5 Easy Places a Camper Can Use the Bathroom

5 Easy Places a Camper Can Use the Bathroom

You can only ignore it for so long before you have no choice but to answer nature’s call. Some people get anxious just thinking about having to use the bathroom while camping. It may even be enough to prevent some people from thoroughly enjoying themselves. We love camping and want you to have a great and anxious-free camping experience. Today, we’re sharing five easy places campers can use the bathroom. Let’s see which option might be best for you!

Is It Legal to Poop in the Woods?

The woods may not be an ideal or the most comfortable place for a number two, but it’s perfectly legal in most circumstances. However, you could run into legal issues once you finish your business. If you want to avoid legal issues, ensure you know how to dispose of your waste properly. Some areas require you to bag your waste and take it with you when you’re finished.

Should You Avoid Using the Restroom When Camping?

You shouldn’t avoid using the restroom when camping or during other activities. Waiting 15 or 20 minutes for a more convenient place to use the restroom is one thing, but holding it for a day or two can be very dangerous.

Camping toilets and baggies often use unique formulas to help expedite the breakdown of waste. This reduces smells and makes it easier for campers to store their waste until they can safely dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

Can You Poop in a Camping Toilet?

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