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How to Easily Super Clean Your Tires

If you really take pride in having a clean car, you know just how dirty your tires can get. Cleaning and giving them a good shine is necessary from time to time. 

However, some of the grime that builds up on your tires is pretty hard to get off once it’s set. The good news is that there’s a way to get that stubborn buildup off your tire without breaking your back. 

If you’re looking for the most efficient and easiest way to give your tires a good shine, you’re in the right spot. Take a minute to investigate what super cleaning your tires can do for the overall look of your vehicle today. 

Let’s get started!

What Is the Fastest Way to Clean Tires? 

The fastest way to clean your tires is probably to mix up some dish soap in water and get out there with a scrub brush and a hose. The good “old-fashioned” method of cleaning tires still works, but is it the best way to clean your tires? It seems helpful to take some of the more updated methods into account. 

Many spray bottles on the shelf say they’ll work wonders for cleaning your tires. For the sake of research, try working with the Super Clean tire cleaning line. We don’t promise that you’ll love it best, but there are a lot of reviews that say the product is pretty solid. 

How Do I Make My Tires Look New?

What if someone told you that you could make your tires look new by simply giving them a good cleaning? Well, here we are. You can make your tires look new by simply giving them a proper cleaning. 

Adding an after-wash tire gloss will make your tires a little shinier than they were when you first purchased them. Cleaning regularly will help them look like new for the span of their lifetime on the road. Keeping the tires moisturized and clean may also play a key role in extending the overall life of your tires. 

Man using sponge to clean tires
Dish soap is one of the most simple ways to clean your tires.

How Do You Super Clean Tires? 

Utilizing the products you have in the recommended way is what will make them work best. When you use Super Clean products to clean your vehicle’s tires, you should ensure you have all the right elements. You need Super Clean’s all-wheel cleaner, cleaner degreaser, and tire gloss to get the best outcome. 

Start with cool, dry wheels, and only wash one wheel at a time. Spray the all-wheel cleaner on your tire and wheel first. Then spray the cleaner degreaser on the tire as well. Let both sprays sit on your wheel for at least one minute, and don’t leave it so long that it dries. 

Then take a tire brush to brush off all the packed or tough grime on your wheel. Rinse the wheel with water, and let it dry. Finally, add the Super Clean tire gloss spray liberally to the tire. Let it sit and dry on its own, and you’re finished. There’s no need to wipe after applying the tire gloss. 

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Where Can I Buy Super Clean? 

It’s not difficult to find Super Clean if you want to get your tires cleaned in a hurry. Walmart, Amazon, and all the big-name auto parts stores have the product available for purchase. It looks to run about $5.50 a bottle, so budget around $20 for cleaning products.

If you like the product, larger containers of the cleaner are also available. The larger (one gallon) container is between $9 and $14, depending on where you go to purchase it. 

Hose washing tires
Make your tires shine with Super Clean products.

What Do Car Dealers Use That Makes Tires Shine? 

Car dealers use a range of products to make their tires shine. There’s no one simple answer, as it has much to do with what the dealership owner wants to use. The main point to remember is that there are plenty of usable products to consider. You only have to find the one that best suits your expectations. It’s a matter of trudging through your own personal research. 

What Household Products Can I Use to Clean My Car Tires? 

Several different common household products will aid in the cleaning of your tires as well. We’ve already mentioned warm water and dish soap, but have you ever tried using lemon oil as a degreaser? 

You can clean rust off of screws and lug nuts with Coca-Cola. You can clean rust off of chrome wheels with vinegar and water. Once you’ve cleaned up your dirty wheels/tires, you can use baby oil to add a nice lubricating shine to the rubber. 

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Is Super Cleaning Your Tires Worth It?

The Super Clean product line typically has more than four stars on the Amazon customer rating scale, and reading through customer reviews will quickly show you that they are well satisfied with the cleaning power of the sprays. It seems Super Cleaning your tires is totally worth it. Now that you have a little information on the line, testing is the only way you’ll know for sure. 

What do you use to super clean your tires? Tell us about it in the comments!

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