5,000 a night.

Can You Tour the Buckner Mansion? 

The Buckner Mansion’s haunted history, grand style, and connection to “American Horror Story” exploded its popularity. Along with being located in the Garden District, The Buckner Mansion has become a hugely popular destination for walking tours of New Orleans.

The home itself, however, is not open to public tours.

Can You Stay In the Buckner Mansion? 

Though the Buckner Mansion now has a private owner and is not open for public tours, you reportedly can rent it. According to Roadtrippers Magazine, the home rents for just under $5,000 per night. It’s, however, very difficult to pinpoint up-to-date rental information for the Buckner Mansion.

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Take a Visit to the Buckner Mansion In New Orleans, If You Dare 

If you want to see one of the most haunted places in America, or just enjoy a little bit of luxury and history, be sure to visit the Buckner Mansion in New Orleans. This incredible and grand home was in “American Horror Story” and many say it’s one of the most haunted places in America.

Do you dare to visit the Buckner Mansion? Tell us if you’re brave enough in the comments!

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