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7 Secrets for Shopping at Ulta

If you’ve ever stepped foot in an Ulta, you’ve seen the neatly arranged rows with an overwhelming amount of bottles, jars, and tubes. 

Which bottle of shampoo works best with your hair? Should you buy the blue or clear jar of eye cream? Do you want the tube of lipstick or the lip stain? And how much is this all going to cost?

We talked to an expert to get all the best tips for shopping at the store. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered.

Let’s go shopping!

About Ulta

Ulta first opened its doors nearly thirty years ago. Their motto, “all things beauty, all in one place,” describes the type of products they carry. They sell all kinds of beauty products, from haircare to makeup and beyond. 

Products offered include those from all price ranges; you can get eyeliner for as low as $1.49 and up to $350. The company also delivers beauty services, including ear piercing and eyebrow shaping. 

We like to shop at the store because of its commitment to diversity. They’ve won Forbes’ awards for Best Employer for Diversity and Best Employer for Women three times each. 

The company has also raised about 15 million dollars for causes that benefit women, such as Dress for Success, and over 22 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

We talked to an expert to find out how to get the most bang for your buck at Ulta. It turns out that the store has a huge semiannual sale a couple of times each year that can save you some serious cash. Keep reading for more tips about getting the most out of your Ulta experience!

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#1 Use Ulta’s Coupons (But Read the Fine Print)

Sign up for Ulta’s email list to send coupons directly to your inbox. The store always has sales going on as well. You can really stretch your dollars if you check for coupons and sales.

Every day the store releases a new daily coupon. It will ensure you get the best deals, but be sure to read the fine print. For example, the daily coupon often excludes salon services and certain brands of products and cannot be used on clearance items. 

Speaking of clearance items, the store always tries to keep only the best and most recent beauty products on the shelves, so they notoriously have an excellent clearance section. They also bundle products together and sell them at reduced costs. Getting a great deal on fantastic products can help you have a successful trip to this beauty store.

#2 Ask For Help, All Ulta Associates Are Beauty Experts

So you walk into the store, coupon in hand. Now what? If you feel lost in a sea of beauty supplies, you can ask any store associate for assistance. Ulta notoriously hires only the best, most helpful employees. 

The company offers career development for its employees. This can give you the peace of mind that every person working in the store has deep knowledge of beauty products. 

The store has won awards over the years for diversity and gender equality. In 2021, the Beacon Awards named them the Best Large Retailer.

A photo of packed shelves at an Ulta store
Don’t forget to give couponing a try while shopping at Ulta!

#3 Book a Salon Appointment

If beauty products don’t pique your interest, try booking a salon appointment. The experts at Ulta are committed to making you look and feel your very best. 

Stores may provide facials and eyebrow shaping. And one of the most popular services offered, makeup lessons, can help you learn everything you need to know about makeup. You can also have your makeup done professionally or have your hair cut, colored, or styled. 

Be sure to go online or call the store to find out more about which services your local store has available. 

#4 Don’t Forget Their Eyebrow Bar

If your eyebrows have grown a little out of control, a visit to the Brow Bar may be in your future. Their most common service, eyebrow waxing, can help get your brows in line. They also perform general facial waxing for stubborn hairs anywhere on your face. 

If your eyebrows, on the other hand, are a little too light, Ulta can do eyebrow tinting. Most recently, they began offering Brow Lamination. This helps eyebrows appear strong and feathery but maintain a sleek shape. 

Ulta locations inside Target don’t provide salon services like the Brow Bar. Don’t forget to book an appointment before you go to make your trip quick and hassle-free.

#5 Try Ulta’s Testers

One of the most challenging parts about buying beauty products, selecting the right color, can be resolved by using testers. The store has sample products, known as testers, on the shelves throughout their store. Using these samples can help you determine which color will match your skin the best.

Ulta takes testing makeup to the next level with their GLAMlab. This website lets you try makeup before you buy it. Just upload a picture of your face and test out different makeup on your photo. This option can be an awesome tool for online shopping.

Pro Tip: Try the GLAMlab for yourself!

#6 Remember Their 90-Day Return Policy

Ulta’s return policy sets them apart from other beauty stores. Within 90 days, you can return any product that didn’t completely satisfy you, even if it has been used. Please note this policy doesn’t apply to locations inside Target. 

Buying at Ulta can be cost-friendly, and their return policy ensures mistakes won’t be costly. So try out that bright red lipstick! If it’s a little too colorful for you, bring it back to the store for a full refund. 

#7 It’s For Men Too!

When you think of a beauty store, you probably think of products exclusively for women. However, Ulta has an extensive men’s section too!

The store offers skincare and haircare products for men. They sell colognes and shaving essentials. You can also find a wide assortment of gift sets for men on the store’s website, including beard care and booze-inspired soaps. 

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It’s Hard to Go Wrong with Ulta

Ulta has brought beauty products for everyone to the forefront by offering a wide variety of items and services. Their sales and coupons can help you get the best deals on premium products, while their generous return policy ensures satisfaction. Next time you have any beauty needs, head to Ulta and keep these tips in mind!

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