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7 Superior Services at Flying J Truck Stops (for RVers)

Flying J truck stops have dotted the American landscape for over 50 years. Rebranding themselves as travel centers, Flying J focuses on helping motorists walk away restored, refreshed, and road-ready. 

What makes Flying J stand out from other truck stops?

By offering services drivers need, Flying J truck stops make a great resting place for all motorists. Today, we’re talking about the noteworthy things to know before your next visit.

Let’s get started!

About Flying J Truck Stops

O. Jay Call founded Flying J in Brigham City, Utah, in 1968. He started small, owning four stations. He chose the name Flying J as a nod to his love of flying and his name. 

After realizing truck drivers deserved a better rest stop experience, the first Flying J Travel Plaza debuted in West Haven, Utah, in 1979. It was important to Call to provide low fuel prices for truckers. He did so by purchasing refineries to provide the fuel. 

He provided showers, restaurants, and other amenities in the travel plazas. Later, he began catering to RV travelers by adding propane fills and dump stations.

As a private company, in 1996, operations produced over $1.6 billion in sales, with the Call family still owning 75% of the company. Unfortunately, by July 2009, Flying J was looking at Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. 

Selling the travel centers to Pilot in July 2010 removed them from that fate. The truck stops became part of the newly-named Pilot Flying J family.

RV parked in front of Flying J
Keep your eyes peeled for Flying J truck stops when RVing.

#1 Flying J’s Loyalty Program

In 2012, Flying J’s rewards program was initially for professional drivers. Most of the benefits focused more on pro drivers rather than everyday travelers.

However, in early 2021, they updated the program and created the myRewards Plus App for all drivers. With the rewards program, drivers save $0.03 per gallon every day. 

The app also allows you to save points for other rewards. Drivers can use the points for in-store items.

#2 Flying J Services For RVs

 Flying J truck stops continue to provide exceptional amenities for RV travelers. They offer RV fueling lanes as well as overnight parking at some locations.

They also partner with Good Sam Club to provide the RV Plus Charge Card. This card offers more significant fuel discounts and cheaper dump station and propane fill prices.

The myRewards Plus App can also be a helpful tool for road navigation. However, it may not provide the type of RV-safe navigation needed for larger rigs. 

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#3 Overnight RV Parking at Flying J Truck Stops

Not all Flying J truck stops offer overnight RV parking. It’s essential to verify which locations across the country provide overnight accommodations for RVers.

If you find a Flying J truck stop on your route you’d like to stop at for the night, call ahead to ask if they allow RVs overnight. They will sometimes have designated spots for RVs to park away from semi-trucks. 

The last thing you want to do is be in the way of professional truck drivers needing to rest for the night. Calling ahead will assure you that you’re welcome to park there overnight. 

Trucks parked overnight in Flying J
Some Flying J’s will let you park your RV overnight for free in their parking lot.

#4 Food Options at Flying J Truck Stops

The food available at Flying J is almost limitless. O. Jay Call included sit-down restaurants in the original truck stops. That tradition continues to this day. 

Guests can find their favorite fast food, pizza, and hotdogs at stores across the country. Flying J truck stops are the largest franchisee for Subway restaurants, plus Bojangles, Wendy’s, and Denny’s are in many locations.

#5 Flying J’s Showers Are Very Nice

 Flying J truck stops want to provide the best shower experience along the interstate. That’s why they’re launching a $100 million project to remodel and upgrade their showers. They plan to use hotel-grade showerheads and Italian tiles you might typically see in hotels.

Adding premium towels and LED lighting in the showers makes the space feel more like home than a stopover on the road. Providing excellent water pressure and consistent heat, they hope to offer a truly refreshing experience.

Flying J road side sign
Need a shower while RVing? Stop a Flying J to freshen up.

#6 Flying J is Getting a Makeover

In addition to the shower overhaul, the travel centers are receiving upgrades to the stores. They’ll be installing glossy white subway tiles on the walls in the deli area.

Additionally, more seating will be available to eat, work, or relax before hitting the road again. Massage chairs are even available in some locations to help keep the blood flowing and muscles loose.

The exteriors of the buildings will also receive a facelift with new lighting and facades and easier access to the gas pumps. Hundreds of stores will also get updated signage showing off the new logo bringing it all together.

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#7 Flying J is Charitable

Flying J gives back in its hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. They also fund international causes as well. 

Recently, they raised over $1 million each for children in Ukraine and the American Heart Association. In 2017, they donated over $2 million to renovate the West Side YMCA in Knoxville.

The company gives back to trucking organizations that support drivers and promote the sustainability of the trucking industry. They’re eager to support educational endeavors that inspire students to excel in specialized programs. 

They also support Veterans as they make the transition back to civilian life. 

Flying J Offers More Than Just Gas

Flying J truck stops exist to make highway travel easier and more convenient by catering to professional drivers and other motorists on the road. It’s a place where drivers can refresh themselves and their vehicles before hitting the road again.

As you travel down the interstate this summer, would you consider stopping at a Flying J truck stop? Let us know in the comments below.

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