Do All RV Parks Have Monthly Rates?

Do All RV Parks Have Monthly Rates?

If you’re not careful, RVing can get very expensive. Every time you turn around, you pay another fee or need to buy something for your rig. With camping more popular now than ever, reservations are increasing at many parks. You may consider an RV park with monthly rates to settle into an area for an extended period or save money. So do all RV parks have monthly rates, and are they worth it? Let’s find out!

What Is an RV Park?

RV parks vary significantly between locations but are not a traditional camping experience. These parks cater to RVs. You can expect power, water, and a sewer connection at your campsite. It’s not uncommon for RV park management to cram hundreds of rigs into their parks.

Does Every RV Park Have Monthly Rates?

While you can expect the occasional RV park to have monthly rates, that’s not always the case. Some RV parks will not offer monthly rates or only have particular sites designated for monthly rates. If an RV park has no issues turning over areas, it will be less likely to offer monthly rates. In these instances, a park can generate more revenue through single-night or short-term stays booking a site.

RV park monthly rates will vary based on the location of the park and any amenities they offer. However, you can find RV parks in some areas from $200 to $1500+ per month.

How Much Do RV Parks Cost Per Month?

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