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How Much Does a Table Weigh?

It’s easy to underestimate how much a table can weigh. However, if you go to carry it up or down a flight of stairs, you’ll feel every pound.

While it may not be something you know off the top of your head, it’s good knowledge to have on hand. Luckily, getting this information or a general idea is possible using a few tricks.

Today, we’re doing the heavy lifting to help you determine how much your table weighs. 

Let’s get to it!

Why Would I Need to Know How Much a Table Weighs?

Knowing how much a table weighs can be helpful in various circumstances. For example, you typically pay per pound when shipping or moving furniture. If you own bulky items, it could cost you an arm and a leg.

That hefty table or couch may be worth selling depending on its monetary or sentimental value. Use the funds generated to purchase new pieces once you arrive at your next residence. However, you want to know the cost of replacing it before deciding.

Additionally, knowing how much a table weighs is vital if you use it in an RV. No matter how big or small your camper is, it has a cargo-carrying capacity. Exceeding this limit can void your warranty and create a dangerous situation. 

Also, table weights will vary significantly based on the materials used during construction.

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How Much Do Different Kinds of Tables Weigh?

A typical dining room table with seating for four can weigh somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds. The weight can increase significantly for larger units. Typically, you should expect 100 to 150 pounds for one meant to seat six people. However, a table for eight will be around 150 to 200 pounds.

As mentioned, many factors determine its overall weight. Wood and metal are popular materials used for constructing furniture. Additionally, many people like the look of marble tops. Unfortunately, while they may look and perform great, they’re also heavy.

If weight is a concern, you’ll want to consider the building materials and size of your tables. There may come a time when you want to replace it or move it. You don’t want to throw out your back trying to lift a hefty load.

How Can I Determine the Weight of a Table?

Are you about to move locations and want to know how much your table weighs? Try one of these methods to estimate or get the precise weight. 

Online Calculator

You can find several online calculators to help you calculate the weight of furniture, including tables. Many are available through moving companies’ websites. They often use them to generate quotes for customers preparing to move.

Unfortunately, these calculators won’t be precise to your specific model. They’re general estimates based on the company’s history and experience moving items. As long as you’re not looking for an exact number, these can give you a rough idea of the weight of your table.

Amazon Listing

They say you can buy everything from A to Z on Amazon. If you purchased through this popular website, search your order history and find the item. It’ll likely list many details regarding the product, including its dimensions and weight.

Even if you didn’t buy through Amazon, you may be able to find the same or a similar model on their platform. It doesn’t have to be an exact match. Just make sure it’s close in size and materials. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to determine your table’s weight within a couple of pounds.

Bathroom Scales

It’s possible to weigh your table and other furniture if you have a couple of bathroom scales. You’ll need two and a few wood planks to do this. If your scales are precise, using this method can be very accurate.

First, place the scales across from each other equal to the length of the furniture. Then, take a piece of wood that’s wide enough to hold each leg. Start at one side and then finish on the other. Once everything is in place, all you need to do is add the two scale weights together. 

How Much Weight Can Tables Hold?

Some large tables are solid and can hold up to a few hundred pounds. Coffee and folding versions typically have a maximum capacity of 50 to 100 pounds, while dining room models can handle 300 to 400 pounds. Again, these limits vary considerably from one product to the next.

Overloading your furniture can be dangerous and cause structural damage. Adding too much weight on top of tables will eventually result in them crashing to the ground. In addition to breaking your property, it may injure you or anyone nearby as it collapses.

When buying a new table, check the weight limit. Unfortunately, it may be hard to determine if you’re purchasing used or building your own. If in doubt, play it safe, and don’t overload it with heavy items. 

Lightweight Tables for RVs and Camping

Several good options are available if you’re looking for a table that doesn’t weigh too much to haul in your RV. Check out these lightweight suggestions to add to your camping gear.

PORTAL Foldable Table

The PORTAL Foldable Table comes in two sizes. Choose between the large model (35.4″ by 20.9″), which weighs only nine pounds, or the extra-large table (47.2″ by 27.6″), weighing 13.2 pounds. While both are lightweight, each can hold a maximum of 66 pounds.

Additionally, adjustable legs allow you to raise and lower the height. A removable mesh layer underneath is excellent for storing cooking utensils, books, or snacks. You won’t waste time as setup only takes a minute. It’s also easy to clean.

Price Check: PORTAL Foldable Table

Alps Mountaineering Dining Table

The ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold a decent amount of food and gear. The regular version comes in a rectangle measuring 43” by 28” and weighing 12 pounds. But they also offer two other sizes.

Another convenient feature is that it folds up quickly and comes with a shoulder bag for storage. You can easily haul it deep into the woods and enjoy the benefits of having a table with you anywhere.

Price Check: Alps Mountaineering Dining Table

Lifetime 4-Foot Folding Table

This folding table from Lifetime measures 48” by 24” and weighs approximately 19 pounds. However, while it’s a bit heavier, the extra weight makes it more capable. The maximum load is upwards of 200 pounds. It’ll be up for just about anything you need to place on top of it.

Many people love that the polyurethane top is easy to clean by simply wiping it down. Unfortunately, it’s not heat resistant, so pot holders are necessary if placing hot pans on it. 

Price Check: Lifetime 4-Foot Folding Table

Table Weight Matters

At some point in the future, you may need to know how heavy your furniture is if using professional movers. Now that you have an idea of how much some tables weigh, you’ll be able to use this information to get quotes for shipping or moving. 

Fortunately, most people don’t frequently relocate to new places. So you probably won’t have to worry too often about hauling that heavy heirloom table between locations.

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