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RV Family Swarmed By Bees After a Bizzare Trailer Accident

On November 7th, a full-time RV family met with 1000s swarming bees after a tractor-trailer truck wrecked on CA-190 in Joshua Tree National Park.

The trailer lost control on a steep downhill run, and the cargo, boxes filled with active bee hives, exploded onto the side of the road.

Not only did the Earles, the family of RVers, face these bees. First responders were stung, and the truck driver had numerous stings. He later had to be lifeflighted away from the scene.

Photo Credit: The National Park Service

Amanda Earle, mother of three and creator of Earles Gone Wild, said, “I was going into the (RV) to use the restroom while we gave the kids a break from their car seats. I noticed some bees but didn’t think much of it.

I was inside when I started to hear the commotion outside. People were running and shouting because the bees had begun stinging people.”

The first official onsite responders were the California Highway Patrol and the National Park Service. Before their arrival, passersby removed the truck driver to a safer place.

Amanda Earle added, “Thankfully, we all returned safely to our truck. But that’s when we noticed a wreck on the side of the highway with dozens of destroyed bee boxes everywhere.”

This incident isn’t on our list of reasons to avoid Joshua Tree National Park; however, we have many reasons this park may not be for you.

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