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REVEALED: This is “The Smallest Class A Motorhome” According to RV Industry Pro

Class A RV’s are great. They’re big, comfortable, and have all the creature comforts you could want and need. But there is one problem: they’re so big!

And for many, their length makes them intimidating to drive and maneuver. 

But, not all Class A motorhomes are the size of a bus. Today we’re looking at what may be the shortest Class A RV in the USA: the Thor Axis 24.1.

Let’s dive in. 

What is a Class A RV?

A Class A RV is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) that is built on a motorized bus or truck chassis. These RVs are usually constructed using a steel or aluminum frame, and are typically quite large, with lengths ranging from 25 to 45 feet or more.

Class A RVs are designed to be self-contained and include many of the same amenities as a home, such as a full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping areas, and living room. They also include an array of advanced electronic systems and appliances that are powered by the on-board generator.

They are generally intended for experienced RVers, as they are large and can be challenging to drive and maneuver, especially in tight or winding roads. Because of the size, they are better for longer trips and staying in RV parks or campgrounds with larger space. They are also more expensive than other classes of RVs.

The Thor Axis Model 24.1

The Axis 24.1 is a 25’ 6” long class A RV, and it’s  the smallest in the Thor Axis lineup. This super short Class A RV has many of the features of a larger class A motorhome, packed into a seriously tiny rig!

This short motorhome has space to sleep 5 people and the ability to tow up to 5,000 lbs. 

Let’s learn more about the RV that Matt of the Matt’s RV Reviews YouTube channel calls “the smallest class A motorhome”. 

Class A on a Class C Chassis

There’s something different about this motorhome: it’s a class A design built on a class C chassis. 

Thor calls this RV an RUV – a play on SUV – because it’s only a bit longer than a traditional SUV. And, it’s small, nimble, and incredibly useful. 

The chassis this motorhome is built on is the Ford E-350 chassis. This gives the RV a lower center of gravity, a longer wheelbase, and makes it very comfortable to drive and maneuver. 

Smallest Class A RV In The USA

According to Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews on YouTube, this is the smallest Class A RV in the USA. At just under 10 feet longer than a regular parking space, this class A motorhome is definitely short! 

But don’t be fooled by it’s small size, the Thor Axis 24.1 definitely packs a punch when it comes to living space, storage space, and amenities. 

The only interior feature that is truly lacking is the bathroom – but you can’t expect much in such a short RV. 

Price of the Thor Axis 24.1

The MSRP for the 24.1 Axis model around $129,000. We found used units for sale from many dealers on RVTrader for prices ranging from $85,999 to $96k. 

Thor Axis Exterior

The exterior of the Thor Axis 24.1 looks similar to many class A motorhomes. But, upon further inspection, you’ll notice many key difference. 

Since this RV is built on a Ford E-Series chassis, it is lower to the ground. Because of this, the Axis doesn’t have as much exterior storage as a typical class A. 

There is ample storage room on the rear of the RV, as it is directly below the bed in the back of the Coach. But you won’t find any pass through storage up front! 

Features of the exterior of this RV include an outdoor TV, an outdoor shower, frameless windows all the way around, and more. 

This RV has a tankless water heater and a Cummins Onan 4000 gasoline generator onboard. 

Something truly unique about this RV that you don’t see on other class A motorhomes is the lack of exterior steps. Since this RV is lower to the ground, the only steps are right inside the door. This could be a downfall, depending on who you talk to. 

Thor Axis 24.1 Interior

Thor really stands out with their aesthetics when it comes to the interior of their RVs, and the Axis is no exception. 

There are tons of overhead cabinets all throughout the interior of the motorhome, providing ample storage for whatever you may need. 

In the entrance of the RV, you’ll find a touch-screen control panel that monitors everything in the RV, and operates components like the living room slide-out. 

The kitchen features a residential sink with cutting board, a 2-burner cooktop, and a convection microwave oven. 

The cab of this RV is as spacious and comfortable as you’d expect any class A motorhome to be. This cab area features a flip-out desk for the passenger. There is also a retractable overhead bed that can hold up to 500 pounds. The Axis truly makes the most of a small space. 

In the living area, a tri-fold sofa converts into a bed that can comfortably sleep up to two adults. 

And, in the rear of the RV is closets, more cabinets, the bathroom, and bedroom. In the bedroom of the RV is two twin beds that can convert into one large king-size bed. This RV is great for families, couples, and groups of friends. 

Do Class A RVs Hold Their Value?

The value of any RV, including Class A RVs, will likely depreciate over time. However, the rate of depreciation can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the condition of the RV, the brand and model, and the level of maintenance it has received.

In general, high-end Class A RVs that are well-maintained and have a good reputation for reliability may hold their value better than lower-end models. Additionally, Class A RVs that are equipped with newer and more advanced features and appliances may also retain their value better than older models.

Used RVs typically lose value at a slower rate.

It’s always a good idea to do some research on the specific make and model of Class A RV you’re interested in, and to get a good idea of its expected resale value before making a purchase.

A Short Motorhome With Big Capabilities

This RV may be short in length, but it is not short on features or capabilities. This short class A makes for an easy drive and an enjoyable camping experience – no matter who you bring along.

Pro Tip: It’s important to remember, Class A RVs have their disadvantages, too. Here are 5 reasons to avoid Class A RVs.  

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  1. Dallas Baillio says:

    You should be more fair with your reviews. I looked at one. It is all flash and no depth. Poorly made and not worth the price. Shopping for a new RV is worse than shopping for a car. Buying a used RV at least you have some idea of a fair price. Same for a used and often for a new car. I also dislike dealing with the sales person. You get carefully though out responses bordering on outright lies. There is no way to find out the actual dealer cost.

  2. William L. Hawkins says:

    Like the drop-down desk area at passenger seat, drop out counter, front driver/passenger area, and hate the shower, not too excited about bed area, uncertain what is over the driver/passenger seats (if anything), a GPS system? Is there only one control panel, to right side of the stove?

    $79,000.00 … GREAT PRICE, is anyone leasing this unit or are they FOR SALE only? Nearest place to DC area to see, drive, purchase, or rent?

    I like the compact mini “A” concept, refrigerator, storage is good, three televisions, … does the driver/passenger seats turn and become part of living space?

  3. Given that it is built on an E-350 Class C chassis, I’m also betting the cargo carrying capacity is low, perhaps too low to actually carry all of the people it can supposedly sleep along with water, food, and clothing.

  4. Suki says:

    We picked up our axis new Axis 24.1 on January 6 and have been tooling around Texas parks for the past three weeks+ before we head back to our home in Vegas. I’m happy to answer questions if anyone has them. A few comments related to what’s above: 1. There is no exterior TV on the 2021 model (only 2020 and prior); 2. It is indeed relatively cheaply made (like many many many RVs) – we knew what we were getting into and the quality level. I expected a motel 6 and got something closer to a homewood suites, but Hyatt it definitely isn’t. 3. The two front seats (driver and passenger) tun in towards the living area and also there is a small table included to put between them. We love this feature – it makes the full front space seem larger, you can sit 4 very comfortably in a way that is natural for conversation, and we pop in that table all the time when we stop for takeout while driving.

    In general, have been quite happy. But also can give you a list of what has gone wrong, and things that are just plain odd.

    Happy travels.

  5. Lisa Rupert says:

    Liked the big front windows, the access while driving and king bed capability. Not crazy about the shower but hey at least there is one-i:m thinking storage would be an issue when traveling months at a time and wondering if it’s a bit low on clearance for campgrounds?

  6. Diane Foster says:

    I do locve the bedroom. I do like the cab area. I like the slide when it is in. The shower seems small but it has a shower and that is a plkus. I don’t have any dislikes.

  7. Richard Boyd says:

    Why is there no Solar power fitted??? Its 2021 and still fitting generators and gas fridges really? How backward

  8. Robert Carpenter says:

    I think it’s very nice. The shower is small but it’s a shower. Just lather and rinse. My cousin has been looking at class c. I will show him this one