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How to Stay Warm on Your Patio This Winter

Whether in a house or an RV, you may be looking for ways to stay warm while enjoying your outdoor patio during the cooler months.

Who doesn’t like spending hours taking in the fall views or breathing the crisp winter air? But keeping yourself comfortable outdoors without shivering can be difficult.

From fires to snuggle buddies, we’ll share several creative methods for extending time outside this fall and winter.  

Let’s bundle up!

A group of friends toasting while keeping warm on their patio
Proper clothing and body heat help keep the temperature up on your outdoor patio

Stay Warm While Extending Your Patio Season This Winter

We love spending time on our patio, but staying warm can get tricky as the seasons change. Insulated decks are expensive to build. So if your home doesn’t have one, or you’re doing some fall RVing, and you want to enjoy an evening outdoors, finding ways to beat the chill becomes necessary.

Fortunately, keeping comfortable on your porch in cooler months doesn’t always require spending money. Of course, you can buy some new gear, which may even be handy for cold-weather camping. 

So get ready to spend time with friends this fall and winter outdoors. You won’t even need a trip to REI for some of our suggestions.

#1 Cozy Up to a Portable Fire Pit

Portable fire pits are excellent for those chilly evenings. It’s like camping but with all the conveniences of home!

There are several types of fire pits with a quick search on Amazon. Some use propane, while others burn wood pellets or charcoal. Prices range from around $50 to $200 for most brands.

You’ll love the propane-powered fire pits for staying warm on the patio or campground. The nice thing about them is they start up with a quick turn of the dial and a long-neck lighter. Plus, you don’t bother your neighbors with all the smoke from a wood fire.

When you’re ready to call it a night, simply turn it off and go inside.

In addition, several smokeless wood-burning units are available if you prefer that true campfire feeling. You’ll also be able to roast marshmallows to make s’mores with friends. 

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#2 Invest in Warm Accessories

Depending on where you live, you may already have many cold-weather accessories. Warm hats, boots, scarves, and gloves can extend your time on the patio in the fall and winter. 

Pair these with a portable fire pit, and you just might stay on the deck all night while stargazing!

In addition, long underwear, wool socks, and headbands are excellent for keeping the chill away. Many of these items are helpful for camping any time of the year. So if you enjoy getting out in nature away from home, add a few to your gear bags. 

#3 Indulge in a Hot Beverage

Hot cocoa, tea, or cider is perfect for keeping your insides warm while hanging out around the fire pit on your patio. These drinks can easily turn into adult cocktails with a shot of liquor. But they’re delicious without enhancements as well. 

You can also dream up the perfect hot beverage options for your next camping trip. You only need a way to heat water or milk and ingredients like chocolate, sugar, honey, tea bags, and coffee. Add some flavor extracts or a cinnamon stick if you want to get fancy. 

Another excellent choice for warming the belly is a hot toddy. Mix hot water, whiskey, honey, and lemon for this classic winter drink. 

#4 Wrap Up in a Cozy Blanket

You can’t go wrong with a soft, cozy blanket to keep warm on cool evenings on your patio. Or, if you have a sleeping bag, zip yourself into it for more of a cocoon feel. However, you might need your hands to sip on your hot beverage. 

Several high-quality blankets are available online or at camping supply stores. 

Look for ones made from wool or have down insulation. These materials are the best for keeping you toasty, whether on your patio or in the woods. 

That heavy-duty poncho tucked away in your closet that you don’t use often is good in a pinch. Bring that baby out for a night of hanging with friends on a crisp autumn or winter evening. 

Shot of a young woman relaxing on a deck or patio keeping warm with a blanket and hot drink
A warm blanket, hot drink, and knit hat will help keep you warm

#5 Try a Portable Heater

Portable heaters are handy at home or for staying warm in your RV or patio. You’ll find models that require a 120-Volt outlet while others use small propane canisters to power them. And surprisingly, both styles can be safe to use at home or inside a motorhome. 

Check out the Mr. Heater products for various units suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. They’re very popular with the RV community since some models are ideal for warming spaces measuring 225 square feet. That’s about the size of a 30-foot motorhome. 

Another option strictly for outdoor use is a tabletop propane heater. It’s a smaller version of those large units restaurants set up on their patios during dinner. 

Amazon has an impressive selection of various portable heaters. You’re sure to find a style that suits your needs.

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#6 Snuggle With a Friend to Stay Warm on Your Patio

Increase body heat by snuggling with your sweetie, kids, or good friend. So grab that blanket and wrap it around you and your patio buddy to stay warm on a chilly evening. 

You could purchase a loveseat-style camp chair if you don’t have deck seating suitable for two people. Depending on your budget, spending between $40 and $100 or more will add a comfy way to cuddle up with someone. 

And the cool thing is you can add it to your camping gear for an extra place to sit around the fire pit. 

#7 Don’t Forget the Hand Warmers

Hand warmers won’t be a new concept for anyone living in areas with cold winters. Single-use packets you shake to activate easily slip into gloves and shoes to keep you nice and toasty. It’s an old-school method that many of us grew up using. 

But for something a bit more savvy, rechargeable devices offering multiple features are available. The great thing about these units is adjusting the temperature is easy. Most of them heat to between 100 and 130 degrees. Certain models also include a flashlight, massager, or charging outlets for your phone. 

These are a great addition to help keep the chill away while spending time on your patio or camping in cool weather.  

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Stay Warm On Your Patio Year Round With These Tips!

So now you have several nifty ideas for keeping warm while enjoying time on your patio this fall and winter. It’s possible to combine a number of these suggestions for optimal comfort. 

The next chance you get for stargazing with friends, you’ll be ready for a long night outdoors without getting cold. Cozy up to the fire with your snuggle buddy and hot beverage for fun memory-making evenings.

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