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Famous RV Tech Shares Nasty Industry Secrets

Jacob Rigor, a famous RV Tech on YouTube, recently spilled the beans on the camper industry. He didn’t hold back any punches while sharing what he’s seen while running Rigor RV Repair.

If you’re new to RVing or considering taking the plunge, what he divulges may surprise you. In fact, hearing these secrets might raise some serious questions for you.

Today, we’re getting into Jacob Rigor’s disclosures and a few tips for dealing with them.

Let’s dive in!

Famous RV Tech Jacob Rigor Shares RV Industry Dirty Secrets

Jacob Rigor got a lot of attention when he uploaded a video detailing a few dirty secrets of the RV industry. It quickly reached more than 237,000 views and generated more than 500 comments. 

In the video, he provides an honest look into what he sees when examining new and used rigs. Unfortunately, what he’s finding isn’t good for consumers.

Viewers learn that buyers are typically on their own when dealing with certain issues. They can’t count on the government, manufacturers, or dealers to have their backs. Quality control stinks throughout the process, and customers pay the price. Sadly, those at the top of the ladder tend to focus on making as much money as possible instead of high-grade products.

Lucky for us, Jacob Rigor leaves us with some resources and hope. He provides valuable tips for ownership to minimize the effects of shabby customer service. We’ll dive into his suggestions soon, but first, we’ll learn more about the man behind the channel.

Who Is Jacob Rigor?

Jacob Rigor is an RVer, certified repair technician, and the owner of Rigor RV Repair. Besides fixing campers, he creates content to help others keep their rigs out of the shop. 

He releases content each Saturday on his channel, How to Not Break Your RV. In the first three months, he’s racked up half a million views and acquired over 14,000 subscribers.

Rigor has previous experience in residential construction and maintenance. He can service practically anything on a recreational vehicle as a certified technician. This includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and propane systems. Whether you need routine maintenance or a serious repair, he can help get you and your rig back on the road.

3 RV Industry Secrets Jacob Rigor Shares

Jacob from Rigor RV Repair shares some undisclosed information you should know as a current or potential owner. Here are a few of the juicy secrets he revealed. 

The RV Industry Is Not Regulated

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulates campers very differently than automobiles. Manufacturers have minimal oversight regarding their processes and finished products. Anything not associated with the actual motor vehicle portion is largely unrestricted.

Items like appliances and mechanical components, including slide mechanisms, have no government oversight. For example, we’ve seen some manufacturers pushing Schwintek slides to their limit. They work great until they wear out and throw in the towel. And with no one watching consumers’ backs, there’s not much they can do.

There Is a Lack of Quality Control on the Assembly Lines

Another secret that Jacob Rigor exposes is the lack of quality control on assembly lines. He shares that many manufacturers rely too heavily on dealerships to catch and repair issues. But retailers don’t have enough technicians for this, and it’s not their name in giant letters on the front.

Rigor discussed that one of his clients purchased a new camper and discovered a faulty air conditioning unit. However, the problem was that a staple used during construction had pierced the wiring connecting to the thermostat. Either the factory and dealer both missed it, or they sent it knowing something wasn’t right.

RV Dealers Make Most of Their Money From Financing New RVs

Despite how it might look, Jacob Rigor says most dealers aren’t in the business of selling recreational vehicles. While that may be a part of their business, their main priority is financing. 

They often act as the middleman between you and the financial institution. For their efforts, they add one to three points to the interest rate for your transaction.

Dealers typically don’t push manufacturers too hard to create quality products. Why? Because folks are buying them the way they are. Until customers stop purchasing junk, there’s no incentive to take their focus off financing.

Jacob Rigor’s Tips for Dealing With RV Industry Problems

Thankfully, the creator of Rigor RV Repair provides viewers with ways to deal with these issues. Get familiar with these tips if you’ve recently purchased a camper or are in the process.

Find Problems Early So They Can Be Fixed Under Warranty

The first thing that Jacob Rigor suggests is that you use your new RV as soon as possible. We often refer to these as shake-down trips. It’s an opportunity to test the various components and systems. Make a note of anything that’s not working so the warranty can cover it.

New RVs generally come with manufacturer and appliance warranties. However, they don’t last forever, so you should address them quickly. Taking advantage of them means the repairs won’t affect your bank account. Allow the dealer to make it right and get you the rig you paid for.

Keep Your Expectations Low for the First Year

Unfortunately, many new owners have very high expectations for their investment. Jacob Rigor reminds us that we should severely lower them for the first year. 

Your camper may spend weeks or months in a repair shop. But each trip is an opportunity to work out the kinks and get it closer to running like it should.

You should have most of the problems fixed by the end of the first year. Ideally, this would mean you’ll worry less about things breaking or needing to repair items. That said, part of owning a recreational vehicle is knowing that something small often needs attention. 

Download the “Don’t Get Stranded” Checklist

Closing out the video, Jacob Rigor invites viewers to sign up for his “Don’t Get Stranded” checklist. It’s a resource to help you avoid the four most common breakdowns. This guide gives you valuable information so you can avoid calling a mobile tech or tow truck.

While emergencies are never fun, they’re even worse when they take you by surprise. Use Rigor’s checklist to help you tackle just about anything the road throws your way.

Jacob Rigor to the Rescue

Most industries have their dirty little secrets. Thankfully, people like Jacob Rigor shed light on them for the rest of us. It’s good to know that at least someone has our backs.

While we’ve discussed the negative side of RVs, we still think they’re an incredible way to make memories. The good far outweighs the bad. Don’t let these dark truths keep you from enjoying unforgettable adventures!

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