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Where Is the Real Center of the Universe?

Have you ever wondered where the actual center of the universe is? The answer may just completely surprise you. 

It’s not out in some faraway galaxy, as most would guess. In fact, four cities in the United States claim to be that very place. 

We’re bringing you the reasoning behind each town’s claim so you can decide where the universe’s center truly is.

Let’s jump in!

Is the Center of the Universe in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

In the heart of downtown Tulsa is an acoustic anomaly that remains an exciting mystery.

From a pedestrian overpass above some railroad tracks, you’ll find two brick paths leading up to a small concrete area in the middle of a larger circle of bricks, deemed the Center of the Universe.

It has a little-known mysterious auditory phenomenon. If you stand in the middle of the circle and make a noise, the sound echoes back several times louder than it was. In addition, everyone around you won’t hear the echo. Some say that sound from inside of the circle sounds extremely distorted when heard from outside.

To experience this anomaly, you can find the pedestrian overpass along Boston Ave between 1st and Archer street. From either side of this railroad overpass, follow a brick path to the brick circle directly over the tracks. The nearest address is 50 South Boston Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Locals Say Felicity, California, Is the Center of the Universe

Next up for the title of Center of the Universe is Felicity, California, located in the middle of the Sonoran Desert near the borders of Mexico and Arizona.

Felicity is home to a 21-foot-tall, pink granite pyramid with a metal plaque that officially marks the spot that is the Center of the World. Even California’s Imperial County and France’s Institut Geographique National recognize the designation.

French-American, Jacques-André Istel, purchased the land that is now Felicity in the 1950s. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Istel decided he wanted to build a town and said it needed to be “something entertaining.” And, to that note, he had the area officially recognized as the Center of the World. 

One might argue that the Center of the World isn’t the same as the Center of the Universe. But we decided to include it anyway.

Unique galaxy image
From California to Idaho, there are many places in the US that claim to be the Center of the Universe.

Why Does Wallace, Idaho, Claim to Be the Center of the Universe?

When there’s a utility hole cover in your town with the inscription Center of the Universe, then it must be so. And, certainly, if the mayor makes an official proclamation, it has to be the real deal.

When asked why this is so, Shauna Hillman, one of the original four behind the idea, said, “Why not? That’s the answer to why it is the Center of the Universe.” The second answer she gave was, “Prove it isn’t.”

To make it official, the town placed a utility hole cover at an intersection inscribed with “The Center of the Universe.” It also included a compass rose and the stock symbols of the four mining companies that call Wallace home.

In addition, Wallace is home to the first “Miss Center Of The Universe” pageant, held in 2007. So, if that isn’t proof enough, then we’re not sure what is. 

The Center of the Universe May Be This Seattle Neighborhood

Fremont, a neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, staked its official claim as the Center of the Universe in 1991. Lore has it that a group of local scientists at a bar determined the universe was, in fact, centered in the business district. 

They planned to launch a rocket into space from the city. However, that rocket now stands over a business’s doorway.

A signpost was placed on a traffic island at the intersection of North Fremont Avenue and North 35th Street that same year. It marks the official spot, helping those passing by locate the official center of the universe. The sign also guides you to the North Pole, the Milky Way, and the Lost City of Atlantis.

Fremont lost its proof as the Center of the Universe for a short time. In 2018, someone stole the signpost that marked the spot. It wasn’t until 2020 that Fremont replaced the signpost. People can again find comfort that Fremont is, in fact, the Center of the Universe.

The Metropolitan King County Council officially proclaimed Fremont the Center of the Universe in 1994. So, again. It must be so.

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Man dressed as astronaut finding the Center of the Universe
Embark on your own journey to find the center of the universe.

Does the Universe Really Have a Center?

Arguably that depends on who you ask. Throughout history, humans have wrongly thought we were at or near the middle of the universe. Whether that center was the Earth, the sun, or even the Milky Way galaxy, they were wrong.

There may be no actual center to the universe. Scientists indicate that the universe is in an ever-continuous state of expansion from no single point of origin. Without an origin and under constant change, the universe would seemingly have no middle.

Quantum physics takes it deeper, seeing the universe as consciousness. Scientists such as Einstein and Tesla theorize that everything is energy. In that theory, there’s no beginning and no end to energy, therefore, no center.

Our observable universe is based solely on our particular point of view. Looking into space from a planet millions of light years away would give us a vastly different observable universe because our entire frame of reference would change.

Get Out and Explore the Universe

From what we’ve discovered, there isn’t a true Center of the Universe here on Earth or anywhere. Still, it would be fun to visit all the towns that declare themselves so. Each one we discussed has other great things to explore. Plus, you’ll get to snap some fun selfies!

Have you been to a Center of the Universe? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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