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What Is the Jeep Badge of Honor?

Jeep’s Badge of Honor program recognizes those of us who love a good challenge. This club is full of adventurers who thrive on exploring off the beaten path.

You don’t even need a Jeep to participate in the program. But you do need to know a few things ahead of time so you don’t veer off the road.

We’ve got the details on what the Jeep Badge of Honor is and how you can get started. Before you know it, you’ll be conquering some of the most rugged routes in the U.S.

Let’s dig in!

A photo of the front ends of two Jeeps. For some, just owning a Jeep is a badge of honor.
For some, just owning a Jeep is a badge of honor

About the Jeep Badge of Honor Program

The company created the challenge to connect with customers and enhance their experiences. Program members earn points for finishing specific routes, then use those points to advance through six ranks. 

Think of it as a club for all-terrain adventurers. All you need is an all-terrain vehicle, a smartphone, and a taste for the extreme.

To move through the ranks, members first download the Jeep Badge of Honor Trails app. Once you arrive, just share your location to verify where you are. Checking in at a trailhead, completing a course, and uploading photos are all ways to earn points and advance through the ranks.

Anyone who enjoys off-roading can join the club, whatever brand of vehicle they own. All you need is the app, a rig that can handle rough terrain, and a love for adventure.

How Do You Get a Badge of Honor?

The program isn’t just about points. It’s also about earning badges! More than 55 of the pathways in the app are eligible for these rewards.

Users earn recognition by logging their accomplishments. Checking in at a trailhead is one of the simplest ways to earn these items. Anyone who earns enough points or check-ins gets digital medals added to their account. 

But for owners of branded vehicles, these rewards come with extra incentives. These folks are eligible to receive car tags as well. You can attach them anywhere on your rig to share your accomplishments with others. They received a new design back in 2019 and are tough enough to withstand harsh all-terrain conditions.

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How Many Recognized Trails Are There?

Joining the Jeep Badge of Honor program is a fun way to connect with other off-roaders. And thanks to the massive number of trails, it’s also a great way to travel and see the country.

There are 68 paths on the app. Regardless of where you live, chances are some of them are near you. They’re scattered across 25 states, meaning there’s one in every other state. 

And, if you live in Utah, you’re in luck. The Beehive State has more than any other state in the country. 

But if you’re up for a challenge, try accessing the Black Gap 4×4 Trail or Monument Ridge. These routes, which are in remote parts of Texas and Wyoming, are generally considered the most far-flung.

More are added each year, so the fun never stops.

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Are Jeep Badge of Honor Trails Difficult?

If you’re new to off-roading, have no fear. While some of Jeep’s Badge of Honor routes are tough, plenty are great for beginners. Just check out the app to find the right journey for you.

Each one has a ranking between zero and ten. Beginners are ranked from zero to three, while moderate ones are ranked as fours or fives. More challenging pathways receive a level six or seven ranking. 

The most challenging ones are tagged from eight to ten. The app also provides info on what types of terrain to expect.

When you’re ready to plan your off-road adventure, consider the difficulty level of your chosen path. Some of the tougher tracks may be outright dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment. You may need to modify your vehicle or buy specialized equipment before tackling one of the super challenging trails.

A Jeep being pulled out of mud on a trail. It's always a good idea to bring a buddy in case you need a helping hand.
It’s always a good idea to bring a buddy in case you need a helping hand.

How To Prepare

When you’re ready to collect as many Badges of Honor as Jeep will give you, it’s time to prepare. While off-roading is a great way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors, it can be hazardous. Even seasoned off-roaders take precautions before hitting the trail.

First, make sure your common-sense bases are covered. Don’t go off-roading without a full tank of gas. Always carry basic supplies like a spare tire, jack, and a can of gas.

If you’re tackling a route in a remote or isolated area, consider bringing water, non-perishable food, and a flashlight, just in case.

Second, give your rig a thorough inspection. One of the most critical tasks is to check your tire pressure. Depending on your chosen route, you may need to adjust the pressure before, during, or after your drive. Ignoring your tire pressure could cause rollovers, blowouts, and other problems.

Finally, use caution while exploring your chosen trail. Don’t drive through water without checking the depth first. Pay attention to your surroundings and know what terrain your Jeep can and can’t handle. 

And when you can, use the buddy system. Bringing a friend along for the ride isn’t just safer, it’s also fun.

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Show Your Off-Road Skills With The Jeep Badge of Honor Program!

Jeep’s Badge of Honor program is a fun way to explore the outdoors. It’s also the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle. Whether you choose a gentle track with beautiful scenery or an extreme route that calls for steep climbs, there’s no wrong way to earn a Badge of Honor. With some preparation and determination, you’ll be a Trail Expert in no time.

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