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7 Easy Garage Storage Ideas

Organizing your garage is likely the last thing on your priority list. But what if there were easy storage solutions that saved you time? We found seven ideas to help you stay organized, from finding a screwdriver to those holiday decorations you haven’t used in years.

Keep reading to learn how to organize your garage on a budget and keep it that way for years. Get your notepad ready, and let’s jump in.

What Is the Easiest Way to Organize a Garage?

While the initial organization of a garage may seem time-consuming, doing it the right way will keep you off the hook for a long time. With some easy steps, you can use storage solutions to know where everything is in your garage and easily access it. 

First, think through every type of belonging you have or want in the garage. Then, draft a floor plan of the space on a notepad. Next, compartmentalize your belongings into zones. For example, section off a zone for tools, sports equipment, etc. 

Remember that you’ll want to keep as many things off the floor as possible. This can help alleviate items getting dirty, wet, or exposed to any critters that might roam through. So put shelves and peg boards for the wall into your plan. Also, use waterproof and airtight containers to avoid ruining your belongings.

Now it’s time to put the plan into action. Keep reading to learn how to execute seven easy garage storage ideas.

How Should I Organize My Garage on a Budget? 

Organizing a garage on a budget can be easier than you may think. You don’t need to buy expensive shelves or cabinetry. For example, you can find cheap wall-hanging systems at Home Depot or on Facebook Marketplace. And you might already have some supplies that you can recycle and use. 

Before you go out and buy a bunch of storage equipment, lay out your plan for the garage first. Then, determine what you have to use and what you should buy. After you know what supplies you need, you can set out to find solutions within your budget.

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Woman sitting in organized home garage
A few simple and easy garage storage ideas can help to efficiently organize your garage.

7 Easy Garage Storage Ideas

Now that you’ve thought about everything that needs to go in your garage and drafted a floorplan, let’s look at storage ideas that will make your life easier. 

1. Set Up Zones

Organizing your garage in zones is a helpful way to find your belongings without a frustrating search. It keeps your space decluttered and easy to navigate, especially in a hurry.

Setting up zones is easy. You simply put common items together in the same space. For example, if you play many sports, organize your gear accordingly. 

Put tennis equipment together, soccer gear in the same bin, and your bikes in the same location in the garage. Do the same for bigger categories. Store your holiday decorations in a zone, your tools in another, and so forth. 

2. Use See-Through Storage Containers

See-through storage containers will help you quickly spot items when you forget where you put them. Or if you have a lot of items in a zone, these bins come in handy. 

For example, if you have all your holiday decorations in one zone, you can quickly spot the Halloween decorations in a clear container.

We also recommend investing in bins with wheels for heavy items on the ground level or lower shelves. The wheels help your back and the all-around useability of the garage.

3. Hang Items on Walls With Peg Boards

Pegboards are a creative solution for storing all sorts of items in your garage. Using your wall space gets things off the floor and organized. 

You can purchase pegboards from places like Home Depot or Amazon. And you can get creative with what and how to hang your belongings on it. 

For example, hang tools, outdoor toys, bike helmets, rakes, and other gear. Get a variety of hooks and pegs to hang the different objects from the board.

Pegboard installed in workspace
One of the easiest garage storage ideas that packs a big punch is to install a pegboard to hang your tools on.

4. Utilize Overhead Space

Don’t forget your overhead space. Typically garages have beams or a loft. Store things up there that you don’t need to get at very often. 

For example, overhead space in a garage is a great location for rarely used heirlooms. Or put seasonal items overhead that you only access once a year. You can also store long items like a kayak or poles in this area.

If your garage doesn’t have a flat surface above it for bins or items that need to sit on a surface, use it to hang bikes or sports equipment. You can put hooks in the ceiling to hang objects. 

5. Install a Workbench

If you like to do projects around the house occasionally or regularly do other tasks that require tools, use a workbench. It’s easy to install one in your garage. You can make one with a piece of wood and attach it to the wall or put legs on it. 

A workbench comes in handy for various size projects. Rather than putting up a table, this can serve as a permanent fixture in your garage. You might even use it as a gift-wrapping table and more.

Man building workbench
Install a workbench to give yourself extra space to work in your garage.

6. Use Drawer Organizers

Another easy storage idea is using drawer organizers. They keep you organized and prevent items from getting lost. 

You can get all different sizes and shapes. It’s an excellent way to organize bolts, screws, craft supplies, etc. We recommend them for every drawer.

7. Use Labels

Finally, label every bin and drawer. We’re big fans of labels. It’s an easy way to know what you have and where. Even if you organized your garage in zones, you’ll likely still love having everything labeled. 

You may even want to go the distance and color code your labels. For example, give each section a color and a coordinating label. If a bin with a yellow tag is in the green zone, you’ll automatically know it’s out of place. 

This can also help you know where to put things back after you get them out. For example, you know which bins to put your Christmas decorations back in and where to store them.

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Is an Organized Garage Worth It?

An organized garage is worth it. Starting the project isn’t the most fun task in the world, but once you finish, you’ll feel happy you did and a few simple garage storage ideas can go a long way.

Garages tend to be the place in a home where things get lost. That’s why organizing and having a system will help you access your belongings and alleviate the hard work of organizing it repeatedly. 

Now, if we can just keep it that way.

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