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How to Get Slime Out of a Rug or Carpet

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that will keep kids entertained for hours. One of the trending gold nuggets of entertainment for kids has been slime.

However, while kids love playing with it, it can be quite messy. If your kids regularly play with slime and you have carpet, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up with a slime carpet nightmare.

Luckily, we’ve found several effective ways to get slime out of a rug or carpet. Let’s take a look!

What Is Slime?

While slime may be trending with kids lately, it’s nothing new. Mattel, the massive toy giant, introduced the toy in February 1976, and by March 1976, parents across the country likely complained about having slime in their carpets. The non-Newtonian fluid is a mix between a solid and a liquid that easily changes shape as you play with it.

Slime can be satisfying and keep kids of all ages entertained for long periods. It is also regularly used for cleaning. You can use it like a lint brush to remove debris from uneven surfaces like keyboards and other electronics.

With the popularity of ASMR, you’ll even find videos of individuals playing with slime. You can spend hours watching and listening to YouTubers playing and creating with various colors. The fact that many of the videos have millions of views shows they’re definitely on to something!

Little girl making a mess while playing with slime.
Slime, while fun, can be quite a messy toy!

Can Dried Slime Be Removed From Carpet?

It’s almost guaranteed that if you give someone slime in your house and you have carpet, it will get stuck to it eventually. If this happens to you, don’t panic. It is possible to get dried slime out of the carpet.

The first step will be to scrape and chip away as much slime as possible. You can use a credit card, butter knife, or a plastic scraper.  Grab your vacuum and go over the areas several times to get any bits of slime from the carpet. You’ll then want to try using various products like vinegar, water, baking soda, ice cubes, dish soap, and WD-40. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through each process below!

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Does Slime Ruin Carpet?

While getting slime in your carpet can create a sticky situation, it won’t likely ruin your carpet. Slime is a glue-like substance that is typically washable. It may look terrible and require some effort, but there’s a good chance you can have a slime-free carpet again.

Once you do, you may want to take the time to remind everyone about the rules of where playing with slime is acceptable and where it’s not.

Young boy and girl playing with slime on a place mat
If your slime goes where it’s not supposed to, there are plenty of easy cleaning fixes.

How to Get Slime Out of a Rug or Carpet

You’re not the first and won’t be the last to get slime on your carpet. Luckily, it’s possible to get it out. However, we recommend letting the slime dry first, removing as much as possible, then vacuuming to clean up as much as possible. You can then try one of these tried-and-true methods to get slime out of your favorite rug or carpet.

Vinegar and Water

You’ll want to combine one part warm water with two parts vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray the dried slime with the mixture. Use a soft-bristle brush to loosen the slime from your carpet or rug. Have some paper towels nearby to dab at the stain as you continue to spray it and loosen it up.

Give the spot time to dry and vacuum up any remaining pieces of slime from your carpet. If some is still stuck in the carpet, let it dry and repeat the process or try one of the other methods on our list.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another effective method for getting slime out of a rug or carpet is using vinegar and baking soda. Grab the baking soda and sprinkle it over the slime. You can spray the stain with the vinegar and water mixture from the previous method. Give the baking soda and vinegar 15 minutes to work their magic before you start scrubbing the stain with a soft-bristle brush. Use the paper towels to dab at it and lift it from the carpet.

Ice Cubes

If you quickly discover the slime in your carpet, grab some ice cubes or ice packs from your freezer. Place them over the slime for 10 to 15 minutes and let them freeze it on the carpet. When removing the ice, you should find a watery goop on your carpet. Don’t panic! This is normal. You can use a credit card or other scraper to lift it out of your carpet. Let it dry, and then vacuum the area.

Little girl with hands coated in slime.
From baking soda, dish soap, WD-40 and more, there are plenty of ways to get slime out of your carpet.

Club Soda

After scraping dried slime and vacuuming the area, spray it generously with club soda. Wait approximately five minutes for the club soda to set in, and use a cloth or paper towel to blot the slime and excess club soda. You may need to scrub some stubborn slime, but it’ll do the trick!

Dish Soap

You likely have some dish soap available, and it’s very effective against slime. You should mix two teaspoons of liquid dish soap and two cups of warm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and generously spray the stain with the warm soapy mixture.

Wait two to four minutes before respraying the stain and dabbing with a rag or paper towel. Repeat until it lifts from your carpet, and then allow it to air dry.


It seems like there’s nothing that WD-40 can’t do. You can spray some WD-40 onto the slime in your rug or carpet and scrub it with a soft-bristle brush. After that, apply warm water and blot the stain with a sponge. Vacuum up any remaining bits of slime from your carpet.

However, it’s worth mentioning that WD-40 is very greasy. Using this method could result in a greasy spot on the back of rugs or carpets and could ultimately damage the padding of your carpet. Also, the smell of WD-40 has a strong oily smell that you’ll want to address. Out of all of our options, this is one we don’t recommend unless it’s a last resort.

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Is Getting Slime Out of Carpet Easy?

Many parents panic when they discover slime on their carpets or rugs. However, with a little effort, you can have slime-free carpets or rugs in no time.

You may have to spend some time and elbow grease, but you’ll soon have clean carpets. If one of these methods doesn’t work, give another a try. We’re confident one of them will get the job done for you!

Where have you had to clean slime out of before? Tell us your craziest slime story in the comments!

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