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Does Target Offer Ear Piercing?

Maybe you’ve heard the rumor that Target’s started offering ear piercing services. You’ve checked your local store, but they aren’t doing the deed as far as you can tell.

Is it true that America’s favorite retailer is picking up where Claire’s left off? It might seem strange to get a piercing at a big-box store, but if you’re looking for a bit of bling, you may soon be able to grab some groceries while you’re at it. 

We have everything you need to know about Target’s newest service.

Let’s hit it!

What Is Target?

Since the first Target opened in 1962, its red logo signaled low prices and excellent service. Drayton’s department store in Minneapolis, MN, established the discount store to off-load excess stock. By the 1980s, they started opening Target stores around the country. Drayton’s disappeared in 2000 and became the Target Corporation. 

After expanding to groceries in the early 2000s, it seemed like Target could take over the world. As the nation’s eighth largest retailer, they’re not doing all that bad. A partnership with CVS led to MinuteClinics opening in several states, and optometry is standard nationwide. 

As of 2022, just shy of 2,000 Target stores operated in the United States. Expansion outside the US stalled after the corporation’s failed attempt in Canada in 2015. 

Now open in 23 states, there’s very little you can’t find at your local Target.

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Can You Get Your Ears Pierced at Target?

Ear piercing surged in the United States in the 1960s. Most girls pierced their own at home using safety pins and ice. But the shopping mall changed all that in the 1980s. 

For generations, the only place to get ears pierced was Claire’s Boutique. Formerly a wig shop, they became a piercing powerhouse. The snap of their piercing guns signaled a rite of passage for many American girls. Alongside their patented aftercare, it seemed like nothing could stop them. At least until they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018.

Folks stopped heading to the mall as online retailers boomed. Beyond that, the decline of the shopping mall left a void for ear piercing. Sure, you can go to a tattoo shop or a pediatrician for the service. But in 2018, a startup realized there had to be a better way. 

In 2021, Target created a new partnership with ear-piercing startup Rowan. Using licensed nurses, the company began offering its services in stores nationwide. Getting pierced is simple if you’re in one of the states where Rowan operates. 

Most consumers feel comfortable with Target stores for glasses, sniffles, and now, piercing.

Woman piercing ears
Get your ears pierced at Target be a licensed nurse.

About Rowan

Company founder Louisa Schneider started Rowan to fill a hole. In childhood, she celebrated growing up with ear piercing at home. When her own daughters were ready to get their ears pierced, the lack of options frustrated her. Instead of a mall, tattoo studio, or doctor’s office, she wanted something unique. 

In 2018, Rowan started offering piercing services and subscription boxes. Boxes come with various earrings and other jewelry geared toward younger girls. Brand recognition grew, and Target recognized an opportunity. 

Other than hip branding, their biggest draw is the person behind the needle. Instead of barely trained employees, only licensed nurses can pierce for Rowan. Nurses working for Rowan use hollow needles for adults and hand-powered devices for kids. 

Medical-grade tools decrease the likelihood of infection, and the comfortable environment puts folks at ease.

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How Much Do Ear Piercings Cost at Target?

Ear piercings at Target vary based on a couple of factors. The introductory price includes the piercing service and base-level jewelry. Stainless steel piercing studs cost $55. Leveling up includes 14-karat gold studs for $95 or 14-karat gold studs with diamonds for $125. 

It may seem like more than you remember paying at Claire’s back in the 90s, and it is. Target ear piercing is a different experience because nurses do the work. And they love the job! Smiling faces and happy parents beat emptying bedpans and taking vitals any day. 

You don’t have to settle for lobe piercing, either. Rowan and Target offer eight options for piercing in different locations of the ear. From the high lobe to the tragus, the nurses at Target can do it all.

Ear piercing
Target ear piercings are great for both children and adults.

What to Expect When Getting Your Ears Pierced at Target

Knowing what to expect is important to put you at ease with any procedure. For ear piercings at Target, here’s the step-by-step process. Remember, you’ll probably need to make an appointment, so do that first!

Consultation with Nurse

The nurse is the first person you’ll see when arriving for an appointment. They’ll give you information about different types of piercings. After choosing the location and type of jewelry, they have all the information they need to get started. If a minor is getting pierced, IDs get checked as well. 

Application of Numbing Cream and Skin Assessment

One of the best parts of piercings by Rowan at Target is numbing cream. The nurse applies the cream to the site and lets it sit for 15-20 minutes.

The nurse will also look at the skin in the area to ensure it’s not compromised. When the ear is numb, the nurse will wipe off the cream and prepare for the next step. 

Nurse Prepares the Ear and Cleans Gear

Once the ear is clean, the nurse will mark where the piercing will take place. You’ll get to check it out before the ear piercing happens. Then, they’ll put on gloves and sterilize the area and all the gear used for the procedure. 

If you opt for non-needle piercing, the cartridge with the piercing stud comes pre-sterilized. 

Complete Piercing

Now that everything is ready to go, it’s time to get down to business. The nurse will ask if you’re ready and then count down from three before quickly piercing the ear. And that’s it! Because they use needles instead of piercing guns, the process is quick and painless. You probably won’t even notice it’s over.

After Care Explained

One of the most critical steps in the process is aftercare. According to Rowan’s website, treating your new puncture wound properly keeps it from getting infected. They recommend keeping the piercing clean using an aftercare solution. Don’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. 

Dab the area two or three times a day with a cleaning solution for the first week. Don’t twist or handle your piercing, which can lead to infection and delayed healing. 

Are Ear Piercings at Target Worth It?

Rites of passage mark becoming an adult. Ear piercing, for many, is a sign that a girl is moving from childhood into adolescence. Heading to the mall isn’t an option for everyone, but Target has you covered. Safe, sterile, and reliable piercing gives us peace of mind.

Besides, booking with a doctor is expensive, and not all piercing studios work with kids. For our money, ear piercing at Target is absolutely worth it!

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