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7 Best Desserts at Costco

If you need to pick up a quick treat, consider grabbing a dessert from Costco.

You don’t want to bring a subpar dish to your next potluck. Boxed brownies are overplayed, and you know someone will already bring a plate of dried-out cookies.

That’s why we’ve got you covered. We know all the best sweet treats that will impress your friends and satisfy your sweet tooth. And they’ll never know you picked them up at Costco on your way to the party.

Let’s dig in!

Why Is Costco a Great Place to Buy Desserts?

Every time you visit this warehouse store, you might find yourself overwhelmed. Sometimes we also have a hard time figuring out which items we should get and which we should pass on. But one thing we’re sure of is Costco’s desserts. 

Customers love Kirkland brand goods, and their sweet treats are no exception. In a recent study, nearly one-third of shoppers named the store’s bakery the best in the business. Next time you catch a whiff of baked goods in the air at Costco, give in to temptation and get one of these seven desserts.

Pro Tip: Don’t commit any of these Seven Deadly Sins of Costco Shopping when buying your dessert.

Costco store front
Costco has many amazing, affordable products, including desserts.

#1 Apple Pie

Costco, the all-American company, makes a phenomenal all-American dessert. Their apple pie will have your mouth watering. It weighs around four pounds, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth on this purchase. 

Crust lovers can rejoice because this pie’s buttery exterior won’t disappoint. Unlike other store-bought crusts that turn out soggy, Costco’s flaky pastry dough holds up. 

The filling’s fresh, crispy apples make this dessert exceptionally refreshing. Its not-too-sweet cinnamon flavor will surely please everyone at the table. Try heating it up and topping it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to take this treat to the next level.

#2 David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake

If you love chocolate, you won’t want to pass up a chance to try this cake. David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake has mousse filling inside and is iced with chocolate ganache. Even the decorative flakes on the outside are made of cocoa. 

The ten-inch cake weighs in at over seven pounds of chocolatey goodness. It usually feeds up to fourteen people, making it a must for your next birthday party. Finally, it even comes precut, making it the easiest-to-serve dish at the table.

Consumers find it moist and satisfying, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. While you can get this dessert at other stores, Costco will get you the best deal. It may not be safe for people with nut allergies, and if you don’t love chocolate, you might consider a different option.

#3 Kirkland Signature Tiramisu Cake

Costco shoppers love the Kirkland Signature brand for a good reason. The brand excels at providing affordable, quality options for all goods, from paper towels to desserts. Head to the refrigerated cakes section for this next dessert, tiramisu. 

You can pick up this fancy dessert without breaking the bank. It comes with three layers of white cake drenched in coffee. You’ll find creamy icing made of mascarpone cheese and whipped cream between each slice. 

The Kirkland Signature’s Tiramisu Cake is especially easy on the eyes. It comes sprinkled with a dusting of cocoa powder and topped with chocolate-covered espresso beans. Guests at your next dinner party will never believe that your gorgeous, upscale dessert came from Costco.

Pro Tip: Pair your Costco dessert with an adult beverage. We uncovered Is Costco Bourbon Worth It?

Eating Costco dessert
From apple pie to chocolate tuxedo cake, Costco has the perfect treat for everyone’s sweet tooth.

#4 Chocolate Tuxedo Cake

We love the sleek look of the Chocolate Tuxedo Cake almost as much as we love the flavor. Costco even decorates this elegant dessert for the holidays. If you’ve run out of time to make a sweet treat from scratch for the holiday party, grab one of these festive desserts for under $20. 

This cake has layers of chocolate mousse and ganache, giving it a rich flavor. We think it’s less intense than the David’s Cookies cake, making it an excellent choice for anyone who likes cocoa but doesn’t consider themself a chocoholic. The white chocolate mousse makes it a bit lighter. We think it’s a refreshing treat, suitable for all occasions.

#5 Cheesecake

If you love cheesecake as much as we do, try this Costco dessert! You’ll find different flavors throughout the year, including pumpkin in the fall. Shoppers also love Costco’s New York-style cheesecake that comes topped with strawberries. The chocolate version has a subtle cocoa flavor that makes it a crowd-pleaser.

Those who want a fantastic cheesecake without a steep price tag should head to America’s warehouse store. You’ll even love the size of the dessert. It’ll be enough for you to eat your cake and have some for tomorrow too. 

#6 Marie Morin Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee can be considered one of the trickiest desserts to make. We’d rather buy it than go through the trouble of cooking it up from scratch. Finding a tasty one to buy creates its own challenge, though. Luckily, Costco’s got you covered. 

The Marie Morin Creme Brulee will take your dessert game to the next level. The creamy, sweet vanilla custard is topped with caramelized sugar, just like a fresh creme brulee. It naturally has no gluten, making it an easy option for gluten-free guests. 

We think the packaging of these desserts in individual jars gives them a classy look. They store easily, making it effortless to always have a single-serve dessert on hand. 

#7 David’s Cookies Rainbow Cake

We covered the David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake already, but for those who don’t love chocolate, think about getting the Rainbow Cake instead. The nine-inch, precut dessert serves twelve people. Shoppers love the taste of this moist cake almost as much as they love its surprising appearance.

It may look like a boring cake on the outside, but you’ll see a beautiful, tasty rainbow when you slice through the white frosting and remove a piece. Each of its five layers is a different color, separated by vanilla icing. This festive dessert is a fun addition to any birthday party or celebration because the cake explodes with color. 

Costco’s Desserts Take the Cake

Next time you need something sweet for a dinner party or potluck, consider grabbing a Costco dessert. We find them not only beautiful to look at but delicious too. Save yourself some time by picking up a premade treat instead of making one from scratch.

You won’t be disappointed in the price or the quality the next time you pick up one of these desserts. Plus, your guests will surely be impressed with the flavor and presentation!

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