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The 7 Best Pop-Up Campers of 2023

This summer, ditch the tent and consider investing in one of the best pop-up campers of 2023. After all, sleeping on the ground might do for a night, but it’s no way to live, and traditional RVs can be prohibitively expensive.

A tent trailer provides an excellent compromise between the two, but which one should you buy?

Today, we’re checking out some of the hottest pop-up campers on the market to help you decide.

Let’s hit it!

Checkout These 7 Great Pop-Up Campers for 2023

If a full-blown RV doesn’t fit your budget or you want something a little smaller, you may be looking for a tent trailer. You can tow the trailer with your car and fold out your camper when you arrive at your destination. 

Pop-up campers have been around for over a century, but the industry has been booming for the last several years. If you want to buy one, check out our seven favorites so you know what to look for.

Ditch the tent in exchange for a pop-up camper.

#1 Rockwood A122S

The Rockwood A122S expands in minutes into an A-frame living space. It retails for around $25,000, and we think it’s worth every penny. The solid sides make this an excellent option for those who enjoy camping year-round.

This camper can fit two people, and some reviewers have even called it the perfect fit for couples. It has all the basics, like a full-sized bed and a table. Cook up a decent meal with the stove and microwave, then store the leftovers in the mini-fridge. 

Rockwood’s A122S has a lot of storage space compared to similar models. Optional add-ons include a porta-potty, outdoor shower, and solar panels. 

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#2 Coachmen Clipper LS 806XLS

The soft-sided Coachman Clipper has more sleeping room than the Rockwood above. This tent trailer folds out with bunks on either side of the living space and can hold up to six people. You can get your hands on one of these for under $20,000.

It has a kitchen with a two-burner stove and an outdoor grill attachment, so you can enjoy flipping burgers under the Clipper’s awning. This camper comes standard with a furnace, and an AC can be added for an additional cost. 

If you want an affordable pop-up camper in 2023 that can fit your whole family, the Clipper LS 806XLS is the perfect trailer.

#3 Flagstaff MAC 208

Large families should consider the Flagstaff MAC 208 because it sleeps up to eight people. It has two sleeping bunks that fold out towards the front and back of the trailer, and it also has two dinettes that can be converted into additional beds. 

When folded out, it spans 20 feet, but when packed up, the trailer only reaches 15 feet. Weighing about 1,900 pounds, you can tow it with almost any vehicle, even the family minivan.

This affordable pop-up camper costs about $15,000, but the low price doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice amenities. It has a sink, a three-burner stove, and a mini fridge. 

#4 Aliner Expedition

The Aliner Expedition retails for around $35,000 but could be more depending on its features. You can get it with a sofa bed or a permanent mattress, whichever you prefer. The dinette also converts to a sleeping space if you’re expecting guests. 

Campers who love some extra space will appreciate this sizeable pop-up camper. It reaches 18 feet in length and weighs 3,500 pounds, so you’ll probably need a truck or SUV to tow it. 

Once it folds out, you’ll find all the essentials. The kitchen has a stove, microwave, and sink. It even comes with a toilet, so it truly has everything you need. 

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#5 Sylvansport Go

Towing a travel trailer usually limits the amount of fun extra equipment you can bring. However, the Sylvansport Go can be reconfigured to carry kayaks, bicycles, and even dirtbikes. You can load it up with 800 pounds of gear, and at 840 pounds, this lightweight option can be towed by almost anything on wheels. 

The tiny pop-up camper features a tent-like structure with a large awning. It can sleep up to four adults and has a standing height of over six feet. Because of its fold-down table, you can enjoy your meals inside the waterproof tent. 

If you love all things outdoors, the Sylvansport Go might be your perfect camper. It’ll set you back about $15,000. 

#6 Sports Enthusiast 23SCSE

Folks who want to haul around their outdoor toys but need more room than the Sylvansport trailer should consider the Sports Enthusiast 23SCSE instead. It has a spacious cargo deck that’ll allow you to bring along things like bikes, and it sleeps up to six people.

A kitchen, indoor shower, and toilet offer all the necessities. On one side, you’ll find a king bed and the other a queen, both with heated mattresses, and the amenities don’t stop there. It also has a ventilation fan, air conditioning, and heating. 

This luxurious and spacious camper usually costs around $30,000. You won’t be disappointed with the quality or robust handling of this travel trailer.

#7 Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD

Rockwood has a reputation for building durable quality trailers, earning the company two spots in our top seven pop-up campers of 2023. Many reviewers have named this option the best small tent trailer for camping. The Freedom 1640LTD has soft, waterproof sides and a fiberglass roof.

One of these campers usually costs under $15,000, but you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. 

It has two heated full-sized beds, a sink, and a two-burner stove. The trailer also has an outdoor cooking attachment so you can prepare your meal under its seven-foot awning. When folded down, it reaches about 12 feet long and weighs under 1,500 pounds, making it easy to tow. 

2023 Pop-Up Campers Won’t Disappoint!

Jaw-dropping amenities like heated mattresses and indoor showers set 2023 pop-up campers apart from their predecessors. Their inventive designs create versatile interiors that can be used for cooking, eating, and sleeping despite limited room.

If you want to hit the road with the amenities of an RV but don’t want the cost or hassle of a full-sized rig, it may be time to look into this style travel trailer!

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