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Is Waffle House Open on Christmas and New Year’s?

“Oh! There’s no place like Waffle House for the holidays.” While these aren’t the real lyrics to the Perry Como holiday classic, they sound perfect to our ears. For RVers out on the road, holidays can be a challenge. 

Making Christmas and New Year’s special on the road takes extra planning because most restaurants close for the holidays. And we get it. Employees want to be with their families too. But if you’re craving Waffle House over the holidays, are you going to be able to get your fix? 

Join us as we dig into the national obsession with this restaurant chain and find out if they’re open during the holidays. 

Let’s get going!

The story of Waffle House?

There are few foods as comforting as homemade waffles. For Avondale Estates, Georgia, neighbors Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner, the love of waffles and community sparked an idea. 

In 1955, the two opened the first Waffle House restaurant focusing on two things, food and people. In fact, Rogers prided himself on the saying, “We aren’t in the food business, we are in the people business.”

Most Waffle House fans have their favorite spot. With over nineteen hundred locations in twenty-five states, there are many of them to choose from. When the first restaurant opened in the mid-1950s, Rogers and Forkner named it Waffle House after the most profitable item on the menu. 

From breakfast foods to classic diner lunch and dinner plates, Waffle House keeps folks coming back for more. There’s a whole subculture around Waffle House because they’re one of the few franchises that promise service 24/7. For travelers and locals alike, the yellow sign promises quality and comfort.

When you walk into a Waffle House, you’ll likely see people from all walks of life and states of inebriation. Because they’re open 24/7, the later hours see a noticeable shift in clientele. Things might get a little dicey when the bars close, but the late-night crew is just as devoted to the Waffle House spirit. And the hashbrowns. 

Johnson City, TN, USA-8 April 2021: A Waffle House, located near Johnson City.

Will Waffle House Be Open for the Holidays?

Now that we’ve got your taste buds fired up for waffles and hash browns on Christmas, you probably want to know if they’ll be open. Not surprisingly, Waffle House does operate during the holidays. 

According to their website, Waffle House is open 24/7, 365 days a year. In fact, Christmas Day is one of the busiest days of the year for the franchise. On the December 25th holiday, Waffle House execs step in and take orders and cook next to employees. Regulars will often act as greeters, and whole families come in to see their favorite servers. Waffle House during the holidays is one big family. 

The Start of a New Holiday Tradition?

So, if you travel during the holidays or just love Waffle House, you can bet they’ll greet you with a smile. From the beginning, they’ve put people first. It’s been their business model since 1955. 

If your family traditions revolve around good food and classic Southern hospitality, Waffle House is there for you. And if you’ve had enough family for the season, sneak off with the fun cousins to grab some waffles. Your secret will be safe with us!

What Are the Best Menu Items at Waffle House?

Almost without question, you’ll find hashbrowns near the top of everyone’s list. Usually cooked in a steel ring, the best way to order them is “scattered.” As the name implies, the potatoes are scattered around the griddle for maximum crispiness. 

There are several ways to order your hashbrowns. They include scattered, smothered (sauteed onion), covered (melted American cheese), chunked (ham), peppered (jalapenos), capped (mushrooms), or all the way. 

The All-Star breakfast is a staple if you need something more substantial. This dish comes with something for everyone. Featuring a waffle, hash browns or grits, two eggs, and breakfast meat (ham or bacon), the All-Star is a tour de force. It’s enough to feed a couple of hungry kids or, perhaps, one adult after a long night on the town.

Since we’re talking about Waffle House, we have to mention their namesake. One of our favorites is the pecan waffle. Since most of the restaurants are in the southern part of the country, there’s something about it that just feels right. Chunks of pecans and a hint of vanilla make this variation on the classic waffle perfect with a little maple syrup.

Does Waffle House Allow Overnight RV Parking?

You might think that because Waffle House is open 24/7, they wouldn’t mind you parking overnight in their lots. And that may or may not be the case, depending on where you are. Several factors come into play, from local ordinances to the manager on duty. Waffle House doesn’t have a corporate policy for overnight parking, partly for these reasons. 

If you want to rest for the night at a Waffle House, talk to the manager and make sure they’re ok with it. But there may be better options close by like a Walmart or Sam’s Club. In that case, you can eat all the waffles you want without driving too far. 

Where Can I Find a Waffle House Over the Holidays?

Craving an All-Star breakfast on Christmas? If you’re in one of the twenty-five states with a Waffle House franchise over the holidays, you’re in luck. Spread out from Arizona and Colorado to the tip of Florida, and as far north as Pennsylvania, Waffle House tends to be a southern staple. However, you’ll find a few mid-western states like Indiana and Illinois have them too. 

The Waffle House website has a map that pinpoints your location and shows you the closest location. Additionally, other online resources and apps like AllStays, iOverlander, and Google Maps, can help you find the best place to stop for a Waffle House holiday feast. 

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