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ANSWERED: Why Do RV YouTubers Only Answer Emails for Free Things?

We asked our viewers for questions and boy, we got them. Thank all of you for sending them. Today we’re answering one from a disgruntled reader.

Here’s his message:

“My wife and I have and remodeled the same Fiber Stream you all started with. We followed you guys for a long time and after being excited seeing your Fiber Stream videos we had sent a few emails mentioning our 84 Fiber Stream remodel and responding to some of your videos, we never once received a reply from you.

I guess we thought having the same and very Rare RV that we would have received something back from you. That never happened. I suppose if we would have been a company providing you all with free items we would have received a reply. 

After never hearing back from a fellow rate FIBER STREAM RVer, we stopped following your channel.”

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Olivia and I began RV Life with a dream, no savings, and a payed-off Ford Ranger. We weren’t ready to hit the road. Instead, we worked, studied the lifestyle, and kept our eyes open for anything the Ranger could tow.

We gave ourselves a year to prepare, and that was in 2014.

During that year, rather than quickly buying an RV, we waited for the right one to find us. Nothing was coming our way, and it was close to crunch time.

But, suddenly, out of nowhere, a 1986 Fiber Stream was listed on Craigslist in Northwest Georgia. We drove to buy it cash-in-hand, sight unseen, in a matter of days, and we knew it was the one.

The brand, Fiber Stream, was never a thing we sought out.

However, twice we learned the same lesson.

Humanity Moslty Likes Traveling in Packs

Olivia and I, for the most part, aren’t pack-animals. Every club we join and enjoy eventually reminds us why we don’t like clubs.

The Fiber Stream and then the Airstream Argosy, our second RV, both have cult-like followings. That’s not how we roll.

In fact, I hate renovating, and I hate it even more after the Argosy. I want to avoid talking shop, comparing parts, or giving advice about the renovation process.

It’s not a bonding experience for me. Online commenters and even emailers usually talk more judgey about the renovation process, and it’s off-putting.

I want to avoid bonding or chatting about our dingy, old-ass rigs.

And, the Airstream community was nice, but it wasn’t a lifestyle we ever took to. Those folks are friendly and like to have a good time, though!

Now, Let’s Get to His Snarky Snip

In the second paragraph, he writes, “I suppose if we would have been a company providing you all with free items we would have received a reply.”

Brother, let me tell you, nothing in life is free. 

Everything takes time. And, reviewing a cheap China water pressure regulator or traveling dog water bowl is not a good use of time.

We make 95% of our revenue from ads and the other 5% from affiliate sales. It’s been two years since we received a free product to test. 

And, yes, that product was worth the time.

Likely your theoretical product offer would’ve earned you the same response you already got.

We’re All Only Humans

I understand we let you down and didn’t meet your expectations, and I’m sorry. We don’t have a team that manages our emails. In which case, you would’ve received a response from “us” not really us.

From our end, this whole thing can be totally overwhelming. 

There’s no schooling, at least in my education days, on how to run a multi-channel media brand that reaches over 10 million people every month. In an empathetic way, I ask you to wrap your head around that.

It’s a shit show and the most incredible thing we do.

When I asked for emails this week, it was 100% my intent to respond to every one of them. But, we received over 500, and I had to stop and only capture the questions. My entire day was slipping away.

It’s an awesomely large and engaged community.

All in All

Let me put it in the words of Bob Dylan:

I’ve been meek

And hard like an oak

I’ve seen pretty people disappear like smoke

Friends will arrive, friends will disappear

If you want me

Honey baby, I’ll be here

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