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This Year’s 10 Best Camping Websites

If you’re looking for the best camping experience, there are websites to help.

Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Some are full of uneducated or biased information.

Thankfully, some sources are better than others. Today, we’re sharing this year’s ten best websites for outdoor lovers. So which ones made our list?

Let’s dive in!

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About the Best Camping Websites

The internet offers plenty of resources. The best sites provide high-quality content, easy navigation, and tons of new content. However, some stand out from the rest.

Many of the most popular websites tend to focus on a single topic. They make it easy to learn about a specific subject quickly. You may also find details on good spots, RV rentals, or enjoying RV life on a budget.

Do yourself a favor and create a folder for bookmarks in your favorite web browser. It’ll make it easy for you to visit them regularly. Trust us. You’re going to be reading them often.

#1 Campendium

For finding camping spots, there’s no better website than Campendium. It’s a massive database of sites all across the country. You can search based on your location or type in a specific place. Once you hit search, it scours its massive database for any matches.

It can help you scout out the perfect spot for a single night or several weeks. It also allows you to use filters to limit the results.

You can narrow them down based on a specific price range, type of facility, or by discount programs.

While it’s a fantastic resource, it’s not perfect. The database relies on user-submitted reviews and data. As you might expect, this can result in unbiased and inaccurate reviews and information. It can be a powerful tool for planning, but we recommend you proceed cautiously.

Just because you read it online doesn’t mean it’s true.

Campendium Key Info for Boondocking

#2 KOA Camping Blog

With more than 500 locations, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or stayed at a KOA location. However, they offer the community more than just places to visit. Their blog covers a wide range of valuable topics.

Their most popular topics include planning, cooking, trips, and RV advice. You’ll have plenty of reading material waiting for you. Whether you want to zero in on a specific topic or scroll through different content, you’ll surely learn something new.

Whether you’re a fan of KOA or not, their information is some of the best. You can learn to care for your rig, stay safe on the road, and prepare mouthwatering food.

In addition, you’re only a few clicks away from booking your next stay.

#3 Campnab

Campnab is the perfect website if you’re struggling to find a camping reservation. Instead of continuously hitting refresh on a reservation page, let this tool do the work. All you do is input the campground’s name and the dates you want to stay.

From there, it gets to work and watches for availability.

It’ll then send multiple alerts to notify you of any changes. You can then jump on the page and reserve the spot. 

While it’s easy to see the usefulness of this resource, it’s controversial. Many feel that using bots for reservations creates an unlevel playing field.

Whether ethical or not, it’s a powerful tool that’s not going away anytime soon. If you can’t beat them, join them. Right?

View of woman working on her laptop from a wild camping spot, Sardinia, Italy.

#4 Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental platform. It connects you with owners or individuals interested in renting a recreational vehicle. Outdoorsy is the middleman that helps handle the logistics and legalities to protect everyone involved.

The platform allows RV owners to rent out rigs when they sit unused. Some owners with quality rigs in popular locations generate thousands of dollars from their RVs. In addition, the platform is handy for renters.

The massive upfront cost is a significant hurdle for many wanting to go RVing. However, Outdoorsy allows you to test the waters or enjoy the experience at a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, depreciation, or the hassles of owning a rig.


If you want to take your adventures on federal lands, you better get familiar with They partner with 14 federal agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management. With approximately 4,200 facilities and 113,000 reservable sites, you can’t afford to overlook it.

You can reserve tickets, tours, and camping permits through the website. However, one of the most commonly used functions is reserving campsites. Once you set up an account, you can input your payment information and make reservations quickly and easily. 

They have a massive library of information to help you make an informed decision before making a reservation. You can even view user-submitted reviews to help you get a better feel for the location. 

#6 REI Co-Op Blog

The same REI that produces some of the highest-quality outdoor gear also has the REI Co-Op Blog. They provide expert advice on various outdoor categories, including hiking, watersports, and clothing. It’s a wealth of information if you’re looking for product reviews, travel inspiration, or essential outdoor tips.

You can find hundreds of articles across their page. They dive into the details of specific products or teach essential tips for keeping yourself and others safe. Whether you shop at REI or not, this is one of the best camping websites you should frequent.

They make it easy to purchase the gear and equipment they review. It may not be great for your bank account, but they eliminate the hassle of buying the best outdoor equipment.

However, you’ll be better prepared and have quality gear.

#7 Cheap RV Living

If you’ve yet to hear of the famous Bob Wells, you’re in for a treat. He’s your man if you’re seeking inspiration or education to embrace the nomadic life. He’s one of the OGs when it comes to full-time traveling.

His blog shares insights, tips, and encouragement to encourage dreamers to take the steps. You’ll find resources for some of the common issues travelers experience. He covers everything from health care to mechanical problems. 

With the site being active since 2005, it’s a massive library of information. You can spend hours scrolling through the various topics.

However, it’s time well spent. You’ll be more informed and prepared with each article you digest.

#8 The Dyrt

The Dyrt is a website for RVing, glamping, and good old-fashioned tent camping. It has everything you need, including information about amenities, reviews, and quick reservations. All you have to do is enter the desired location and the dates.

It’s a valuable tool for discovering new locations or scouting an unfamiliar area. You can also get a better understanding of the facilities. If you want to avoid a booking nightmare, read the reviews. A large community of users provides high-quality feedback and helpful information.

#9 Good Sam Blog

The Good Sam Blog is another one of the best of the best outdoor websites. It comes from the folks at the incredibly popular Good Sam Club. They provide valuable content related to outdoor adventures, health, RV life, and stories from the road. If it concerns being outdoors and traveling, they’ve likely got information about it.

Take your time to scroll through their archives. Their content can educate and inspire you during your adventures. However, don’t anticipate going through everything in a single sitting. There’s plenty to soak in to help you in your travels.

#10 National Park Service

Millions of people flock to the national parks yearly; you might be one of them. If you will visit any of the more than 400 National Park Service units, familiarize yourself with the website. It’s an invaluable resource to help you with learning about parks and planning trips.

The website makes it easy to find parks and essential information for visiting.

Check the “be prepared” and “things to do” sections if you’re visiting a park in an unfamiliar area. You could miss out on some spectacular features or experiences. It’s your source for hiking, ranger-guided activities, and more information.

Camping Websites Almost as Good as the Real Thing

While we’ve listed ten of the best camping websites, there are many more. We’re constantly seeing creators launch new resources to help the community. We love putting them to use and testing them before we share them with you. If we find something to make your adventures more manageable, we’ll share it with you.

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