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BEWARE: Trucker Says He Encountered a Supernatural Cryptid in Michigan

For centuries people have claimed to have had supernatural encounters with cryptids all over the world. While each encounter is unique, one thing they all have in common is that they’re incredibly frightening experiences.

Recently, a trucker shared the story of him meeting a cryptid, a potential government conspiracy cover-up, and an encounter that will send chills down your spine.

Let’s dive into this haunting story. 

What Is a Cryptid?

A cryptid is an animal that some believe exists, but it has never been proven. Most in the scientific community deny the creature’s existence. Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are some of the most famous cryptid tales. 

Stories of these creatures’ existence often get passed from one generation to the next. Those who study these creatures are called cryptozoologists, and they spend their time investigating and trying to get to the bottom of the many different stories of cryptids.

What Did the Trucker See?

While driving his truck, Joe Barger encountered a cryptid that he described as a dogman. Barger said he was traveling through a rural section of Michigan in a national forest when he saw a 10-foot tall werewolf running alongside his truck. 

He said the creature could easily look into his truck, which stands 9 feet tall. The dogman had all-black fur, pointed ears, and yellow eyes. The beast’s three-inch-long fangs on top and bottom of its mouth were bright white, which contrasted with its black fur.

The beast jumped up onto Barger’s truck as he drove. He pulled a gun on the animal and shot it in one of its eye sockets. The animal fell from the vehicle onto the ground. By the time he could turn his big rig around and get a closer look, the animal had vanished. 

However, this wasn’t the end of this mysterious encounter. Barger would later meet with federal law enforcement officers regarding the experience.

When and Where Did the Trucker See the Cryptid?

Barger was driving a route that took him through Manistee National Forest. He claims it was approximately June 2017 between 7 and 8 p.m. As it was the start of summer, he still had daylight in the evening. 

However, the sun was setting, which made it difficult for him to see details during the encounter. So, if you visit Manistee National Forest, be on the lookout.

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Did the Trucker Face any Consequences for Shooting the Cryptid?

As if the encounter with the cryptid wasn’t enough, Barger claims he got detained later after sharing his story on a podcast. He said the detainment occurred while passing through a scale house with his rig. 

Apparently, state authorities at the scale house instructed him that he would have to wait for federal authorities to arrive at the scene. When they finally arrived, they questioned him about killing one of their “assets.” 

He said the authorities initially confiscated his phone and gun but received his phone back before he left. As far as his gun, the authorities said they didn’t anticipate him getting it back anytime soon, if ever. He said they made some serious threats to him and his career and even temporarily froze his bank account. 

Foggy national forest at sunset
National forests can be great camping sites, but also can be quite spooky at night!

About Manistee National Forest

The Huron and Manistee National Forests were combined in 1945 to create nearly one million acres of national forests. However, they form a mosaic of sorts as various private properties and towns separate the various segments of the forest.

Manistee sits in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and is a great place for those looking to get outdoors. You have opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, boating, snowmobiling, and much more. It also has plenty of dispersed camping options, but most campers stick to camping in the rustic campgrounds in the area.

One unique feature of Manistee National Forest is Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness. This is a 3,450-acre dune field that runs along the shore of Lake Michigan. If you want a soft, sandy beach to spend the day on, this is the place. 

However, no one knows whether cryptids really live in the forest or not.

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What Should You Do if You Encounter a Cryptid?

If you encounter a cryptid, it’s important to know how to respond. In many instances, how you react in the heat of the moment can make the difference between whether you live to share your encounter or not. So let’s look at a handful of things you can do to stay safe during a meeting with a cryptid. 

Remain Calm

You must remain calm during a cryptid encounter. Keep your heart rate low and focus on breathing. Do your best to absorb as many of the details of the situation as possible.

If you have kids, make sure they stay calm and avoid making any loud noises. Keep your eyes on the cryptid, but remain aware of your surroundings. You never know if more are nearby.

Slowly Leave the Area

Encounters with these creatures can be unpredictable, and each sighting is somewhat different. While remaining as calm as possible, you should avoid making any sudden movements.

One of the worst things you can do is try to flee the scene quickly. Trying to run from them, like any wild animal, could ignite their hunting instincts.

Back away from the scene as slowly as possible while keeping your eye on the creature. You want to avoid escalating the situation. 

Keep Record of Details

You want to write down or document as many details as you can as quickly as possible. Write down or pull out your phone and type up a note or record a video with as many details about the encounter as you can remember.

Note any distinguishing characteristics, the cryptid’s behavior, and where the experience occurred. If you can snap a picture or video of the creature, consider yourself lucky.

Report Sighting to Authorities

You’ll want to report the sighting to the proper authorities as soon as possible. The sooner you can report the incident, the better chance authorities will have of capturing it. However, be prepared that they don’t take your account seriously. 

Many think of cryptids as folklore, leading many to discount the stories people share when they have seen one. Even if they don’t take you seriously, you know what you saw, and that’s all that matters. 

Furthermore, even if it wasn’t a cryptid, it could still be a wild animal lingering in an area it shouldn’t. Park rangers should be aware.

Do Supernatural Events Happen in National Forests?

We weren’t there to see what this trucker did or didn’t see in the national forest. There’s no telling if Barger told the truth or spread a story he’s come to believe. However, the national forests can be an exciting place to spend time. 

The forests have nearly infinite possibilities for adventuring. Don’t let a few stories of supernatural events scare you away from using these public lands for your next adventure.

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