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5 Reasons to Avoid a Jeep

You may want to avoid buying a Jeep when you’re in the market for a new ride. 

They’re undoubtedly tough, fun to drive, and can take you almost anywhere. But there are plenty of reasons to steer clear of these SUVs.

Ready to look at five of the top reasons folks avoid Jeeps? 

Let’s roll out!

The History Behind Jeeps

Jeeps didn’t always have a cult following. In fact, the first one wasn’t even built for the consumer market.

The first were built in 1941 as a military vehicle. Allied soldiers used them for cargo and transportation during World War II. By the war’s end, these tough autos were so popular that the company created the CJ, the first civilian version.

Rumor has it the brand name came from the military designation GP, which stands for “General Purpose.” 

The company has produced all kinds of vehicles over the years. During the 1960s, you could buy a station wagon, a fleet van, or a cargo truck. But the company’s rugged models remained the most popular among buyers. These days, their lineup focuses on adventure and off-road rigs.

Most recently, they reintroduced the Gladiator pickup truck and launched several new SUVs. 

The Grand Cherokee L and the Wrangler Rubicon 392 are fresh takes on old classics. The company even released its first two hybrids, the Wrangler 4xe and the Grand Cherokee 4xe.

It’s easy to see why this iconic brand has so many followers. But believe it or not, you might want to avoid a Jeep for a few compelling reasons.

#1 Avoid Them if You Care About Fuel Economy

With rising gas prices and climate concerns, fuel economy is a big priority for many drivers. Getting good mileage saves both money and natural resources. 

There are more economical vehicles on the market right now than ever before.

But SUVs haven’t caught up with the times. Sports utility vehicles catch lots of drag thanks to their blocky shapes and weighty construction. Even fuel-efficient ones don’t come close to the efficiency of hybrid cars or rigs with sleeker designs.

While these massive autos are a fun ride, they’re much less fun to buy gas for. You’ll want to avoid a Jeep if you like saving money on gas.

#2 If You Enjoy a Comfortable Ride

It’s common sense that most folks want to feel comfortable on the road. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly a perk of most off-road vehicles.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer, designed for the road rather than adventure, offers a luxurious and smooth ride. But most of the company’s models have hefty suspension systems. These can weigh over 1,000 pounds, adding a lot of weight to an already heavy rig. 

Heavy-duty suspension systems are stiff and may cause more bounces and bumps than standard systems. 

While these adventurous autos may be built for rugged terrain and harsh conditions, they’re uncomfortable. You may want to avoid a Jeep if you want a plush ride.

#3 Avoid a Jeep if You Are Looking for Agility

Good handling is another feature most car buyers look for, and for good reason. Agility doesn’t just make driving easier. It makes it safer as well.

Unfortunately, agility is another feature they don’t have. Like most SUVs, its high center of gravity puts it at greater risk for rollovers. It’s especially dangerous when a driver mistakenly believes their vehicle’s off-road capability translates to overall safety. Taking a single turn too quickly could result in disaster.

Even though some of them are designed for rocky terrain, you should avoid Jeeps if you need top-notch handling on the road.

#4 Avoid a Jeep Unless You Want the Aerodynamics of a Brick

Aerodynamics may not be at the top of your new car wishlist. But they should be! A vehicle’s shape affects everything, from gas mileage to handling to comfort.

Air resistance is yet another area where they fall short. These autos are about as brick-shaped as anything on four wheels. From their blocky hoods to their 90-degree-angle windshields and corners, nearly every model, from the Rubicon to the Wrangler, produces an unthinkable amount of drag.

Sedans and even some minivans have sleeker designs than these rigs. Avoid Jeeps unless you’re willing to put up with a fair amount of gas-guzzling, wind resistance, and bumps.

#5 If You Want an Economical Ride, Avoid a Jeep

Price is arguably the most significant deciding factor for most car buyers. Most people out there want more bang for their buck, we haven’t met them.

There’s a reason most folks on a budget don’t purchase the brand. Base models start around $33,000 and only go up from there. You could spend up to $89,000 on a brand-new, decked-out model with all the bells and whistles. 

And when you factor in the inevitable wear and tear on an off-road rig, it increases even more.

When you want something low-maintenance for an affordable price, this won’t be your best bet. Avoid Jeeps if you prefer to keep your vehicle costs low.

Avoid Buying a Jeep if You Want the Best Value for Your Money

Jeeps are a classic symbol of toughness, independence, and fun. There’s nothing better than exploring the outdoors or conquering rugged terrain in a durable car.

But these rugged vehicles aren’t for everyone. Before you run out and buy one of your own, ponder some potential drawbacks. After all, avoiding Jeeps doesn’t mean you have to avoid adventure.

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