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Amazon Wants to Hire RVers Immediately

Amazon has an exciting program called CamperForce for workampers who want to make decent money quickly. 

Many working-age travelers need to earn a living to keep the RV dream alive. And seasonal work can make it possible.

We’ll see what Amazon’s program offers, its locations, and if this type of employment can work for you.

Let’s take a look!

What is Workamping?

In case you’ve not heard the term before, workampers are individuals, couples, and families who have chosen an adventuresome and fabulous lifestyle that combines any kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping.

If you asked ten workampers to define this type of work, you would likely hear ten different versions. But, technically speaking, if you sleep in an RV at night and conduct any activity in exchange for anything of value, you’re a workamper.

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Worker in Amazon warehouse scanning packages
Workamping can allow you to make money while living fulltime in your RV.

What is Amazon CamperForce?

The CamperForce program has been hiring seasonal campers since 2008. Amazon has several fulfillment centers that hire RVers for the last quarter of the year to help during the holiday season. In addition, Amazon needs help during the return season (January through March), and they recently started offering summer positions.

CamperForce Associates (workampers) can get seasonal assignments in various locations throughout the country, depending on availability.


The program offers a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Depending on location, starting pay can be up to $18.50 per hour. Full-time positions are for 30 or more hours per week, and part-time jobs are for 15 to 30 hours per week. Workers receive time and a half after 40 hours worked.


Flexibility is a primary benefit since you can work the number of hours you want. 

Amazon also pays CamperForce associates between $120.00 and $270.00 weekly to go toward campground expenses. They base the specific amount on location.

Additionally, a bonus program takes effect once you complete an assignment. The bonus pays $0.50 for each regular hour worked and $1.00 for each overtime hour worked. However, overtime varies per state and is not guaranteed.

Beyond CampPay and an end-of-season bonus, employees receive medical and prescription coverage after 90 days, 401k, and a referral bonus. Workers are also eligible for basic life and accidental death and dismemberment benefits after 30 days.

Of course, you’ll receive medical attention and services at no expense if you’re injured on the job.


Amazon’s website for CamperForce lists locations where these jobs are available. 

Eight cities across the USA offer employment under CamperForce. Nashville, Tennessee; Cincinnati, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, might be great locations for those new summer jobs. 

However, you might decide the warmer states are better during the holiday and return seasons. Amazon’s fulfillment centers in the southern states are Phoenix, Arizona; Houston, Texas; and Tampa, Florida.


Amazon hires RVers for various roles. For example, some positions available are picking, packing, sorting, loading trucks, and operating forklifts and other industrial trucks. Each fulfillment center determines its offered roles and shifts based on consumer needs.

Man driving Amazon machinery while working for the Amazon CamperForce
Join the Amazon CamperForce for a short term work assignment while RVing.

How Long Are Amazon CamperForce Assignments?

The assignments range from six to 14 weeks. A 14-week position is just over 90 days, making the associate eligible for the medical, prescription, and 401k benefits. And remember that workers who complete their assigned project qualify for the bonus.

Can I Choose Where I Stay While Working for Amazon CamperForce?

You can choose where you’d like to stay. However, workers are required to live in an RV at a local campground for the duration of the assignment. You’re not required to inform CamperForce of your campground arrangements, though.

Your regular paycheck will include compensation for the campground. Be aware the government taxes the payment based on your W-4.

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Amazon RV workers in warehouse loading or unloading a pallet truck.
Keep in mind, a job with the Amazon CamperForce can be very physically demanding.

What Is It Like Working for Amazon CamperForce?

The motto of CamperForce is “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.” No one should be surprised that it’ll be hard work.

Typical shifts for full-time employees are ten hours with four days on and three off. However, overtime can put you into five days of ten-hour shifts. 

On a super busy ten or 12-hour shift, it’s possible to walk up to ten miles. Since you’ll be walking so much, having good shoes is essential. In addition, some workers recommend having pain medicine to handle soreness.

How To Apply For Amazon CamperForce?

Before applying for any position, Amazon requires that potential RVer and other hires watch the Virtual New Hiring Event video on their website. Once completed, you can fill out the application on the website.

Applicants must be 18 or older with a high school diploma to apply. You also need to speak and read English, lift 49 pounds, and be able to push, pull, squat, bend, and reach frequently. As mentioned above, standing and walking for up to 12 hours is a must. Amazon will require you to climb and descend stairs safely for sites with mezzanines or stairs.

Additionally, you should be able to operate carts, dollies, hand trucks, forklifts, order pickers, and other equipment to move large quantities of merchandise, with or without reasonable accommodation. If chosen to do specific roles, Amazon will provide special training to associates. 

Is Amazon CamperForce Worth It?

Again, it depends on who you ask. Some former RV CamperForce members don’t paint a very pretty picture. Unless you have no other options and need to make money on the road, Amazon CamperForce may not be worth it.

These jobs are physically demanding, and you do not get to choose which job you do. Shifts are usually 40 hours a week, 10 hours a day. Around big sale days like Cyber Monday, overtime is sometimes a requirement.

One positive thing for people who choose this type of employment is that it provides a sense of community. Since you’ll be working and living near other RVers, the potential to make friends is something that some report is typically hard to do in RV life. In addition, it’s a great way to make good money in a short amount of time.

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