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No-Park After Dark: RV Dwellers, Keep It Moving (Literally)

The RVs of Venice have been given a bedtime! In a unanimous decision last week, the Los Angeles City Council has channeled their inner Cinderella by saying, “no parking past midnight!” for these oversized vehicles. 


Because these ain’t your fairy godmother’s carriages.

Councilwoman Traci Park, who probably has an innate ability to size up a vehicle’s dimensions just by looking at it, made a rule: no parking for the “big and tall” vehicles (over 22 feet long or 7 feet tall) from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. I guess they’ll just have to find another ball to attend!

The Department of Transportation, who are now moonlighting as sign installers, are on it! They’ll post “tow away, no parking” signs for these gentle giants of the road. But how much will this signage extravaganza cost? Drumroll… Nobody knows yet!

Councilwoman Park, fresh off her 2022 election win and quite possibly LA’s next top model (judging by her photos), claims it’s all for traffic safety.

In 2020, LA relaxed its no-camping rules, turning Venice into a sort of “Vanlife Mecca”. But not all van life was yoga and avocado toast. Some indulged in “concerts” (read: loud music) or decided Venice needed more litter. And others, with an odd affinity for campfires, sometimes let their RVs catch fire.

More RV residents have been stirring the pot just a stone’s throw away in the Ballona Wetlands. Lucy Han, eco-warrior and founder of “Friends of the Jungle”, has been wrestling with red tape to try to get them moved. 

Who’s responsible for the clean-up? The city? The county? Maybe someone can shout “Jumanji!” and solve it all?

Despite the pandemic pausing some operations, the LA Sheriff’s Department says they’ve been doing the outreach dance at the wetlands for a decade. 

Meanwhile, Park, in her quest for order, says they’re “on it” and working to address the issues at Ballona Wetlands.

With their new-found power, the transportation department can tweak the new rule if needed. But be warned, oversized vehicle dwellers: break the rules, and there’s a shiny citation waiting just for you!

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