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5 Campers Made for Your Motorcycle to Tow

Heading out on your motorcycle with a camper in tow is a great way to upgrade your experience.

On perfect days, stopping at a hotel just doesn’t cut it. Of course, you want to keep on riding.

Pulling a camper behind your motorcycle lets you live your best life on your schedule. So, today, we’re sharing five of the best for your journey.

Grab your helmet, and let’s ride!

A motorcycle potentially towing a camper

Why You Need a Motorcycle Camper in Tow

Towing a motorcycle camper proves you don’t need a massive RV to have an epic experience. These small trailers are a cost-effective way to see some of the most popular destinations around the country. 

With less luggage and equipment to worry about, this minimalist form of travel saves you time and energy.

Another reason for you to consider these rigs is for the views. With this setup, there’s nothing between you and the great outdoors. You can enjoy an unrestricted view of the landscapes and terrain while riding your bike. Their smaller stature makes it easy to navigate scenic highways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

If you need another reason to consider this method, there’s something special about getting back to the basics. We live in a complex world, and this form of camping allows you to disconnect from it all. 

While it’s possible to have many luxuries, you quickly discover they’re not always necessary. There’s so much waiting for you to see and explore. However, having the right trailer to haul with your bike can make or break the experience, and these are some of the best.

#1 Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

The Kompact Kamp Mini Mate is a popular motorcycle camper to tow. It measures 60” by 40” when in transport mode and 90” by 40” when folded out for use. This trailer provides 15 cubic feet of storage space accessed via the rear door. 

You can bring your gear and other belongings along for the ride.

After a long day on the road, you’ll love having a place to rest your head right behind you. At 78” long, there’s plenty of room in the bed. Its 500-pound capacity is perfect for couples who want to make adventurous memories.

With only 25 pounds of tongue weight, it’s easy to pick up and position in your campsite. Not only is it easy to move around, but you can set it up in only two minutes. And, with such an easy setup, you can get to the things you enjoy faster.

The Kompact Kamp Mini Mate starts at $3,895, plus $350 for crating and shipping. They offer a variety of add-on features that can increase the price. 

Some of the most expensive upgrades available are a fender light bar ($300), an awning and add-a-room package ($850), or an upgrade to the coupler or wheels ($200).

It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to start motorcycle camping. Unfortunately, you may need to place your order and wait because these are popular. During peak season, this is especially true. 

Planning ahead is a good idea to avoid delays or potential issues with your future travel plans.

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#2 Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camper

The Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camper starts at $3,949, plus shipping starting at $419. This towable is another popular option that can experience supply shortages. They’re one of the few manufacturers we’ve encountered that displays their inventory total on their website.

It sits on an independent torsion axle with two 12” wheels. And it includes 23 cubic feet of storage when not storing the tent and 16 cubic feet with it. Whether planning a weekend in the woods or attending a bike rally, you can take your gear or equipment with you.

Solace is a familiar name in the RV industry known for its pop-up campers. They know how to construct rigs that are wind-resistant, water-repellent, and tough. 

The Solace Deluxe transforms from a cargo box into a cozy tent in approximately five minutes. Before you know it, you’ll have a 72-square-foot space with a full or queen-size bed.

This trailer measures 8’4” long and 42” wide when closed for transport. It weighs 400 pounds but only requires 20 pounds of tongue weight. If you’re in the market, this camper tows beautifully behind your motorcycle.

#3 Kwik Kamp II

As its name indicates, the Kwik Kamp II is quick and easy to set up. You can finish the entire process in less than five minutes. That means more time for hiking, boating, or casting a line in a nearby fishing hole.

This trailer has a fiberglass construction sitting on top, a solid chassis, a torsion axle, and shiny aluminum wheels. With 24 cubic feet of cargo space, you’ll have room to bring whatever you need for your journey.

Regarding sleeping space, the Kwik Kamp II has a bunk-style bed platform overtop a king-size mattress. You’ll sit 35” off the ground, so you won’t have to worry about a cold and wet bed in the morning. 

There’s even a built-in port to add a portable air conditioner to stay cool during the heat of summer.

It measures 121” long and 47” wide. When empty, it weighs 340 pounds and can haul 360 pounds of gear. The lightweight construction allows you to tow this camper with your motorcycle, trike, or passenger vehicle. 

While no current price is listed on their website, they typically cost around $3,000, plus $350 or more for shipping.

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#4 Aspen Classic

The Aspen Classic motorcycle camper measures 47” by 72” and has a king bed. It’s 350 pounds and has a tongue weight of 24 pounds when empty. This trailer is made of a single piece of reinforced fiberglass that comes in white, black, or gray.

Friends of ours loved the one they had and only got rid of it because they bought an RV.

There’s a unique feature we’ve not seen on many other models. The 25 cubic feet of storage space is accessible while traveling and inside the tent. When there’s bad weather, it’s useful for accessing gear, equipment, or snacks without leaving your tiny home.

It comes with a Dexter Torflex suspension system with an option for electric brakes. To provide support, it features four adjustable jack stands around the perimeter of the trailer. Another impressive feature is the spring rear-loaded bed bow, allowing you to set it up in minutes.

Unfortunately, as of January 1, 2020, Aspen Classic trailers are no longer in production. However, you can find used models for sale. As with most used vehicles and towables, these vary considerably in price. You can expect to pay $3,000 to $4,000 for one of these models.

#5 Time Out Trailers Deluxe Camper

Last but not least is the Time Out Trailers Deluxe Camper. This trailer tips the scales at 385 pounds and measures 104” long. With only 20 pounds of tongue weight, you’ll barely notice you’re towing a motorcycle camper.

The Time Out Deluxe offers seven cubic feet of storage space, 23 total, and four more inches of sleeping space. You’ll have room to store multiple bags, an air mattress, and even a table.

Despite its larger size, setup typically only takes a single person three minutes to get the job done. Again, the less time it takes to get your tent and campsite set up, the more you can spend on things you enjoy.

While this is a large, well-built trailer, it has a premium price tag. These units start at approximately $5,500. When ordering, you can choose between black or white and whether to include stripes. They make it easy to choose other optional upgrades and see how much they’ll cost. 

Going with the Time Out Trailers Deluxe Camper means no surprises.

It’s also available on Amazon: Time Out Deluxe Camping Trailer.

Which Motorcycle Camper Is Right for You?

With the right motorcycle camper in tow, it can feel like the possibilities are endless. You gain access to destinations that weren’t possible before. However, choosing the right one isn’t a decision you should rush. Consider all of your options and touch and feel the differences. 

It’s an investment in your future adventures. Choose wisely!

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