Car Crashes Through Parked RV at Campground

Car Crashes Through Parked RV at Campground

Towing an RV can be extremely challenging, especially if you’re new to towing a trailer. Many drivers admit that their biggest fear is hitting something with their RV. Many RVers never consider that something could hit their RV while parked at a campsite. However, this situation happened at a campground in Carthage, North  Carolina. Let’s dive in and see how this chaotic event unfolded!

What Happened at Farm Pond Campground in Carthage, NC?

A couple had their quiet Saturday afternoon interrupted by the rear end of a Buick LaCrosse crashing into their RV. At approximately 5 PM, local authorities were called to the scene of this unusual accident.

What Should You Do If Your RV Is in an Accident?

Knowing what to do when you and your RV are in an accident is important. Because the scene will likely be incredibly chaotic, it can be easy to forget or overlook some crucial items that you should make sure to do. Let’s look at what you should do if your RV is in an accident!

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