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Who Can Fix Your RV When You’re Stuck at a Campground?

If your RV breaks down at a campground, don’t panic–call a mobile RV technician!

These individuals and services specialize in one-on-one repair calls. They’re trained to do the same work as a mechanic at an RV repair shop. And best of all, they travel to your location.

A mobile RV service could be your best friend if you experience mechanical issues. Read on to learn what these professionals can do for your rig.

Let’s get started!

What are Mobile RV Services and Technicians?

Mobile services and technicians are convenient options for RVers in a bind. As their names suggest, these mobile services and technicians travel to you.

Some RV dealerships and shops offer mobile services to nearby drivers. These services are lifesavers if you’re stuck in one place without repairs. Keep in mind, though, that they won’t be cheap.

Mobile RV technicians are individual mechanics who can visit your campsite. Some technicians have a specific area of expertise. But others are general mechanics who can fix all kinds of issues.

What Can Mobile RV Technicians Fix?

If your rig breaks down, a visit from a mobile RV tech may be the quickest available fix. It’s hard to know if they do the same kinds of repairs as a brick-and-mortar shop when you call.

Fortunately, the answer in most cases is yes. Just like a regular mechanic, RV techs can diagnose and repair almost any problem you may have. Plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, and HVAC issues are common areas of expertise.

However, there are a few exceptions. For instance, it’s illegal for a mechanic without proper certification to repair air conditioning leaks. Drivetrain problems are another gray area because those repairs require specialized training.

Just like regular auto body shops, these professionals won’t always have the necessary parts and supplies in hand. Your RV tech might need to place an order to complete your repair.

Pro Tip: Getting your RV repaired by someone you trust is key. Find out Should You Avoid Mobile RV Repair?

Mobile RV repair
When in a bind, mobile RV repair services can help.

How to Locate a Mobile RV Technician

When you need mobile RV services, you need them quickly. But finding these services can be tricky, especially if you’re traveling.

Follow these tips to find a reliable, highly-rated mobile RV tech.

Ask the Campground Staff

The employees at your campground are great resources for RV repair information. You won’t be the first visitor to need help getting their rig back on the road. Campground staff are used to calling mechanics and can recommend the best in the area. They can help you avoid companies or individuals who overcharge or do shoddy work.

Some campsite employees have repair experience themselves. Another benefit of asking the staff is that someone already on-site may be able to help.

Get Referrals From Neighbors 

When trouble arises, ask your neighboring campers. Your fellow RVers will happily refer you to a reputable service or technician. As your peers, their recommendations will be some of the most helpful.

It’s also possible that one of your neighbors could help fix your problem. You never know who’s docked next door until you meet them!

Search Online

If you can’t get a person-to-person referral, it’s time to find a mobile repair service online. Start by checking out, the RV Technician Association of America website. Their database catalogs thousands of services and technicians across the country. You can also use Google or check business-specific websites like Yellow Pages or Yelp.

Before booking a service or technician, look at their reviews. Online ratings will help you decide whether to do business with them.

Man repairing RV
Mobile RV services can come to your campsite if you have RV issues.

Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile RV Service

Generally speaking, mobile RV technicians can do just about anything a traditional shop can do. But there are some critical differences between the two.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of using these services.


Mobile RV services are super convenient. You don’t have to break down your campsite, load up, and drive several miles to a repair shop–a huge plus.

Speaking of driving, mobile services allow you to stay off the road. It’s an opportunity to avoid traffic, wrecks, and other road hazards.

Depending on your location, a visit from a mobile technician may be cheaper than a visit to a brick-and-mortar business. Driving back and forth from a repair shop gets expensive when you factor in mileage and campground fees.

Finally, one-on-one time with your mechanic is a benefit in itself. While shops tend to be busy, impersonal settings, a mobile RV tech can focus all their attention on you.


RV dealers and repair shops usually keep many parts and supplies in stock. Due to limited inventory space, a mobile repair service may not have the same selection, which could delay your repairs.

Some mobile technicians won’t be familiar with your specific vehicle. Manufacturer-specific information is more readily available at RV dealers and shops.

While mobile services can be cheaper depending on your location, they can also be more expensive. These professionals charge for both mileage and time, which adds up.

And despite their knowledge, there are some tasks mobile mechanics can’t do. Major engine or transmission repairs will require equipment only found at brick-and-mortar shops.

Pro TipAccording to a certified RV mechanic, these are the RV systems that will fail first.

Man repairing RV
Get back on the road again quickly by using a mobile RV service.

How Much Does It Cost to Tow an RV?

There’s no magic number regarding the cost of RV towing. While prices generally start at $125 per hour, most towing companies add charges by the mile.

Other factors may inflate the cost of a tow job. Some of these include the size of your rig, the time of day, and the amount of time the job takes from start to finish. You can expect extra fees if your rig can’t be conventionally towed due to missing tires or mechanical issues. Even hazardous weather conditions can drive up your bill.

To avoid overpaying on towing, consider purchasing RV roadside assistance. Many plans cover towing within a certain number of miles. Some plans even include unlimited free towing!

On the Road Again

Inspecting your vehicle before starting a new adventure is always a good idea. But if your RV gets stuck at a campground, don’t fret. A mobile RV service or individual mechanic can get you back on the road in no time. And thanks to the RVer community and the internet, these services have never been easier to find.

Next time you’re in a bind, mobile RV technicians might be the right call to get you back out on the road and onto adventure.

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