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This is Dog Boarding Done Right (Rover 2023 Review)

How about some Rover for your Rover? For those of us that have furry ones as our best friends, our other best friend might just be a service that is all about Rover.

No matter how much you might love walking your dog and taking them with you on all of your adventures, there are times when you need someone else to help out with their care. And that’s where Rover comes in.

Confused about Rover versus Rover? Keep on reading to learn all about Rover and the services they offer to help care for Rover.

Let’s jump in!

What Is is your best friend, outside of your furry best friend, of course. Rover – let’s call him Fido to avoid further confusion – needs a lot of love and care. For those times when you’re not able to be there for him, is. is a company that is all about caring for pets. They opened their doors for business in 2011 and have pet sitters and dog walkers all across the globe eager to help you and your pet. Through their finely tuned website and app, pet sitters and dog walkers are matched with pet owners in need across the U.S., Canada, England, and Europe.

Using only verified pet sitters and dog walkers who are trusted within their communities, you’ll know Fido is in good hands even if they’re not your own.

Dog being watched by Rover employee
From dog walking to pet sitting, Rover offers pet care for all types of furry friends.

What Services Does Rover Offer?

Rover is well-known for its dog-walking services, but that is not all they do. And dogs are not all they care for. Dog walking is their most prominent service, but Rover also offers dog boarding at pet sitters’ homes and in yours. Have a cat or other small caged animal? They can provide in-home pet sitting for them too. 

Dog Boarding

For those times when Fido can’t come with you, has dog boarding that keeps Fido safe and happy. And this isn’t your traditional dog boarding, either. Rover’s hired pet sitters take Fido into their homes and care for him just as though he were at your home.

The best thing is that you can meet the pet sitter before making your final decision. This way, you’re happy and content, knowing that Fido will be happy and content. Whether you’re in your hometown and need dog boarding or an entirely different city, Rover’s pet sitters offer ease of mind when it comes to finding a place for your furry friend to have a sleepover.

Pet Sitting

Need a pet sitter for your furry friend but don’t want them to be away from their home? Rover’s pet sitters will come to your home, ensuring that Fido is safe and content in his own environment. And just as you get to meet and greet the pet sitter for boarding, you get to do the same for in-home pet sitting.

Matching Fido up with his perfect temporary human companion – nothing will ever replace you in Fido’s eyes – will keep his and your stress and anxiety at bay while you’re away. 

Dog Walking

We get it. You can’t always be there when Fido needs to head out for a walk. But when you hire the professionals at, they can be there for you both. Not only will they be there, but they can be there at a regularly scheduled time. Every day if that’s what you need. More than once a day? They can do that, too. 

And you won’t get any randomly assigned dog walker, either. You’ll get a dog walker that you know and trust, as every Rover dog walker and sitter has been verified by other pet parents and go through identity and background checks.

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Dog with Rover pet sitter
Your pups are like family, and Rover ensures they have the care they need when you’re away.

How Does Rover Work? 

Knowing that you get to match up the dog sitter with Fido and you don’t have to worry about how they’ll get along, you might wonder how to start working with It’s easy to get started. The app, the website, and Rover’s sitters and staff make it painless to work with Rover. 

What won’t be easy is seeing how much Fido loves their Rover sitter or walker. But don’t fret. Fido may have eyes for another when you’re not around, but the moment you walk in the door, Fido will remember you’re his human. And he’ll love you even more because you’ve given him the gift of a Rover sitter.

Pet Owner

As a pet owner, all you have to do is sign up on It’s free to sign up. You can then begin your search for the services you need, whether pet sitting or dog walking. You’ll be prompted for dates and times needed for the services and if you need weekly or daily services. This is also where you’ll be able to tell Rover what size dog you have. 

From there, you’ll be directed to a listing of all the dog walkers and pet sitters available in your neighborhood. You can click on names to read their complete profile, read reviews, see their pricing, and more. Once you’ve selected your sitter or walker, you can message them and book directly on the site, or just message them to ensure this is the sitter or walker for your furry friend.

Pet Sitter

The process is slightly different if you want to become a pet sitter through Your first step will be to register and set up your profile. You’ll be asked various questions to ensure that Rover knows precisely what you’re interested in and the pets you want to work with.

Once you’ve set up your profile, Rover will run a background check and verify your identity. Be aware there’s a small profile review fee to become a pet sitter or boarder on Rover.

You’re now set to use Rover’s platform and begin making money while playing with many wonderful Fidos. You can set your prices, but Rover does take a percentage of what you own. It’s like having a business without the hassle. You’ll also get access to training resources helping you become the best pet sitter and walker you can be.

Dog high-fiving pet sitter
Skip sending your pup to the kennel when you’re away in exchange for a Rover dog sitter coming right to your home.

What Makes Rover Stand Out Over Traditional Dog Boarding?

The many educational resources offered to Rover’s pet sitters, and dog walkers are just the beginning of what makes Rover stand out over traditional dog boarding. Rover gives you, the pet owner, a personal pet sitter, not just some random business where your dog sits in a kennel all day long. 

Fido gets a friend while you’re away. One that you can trust. And you’ll know that you can trust them because Rover has verified reviews from other pet parents, along with sitter background and identity checks. Pet sitters will even send you photos of Fido, so you’ll know firsthand that he’s in good hands.

But they don’t stop there. They also offer meet and greets to ensure the perfect pairing, vet advice for sitters, vet care reimbursement plans, and more.

What Are Dog Owners Saying About Rover? 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Rover just might become your best friend when it comes to caring for your Fido or Rover or Fluffy.

But don’t let us tell you that. Let other dog owners vouch for Rover.

“I’ve had a good experience with it. It’s easier to deal with than existing pet hotels or boarding. I feel better knowing my dog is with a family that is loving on him rather than being boarded with fifty other dogs.” (Brian D. from Lynnwood, WA)

“Monkey loves it when Susan comes to walk her! Susan does a great job of following up with me and letting me know how Monkey is doing and sends photos. I know that Monkey is in capable hands and well taken care of, which puts me at ease when I’m away.” (Angie S. from San Diego, CA)

“We usually board our dog at the vet for fear that we might leave her in the wrong hands. I’m very happy to have discovered The reviews really make a difference as well as the photos and information on the caregivers. We left Nani, our little timid sheltie with a well reviewed caregiver who sent us photos during the stay. She was obviously much happier than in a kennel and had other dogs to play with. When we picked her up she was happy to see us, but she wasn’t confused and nervous like she would be when we picked her up from the kennel. Thank you for being there for us and for Nani!” (Rhonda H. from Kailua, HI)

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Is Rover Worth It for Dog Boarding?

With so many pet parents in love with their services, we’d say checking out is worth your time. Rover, Fido, Fluffy, or all three, will probably give you a big, wet, sloppy kiss upon your return if they had just as much fun as you did while on vacation.

And you won’t come home to the cold shoulder treatment. At least not from Rover. Your business partner, on the other hand, might just be another story.

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