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Is Love’s Truck Stop RV Friendly?

Love’s truck stops are excellent for professional and casual drivers, but how easy is it to get your RV into their pumps or parking lot?

The company makes getting in and out of their lots and pump areas easy for RVers and offers several other benefits.

Let’s take a closer look!

What Is A Love’s Truck Stop?

Love’s has nationwide travel stop and truck service locations. These large fuel centers offer more than just a place to fill up at the pump. Many sites also have service bays for semi-trucks, shower and laundry facilities, restaurants, convenience stores, and dump stations.

They’re conveniently located near interstates across the country for easy-on and easy-off access.

Is Love’s Truck Stop RV Friendly?

Love’s are some of the most RV-friendly fuel stations in the country. RVers can count on large lanes to fill up on diesel because of the available truck lanes. But it’s not just the ease of access that makes these locations RV-friendly.

Many Love’s have propane stations, RV hook-ups, and 24/7 availability. However, not all spots have all of these amenities. Make sure to download the Love’s Connect app to research ahead of time when planning your route.

Pro Tip: Check out the Love’s Connect app to find a location nearby.

Love’s Has Dump Stations

When you’ve been dry camping for a few days, you’ll need to find a place nearby to empty your tanks. It’s convenient to do this and get fuel at the same place. They aren’t always the cleanest dump stations because so many travelers use them. But it’s certainly a welcome amenity.

Pro Tip: You can also take a truck stop shower (its as nice as a luxury hotel).

Love’s Has Propane Stations

Like dump stations, some Love’s locations have propane refill stations. This is especially helpful when traveling, so you don’t have to make several stops. You can refill your fuel and propane in the same spot. You might pay more than other sites, but the convenience sometimes outweighs the cost.

Love’s Has RV Hook-ups

Love’s RV Stops accept overnight reservations. About two dozen of the 500 Love’s locations now have hook-ups. For example, the Love’s located off Interstate 70 in Bates City, Missouri, has five RV spots with water and electric hook-ups. These aren’t free, but they’re certainly convenient for a quick overnight stay.

For travelers with pets, 350 of the 500 Love’s also feature dog parks, many at the RV Stops.

Love’s Has Shower Facilities

For travelers who enjoy boondocking, having access to a dump station, a propane station, and shower facilities make Love’s a prime stopover. Some of these locations even have laundry facilities.

When you’ve gone a few days without showering, it’s a welcome sight to find a Love’s nearby, so you can grab a hot shower and bite to eat.

Love’s Has Truck Lanes

Every RVer who drives a diesel truck or motorhome wants access to truck lanes. The fuel comes out much faster than the standard lanes, which is excellent when you have a larger fuel tank. In addition, the lanes are wider and taller, so you don’t have to worry about hitting anything or turning too tightly.

Even if you don’t need any other RV-friendly amenities at Love’s, having access to truck lanes is a huge plus.

Love’s Is Convenient To Interstates

Most fuel centers are right off the major interstates and highways across the country. But Love’s has over 590 locations in 42 states, so you’ll likely find a Love’s in most areas – especially east of Kansas and Missouri.

You can quickly get off and back on the interstate without driving a mile or two down the road. This saves time and reduces stress for travelers.

Love’s Is Open 24/7

Finally, Love’s locations are open 24/7. They’ll be open whether you leave before sunrise or drive through the night to make it to your next destination.

The 24-hour access provides safe places to fill up and purchase travel items, electronics, and snacks.

PRO TIP: How Safe is Overnight RV Parking?

Why Is It Important To Find An RV-Friendly Fuel Center Like Love’s?

Not every fuel center is RV-friendly. Finding a fuel center with wide and tall lanes is essential, so you don’t have to worry about clearance. You also don’t want to worry about your turning radius when filling up at the pump.

But it’s not just getting fuel that should be easy. Having a one-stop shop like Love’s is very helpful for RVers. You only have to pull off the interstate once to dump their tanks, refill propane, visit the restroom, or grab a bite. You can get everything done and get back on the road without having to stop again soon.

How Do You Find RV-Friendly Fuel Centers?

Finding these RV-friendly fuel centers isn’t tricky. Apps like iExit Trucks and Next Exit provide details about what’s off each exit on interstates. The Love’s Connect app is only for Love’s locations, but it informs users about what is at each spot. You can see if an upcoming station has RV hook-ups, a propane refill station, shower facilities, or a dump station.

For diesel truck or motorhome owners, the TSD Open Roads app is crucial to saving money at the pump and finding RV-friendly fuel centers.

Check Out All Of the RV-Friendly Amenities At Your Next Visit To Love’s

Whether you’ve been boondocking for several days or just traveling from one campground to the next on a road trip, finding RV-friendly amenities makes your adventures more convenient and safe.

Need to grab a shower, empty your tanks, and refill your fresh water tank? Some Love’s locations can provide it all. If you want a safe place to fill up your 40-foot motorhome, Love’s truck lanes will do the trick.

So what are you waiting for? Download that Love’s Connect app today!

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