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Do RVs Have Dual-Pane Windows?

Everyone knows that dual-pane windows are a great addition to your house, but many folks don’t consider installing them in their RV.

If you don’t know what kind of windows you have or are debating an upgrade, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, we have a simple trick to determine whether or not you have dual-pane glass. Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these windows and whether they’re worth the cost. 

Let’s check it out!

What Are RV Dual-Pane Windows?

Dual-pane windows are a nice upgrade for your RVs. They consist of two glass panes separated by a thin layer of gas, typically argon or krypton.

They’re popular because they provide better insulation. The unique design offers several benefits over traditional single-pane windows.

The windows use special tempered or laminated glass that’s more crack resistant. This helps preserve the air in the spacer that holds them together. While most people purchase them for homes, nomads love to use them for campers. 

How to Tell If You Have Double-Pane RV Windows?

If you can’t tell what kind of windows you have just by looking, we know a few tricks. Dual-pane windows create two reflections because they have two pieces of glass. You can use a flashlight, a match, or even get a close look on a sunny day. If you’re seeing double, you know you’ve got double-glazed.

Dual-pane windows also tend to produce a duller sound when tapped compared to standard, which makes a higher-pitched noise. In some cases, you may even be able to read what kind you have from a manufacturer’s sticker. 

Installing new RV windows
Upgrade your RV windows to dual-pane windows.

The Benefits of RV Dual-Pane Windows

Dual-pan windows are a popular choice for many reasons. In addition to their efficiency, many RV dual-pane windows are easy to clean and maintain, which can save owners time and hassle.

If you need more evidence, here are some of their biggest perks.

Reduced Moisture

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a cool surface, such as a pane of glass, causing water droplets to form. With dual-pane windows, the sealed air space helps lower the temperature difference between the interior and exterior surfaces. 

This can stop droplets from forming inside the glass, which leads to mold growth, wood rot, and other problems. In addition, the seal between the two panes helps prevent moisture from entering the space between the panes.

Of course, this only works if the windows are installed correctly and the glass isn’t cracked. 

Climate Control

Dual-pane windows are more energy-efficient than single-pane ones. They offer better insulation by trapping a layer of gas between two glass panes. 

This helps reduce heat transfer, so you’ll have lower heating and cooling costs and a more comfortable living space. That can go a long way when you’re out in the boonies in the thick of summer. 

Pro Tip: Escape the summer sun and try out these 15 Ways to Keep Your RV Camper Cool This Summer.

Increased Strength

Dual-pane windows are harder to break, which can provide an added layer of security to your home.

Tempered glass is heat-treated to make it stronger and more resistant to breaking. When it does break, it shatters into small, blunt pieces rather than sharp shards, which can help to prevent injury.

On the other hand, laminated panes are made by sandwiching a layer of plastic between two or more layers of glass. This creates a stronger, more impact-resistant structure that’s less likely to break or shatter.

Noise Insulation

Another advantage of RV dual-pane windows is their ability to reduce noise levels. The two panes of glass and the air or gas layer in between act as a sound barrier. The extra layer blocks noise from the outside and creates a quieter interior space.

This’ll work whether you’re parked for the night or driving down the highway. It can be a good investment if you want to sleep more soundly at night. 

RV windows
Dual pane RV windows can help reduce moisture and control the climate in your RV.

The Disadvantage of RV Dual-Pane Windows

Unfortunately, dual-pane windows do have some disadvantages to consider. Before you set out to upgrade, make sure you understand what you’re up against.

Increased Weight

Dual-pane windows are heavier than single-pane ones, making them harder to install and may require additional support structures. And if you’re hauling your RV, the extra weight difference may be an issue for your towing vehicle. You may have to reduce the amount of gear you can bring along to make up the difference. 

Foggy Windows

If the seal between the two panes is compromised, moisture can enter the space between them. Once the moisture is trapped there, it can condense and create a foggy appearance that’s difficult to see through.

Once it gets bad, it may be necessary to replace the window.

Other factors that can cause this problem include high humidity levels, poor ventilation, and extreme temperature changes. If you want to prevent this, maintain proper humidity levels, improve airflow, and ensure that the seal between the two panes of glass is intact. 

Pro Tip: Always have a clear line of vision by using these tips on How to Easily Prevent Vehicle Windows From Fogging.

They’re Expensive

The biggest problem most RV owners have with dual-pane windows is the price. Not only do they cost more to buy, but they’re also more expensive to install.

You could argue that the energy savings could help make up the difference. But the truth is it’d take a long time to even out. However, it’s worth noting that the other benefits may be worth the extra investment. 

Looking out RV window
Keep in mind your window upgrade will cost you a pretty penny.

Can You Upgrade to Double-Pane RV Windows?

The good news is you can upgrade your RV with double-pane windows. However, the cost will depend on a few factors. 

You’re looking at a heftier price tag if you have a vintage camper with specialty-sized windows. Even more so if you have unusually shaped port holes. A single window could run you in the high hundreds. Newer trailers with smaller, standardized windows will be more affordable. 

While this could be a DIY project, it’s not one to take lightly. Installing them wrong can cause major damage. If you don’t have the seals placed correctly, you’ll deal with fog, moisture, and, eventually, cracks. 

You could also have to listen to a rattling noise every time you drive. If you’re a newbie, it’s worth hiring a pro. And remember that the added weight from the windows will affect how much you can carry in your motorhome. 

Are RV Dual-Pane Windows Worth It?

Overall, RV dual-pane windows are popular for nomads who want to improve their vehicles’ comfort, energy efficiency, and security. While they may be more expensive than traditional single-pane windows, their long-term benefits can make them a worthwhile investment. It’s especially nice if you like to keep your motorhome quiet and cozy.

If you’re unsure about installing them yourself, it’s worth hiring a professional to do the job. After all, you don’t want to shell out a wad of cash just to realize you’ve bungled the installation.

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