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Circle K is Welcoming RVers with New Amenities

When you think of Circle K, you likely think of Polar Pops and roller dogs, not RV amenities. However, thanks to a new pilot program, that could be changing soon.

As the popular convenience store joins the ranks of service stations recognizing the benefits of accommodating the growing RV community, what kind of RV amenities can we expect from Circle K?

We’re pumped to tell you about all the exciting features you can look forward to at your next stop.

Let’s get into it!

Circle K Is Becoming More RV Friendly 

Circle K is launching a pilot program with four stores to test the market in serving RVers. They’re adding a handful of handy amenities to make their businesses more appealing to the demographic. The pilot program starts with four locations. However, if the test goes well, it likely won’t be long before they expand their new RV-friendly amenities.

They hope to attract campers by offering an RV dump station, bulk propane refills, and a potable water fill station. These’ll be incredibly popular in areas with boondocking and other off-grid camping options. Customers can also purchase firewood, air, and fuel from these locations.

With boondockers being their target audience, it’s no wonder why the four pilot stores are in Arizona, a state known for its off-grid camping opportunities. These four stations are in Sierra Vista, Yuma, Tucson, and Page.

Circle K
Circle K is launching a pilot program to make their stores more RV friendly.

About Circle K 

Circle K was founded in 1951 by Fred Hervey when he purchased a trio of Kay’s Food Stores in El Paso, Texas. The company quickly expanded and had outlets in New Mexico and Arizona by 1957. 

The same year as celebrating its 20th anniversary, the company opened its five-hundredth location. However, this didn’t slow them down, and less than five years later, they opened their one-thousandth station in 1975.

The brand went through a series of acquisitions between 1993 and 2003. Today, they’re under the ownership of Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. While possession may have changed, their offerings remained unchanged, and they continue to maintain their reputation for well-maintained locations. 

Customers flock to the store to purchase snacks, drinks, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and various convenience items. One of their most popular items is their wide selection of fountain sodas they call Polar Pops.

Is Circle K Nationwide?

Circle K is a nationwide convenience store chain with over 5,800 locations in 40 states. They’re more densely populated in the midwest and southeast regions of the country. Florida’s 849 sites make it the state with the most Circle Ks, but Texas and Arizona aren’t too far behind.

In addition to serving the country, the chain has thousands of locations outside the borders of the United States. You’ll find stations in Mexico, the Social Republic of Vietnam, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and Denmark.

While the investment firm Alimentation Couche-Tard, Inc. maintained retail brands in various regions, they’ve since consolidated them into Circle K.

Circle K exterior at night
Circle K stores can be found all around the world.

What New Amenities Will Circle K Add?

To better serve RVers, Circle K will expand its amenities at several stores. Here are a few ways the nomadic and RV communities will benefit from these additions. 

#1 RV Dump Stations

Whether it’s due to showering, washing your hands, or using the restroom, every RVer eventually needs to dump their tanks. Unfortunately, not every campground offers a dump station, and some people enjoy using their campers off-grid, which limits their access to dump stations.

By having dump stations at their locations, Circle K makes it easier for individuals to empty their tanks when needed. While not all stores will accommodate large rigs, those that do will give nomads a reason to stop.

When it comes to costs, there’s currently no published price. If you find one of these locations, you’ll want to check the price before dumping.

#2 Bulk Propane

RVs use propane for various purposes, including heating, cooking, and keeping food cold. However, sometimes finding a place to refill propane can be challenging. Thankfully, these upgraded Circle K locations will make it easier for travelers who need to top off their tanks. Having a propane refill station can save RVers money by being able to reuse their empty tanks.

Unfortunately, like other fuel prices, propane prices vary. Ask about the cost before unloading your tanks. It may not always be the most economical spot to re-up.

Pro Tip: Stay safe on the road by uncovering How to Avoid an RV Propane Explosion.

#3 Firewood

You can’t enjoy the glow of a campfire or roast s’mores without firewood. Some campgrounds charge through the nose for a few chintzy pieces of wood, so you’ll often have to look outside the campground for enough to get a real fire going.

At these locations, Circle K is selling bundles of firewood for sale. RVers will love this because it can make it easy for them to get firewood on the way to their next destination or while they’re out and about running errands.

Whether you’re trying to stay warm or cook a meal, having a healthy supply of firewood ensures you get an authentic camping experience. So keep an eye on their locations and see if they offer firewood for sale.

RV at gas station
From road trip snacks to water tank refills, Circle K will soon have everything an RVer could need.

#4 Water fill

While Circle K offers a spot to dump wastewater, they’re also starting to provide potable water. It’s safe for drinking, bathing, and cooking. This is clean water that’s separate from the dump station. If you see a water spigot near the dump station, you should avoid using it. You never know how others used it previously.

Again, there’s no known pricing for this amenity as a part of the pilot program. However, many competitors charge for water or include it when dumping wastewater tanks. Call or check with the store before filling up your rig with water.

Pro Tip: Stay hydrated by filling up your water tank at one of these 7 Places to Fill Your RV Fresh Water Tank.

#5 Air

If you don’t already, you should check your tire pressure before and during each trip. Tires outside their proper operating range are the leading causes of blown tires. Sadly, not every service station makes it easy for RVs to access their air pumps. This can make it very difficult, potentially even impossible, to get close enough to adjust tire pressures on large trailers.

With Circle K trying to appeal to RVers, we expect them to see these near the RV-specific amenities. This’ll help make maneuvering in and out of these spots easy for anyone in a large rig.

#6 RV-Friendly Fuel

While passenger vehicles can stop at any gas station they see, that’s not always the case for RVers. They have to pay close attention to the available space for getting in and out to get fuel and the height of the overhead canopy. Most modern fuel stations compensate for taller trailers by building higher clearances. 

Additionally, it appears like Circle K’s embracing RV-friendly fuel lanes. These are similar to the big-rig pumps for 18-wheelers. However, instead of only offering diesel, they’ll also provide gasoline.

Circle K’s RV Amenities are Finally Here!

We’re excited to see how Circle K’s new amenities will help the RV community. We hope they’re successful and that other brands recognize the potential to attract a new market segment.

If you spot one of these locations, we strongly encourage you to stop and take advantage of the new features! This can help show their need and give them a reason to expand these offerings to more of their stores.

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