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5 Reasons to Avoid Chalkboard Paint

There are a variety of reasons why you might consider using chalkboard paint. You can get it in just about any possible color, and it can help create an exciting atmosphere for kids.

However, for every reason you’re considering chalkboard paint, there’s an equivalent reason to avoid it. You’ve seen the benefits in magazines and on social media; however, we’re here to share the other side of the story.

Today, we’ve got five reasons we think you should avoid using chalkboard paint on your next project. Let’s get started!

What Is Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard paint is a type of paint that creates a chalkboard surface when it dries. You can apply it on various surfaces and have a chalkboard for drawing, writing messages, and expressing your creative side.

Whether you’re looking to update a wall in a bedroom or turn the side of a dresser you’re renovating into a drawing surface, chalkboard paint is a great way to do it.

What Is the Difference Between Chalk Paint and Chalkboard Paint? 

While they sound similar, there’s a major difference between chalk paint and chalkboard paint. Chalk paint is typically applied to furniture and other surfaces to create a chalk-like finish. However, you can apply chalkboard paint to various surfaces and create a chalkboard that you can draw on and erase repeatedly.

Kids of all ages get excited when they see a chalkboard wall and get to express themselves on it. They’ll be extremely disappointed if you paint that same wall with chalk paint, as it will be substantially less exciting.

Do You Need to Prime Before Using Chalkboard Paint? 

Whether or not you’ll need to prime the surface before using chalkboard paint will depend on the paint you purchase.

Some brands require you to prime the surface, and others won’t. Chalkboard paint can be extremely expensive, so check the requirements for your brand to avoid applying multiple coats and wasting expensive paint.

5 Reasons to Avoid Chalkboard Paint

While covering a surface with chalkboard paint can be a fun DIY project, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There are a handful of less-talked-about reasons you might want to avoid chalkboard paint. Let’s take a look!

1. It Creates Dust

There’s a reason why most schools across the country got rid of chalkboards. They can generate a tremendous amount of chalk dust, making it hard to breathe and creating quite a mess. Depending on where you’re putting the chalkboard paint, it could result in you having to clean up a chalk dust mess constantly.

2. It Takes a Long Time to Dry

If you think this will be a quick DIY project, think again. You’ll need to wait 24 hours between coats to get the best results.

Once you’ve finished your final coat, you’ll have to wait another 72 hours before you finally start to draw on the surface. If you have kids waiting to draw all over that new surface, it could be the longest 72 hours of your life.

3. It Looks Messy After a While

What those Pinterest and Instagram pictures don’t show you is what that chalkboard paint surface looks like down the road. Over time the paint will dull and result in a cloudy look from the chalk. No matter how hard you try, the dust won’t come off the wall. You can wash the wall with a wet wash rag and get a clean look, but the cloudy chalk remnants will slowly appear as the moisture dries on the wall.

4. It Doesn’t Work Well When Rolled On

Many who have set out to paint a wall or other surface with chalkboard paint discover it’s difficult to avoid getting roller marks in the paint. You’ll need a paint sprayer to get an incredibly smooth look without roller marks. It’ll create a nearly flawless look for the surface.

If you don’t have a paint sprayer, this can be an expensive piece of equipment to acquire for an already expensive paint project.

5. It Will Likely Lose Its Charm

A wall painted with chalkboard paint sounds fun and exciting, but it will quickly lose its charm. You may have a list of inspirational and motivational quotes that you can’t wait to share with those visiting your home, but it will become less appealing over time. 

You’ll go from updating your wall on a daily or weekly basis to monthly. The next thing you know, your Christmas greeting to guests is welcoming friends and family to your Easter festivities. You’ll lose your inspiration to be creative, and you’ll be left with an uninspiring chalkboard wall that’s seen better days.

Should You Avoid Chalkboard Paint? 

Chalkboard paints often sound like a great idea, but many DIYers regret painting them in their homes. You’ll need to touch up the paint frequently to keep the like-new look and feel.

Between ensuring that they look new and cleaning up the dust from using the surface, we don’t think chalkboard paint is worth the hassle. Save yourself the hassle and invest in a whiteboard and some dry-erase markers.

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