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7 Secret Amenities at Flying J Truck Stop

You’re missing out if you only stop at Flying J truck stops to grab a bite to eat, refuel, and use the restroom. 

Aside from the basics, they offer a variety of amenities to help travelers to be as comfortable as possible while on the road. Unfortunately, many people are unaware and don’t take advantage of them.

Today, we’re sharing seven secret amenities Flying J truck stops offer to help you make the most of your time on the road. 

Let’s dive in!

About Flying J Truck Stops

You’ve likely seen a Flying J or two during your travels if you’ve spent time driving on interstates. They’re a popular location that caters to truck drivers and other travelers.

Flying J started in 1968 as four gas stations in Utah. The company expanded over the decades and made a $70 million purchase in 1986 to acquire Husky Oil Ltd. However, the 2000s weren’t great for the company. Flying J attempted to recover from Chapter 11 bankruptcy when it merged with Pilot in July 2009.

The merger resulted in the creation of the Pilot Flying J brand which now consists of more than 750 locations in 44 states and Canada. The two well-known companies experienced tremendous growth in their new identity.

In March 2022, it was announced that Berkshire Hathway, a company owned by Warren Buffett, would take over as the majority owner in 2023. The company spent approximately $11 billion in two separate transactions, which resulted in them owning about 80% of the company. 

They’ve done an incredible job of evaluating the needs of their customers and innovating their stores to meet demands. However, some of the amenities they have begun offering are still rather secretive. But we’re letting the cat out of the bag so that you can use them too.

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RV in flying J
While on a road trip, you’re likely to cross paths with a Flying J.

#1 Flying J Coin Exchanges

Are you tired of cruising around with a cup holder full of spare change? Unless you’re going through a toll booth, you’re likely never going to do anything with those pennies and nickels. It’s only a matter of time before they fall between your seats and are gone forever. You can find coin exchange machines to turn loose change into bills at select Flying J locations.

As with most other coin exchange machines, there’s a fee for converting coins to dollar bills. They take their cut, which is 9%, before giving you your cold hard cash.

#2 Game Rooms

Flying J recognizes that the road can be frustrating, and drivers might need a place to unwind. That’s why they’ve installed game rooms at most locations with the latest and greatest arcade favorites. In addition, they’ll host exclusive and national tournaments where travelers can compete for prizes.

If you haven’t made it to the coin exchange, this might be a great spot to deposit some of those quarters. However, keep in mind that games vary based on location. So don’t set your hopes too high that every Flying J truck stop will have your favorite game.

#3 Laundry

Truck stops cater to all sorts of travelers, especially truck drivers who spend most of their time on the road. However, they aren’t the only ones who need to do laundry. RVers who have been boondocking or spend time in campgrounds without laundry facilities need clean clothes too.

Luckily, Flying J offers public laundry facilities at most locations and is constantly working on adding more. Their facilities have some of the latest technologies, allowing you to wash and dry your clothes quickly. Unfortunately, the folding is up to you.

#4 Propane

Propane allows RVers to cook meals, heat their rig, and keep refrigerators cool. Unfortunately, finding a spot to fill your tank can sometimes be challenging. Flying J truck stops appear to have recognized this and are doing something about it. You can fill up your fuel and propane tanks all at one stop.

Many Flying J locations are beginning to offer propane refills and tank exchanges. In addition, if you open an RV Plus Charge Card with Flying J, you can save $.10 per gallon on propane purchases. This can help you save a large sum of money, especially if you tend to use a lot of propane while RVing.

truck stop
For RVers, Flying J offers a place to sleep, refuel, and dump their tanks.

#5 RV Dump Stations

One of the biggest struggles for many RVers is finding a place to dump their tanks. This is especially true for those who enjoy boondocking. It’s also important to remember that not every campground has a dump station. You don’t want that gunk sitting in your tanks for too long.

Flying J noticed an increase in RVers stopping at their locations over the last several years and has begun offering dump stations at some locations. The cost of emptying waste tanks at a Flying J will typically cost $10. However, there are discounts for Good Sam Club members or those who have the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Charge Card. 

#6 Flying J RV Fueling Lanes

If you’ve ever tried to maneuver an RV into a tight spot, you know it’s not easy. It can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re driving a larger motorhome. Unfortunately, gas-powered rigs can’t use the large truck lanes that only dispense diesel fuel. Thankfully, Flying J has noticed this and started making some adjustments.

RV fueling lanes are now common at many Flying J locations, especially newer or remodeled locations. They’re designed specifically with large motorhomes in mind. In fact, they often have everything an RVer might need to use during their stop. 

You can fill up on fuel, empty waste tanks, and top off on fresh water all at once. These lanes allow RVers to be as efficient as possible while traveling.

#7 Showers

While some people know that Flying J, Pilot, and other truck stops have showers, many don’t realize they’re open to more than just truckers. Maybe it was a nasty piece of fake news spread by truck drivers wanting the showers to themselves, but nothing is stopping any traveler from paying for a shower at Flying J.

Pull into one of these locations if you’re looking for a place to freshen up while traveling. Showers typically cost around $12 and provide everything you need to get squeaky clean. 

You’ll have a clean and sanitized shower room all to yourself. In addition, they supply you with fresh towels to dry off when done. These hot showers can feel heavenly, especially if it’s been a few days since your last one.

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An All-In-One Stop

We mentioned Flying J truck stops have many amenities to help ease your travels. If you need something while you’re on the road, there’s a good chance Flying J can help. 

And if they don’t offer something you might want on your travels, reach out to them and leave feedback. They’re constantly innovating and growing their offerings to help you travel easier and efficiently.

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