How to Receive a Package at a Campground

How to Receive a Package at a Campground

Receiving packages and mail can be incredibly challenging for those embracing the nomadic life. Many turn to resources like Amazon Lockers and the USPS General Delivery. However, those options aren’t always possible. So how do you receive a package at a campground? Let’s find out!

Do All RV Parks Accept Packages?

Unfortunately, not all RV parks accept packages. Many RV parks will gladly accept and hold guest packages, but that’s not always the case. We have encountered some parks with stringent rules about receiving packages.

Will Amazon Deliver to a Campground?

Some campgrounds won’t allow Amazon deliveries. If that’s the case, you’ll need an Amazon Locker or another pickup site. Many retail stores serve as pickup and drop-off locations for Amazon deliveries and returns.

Getting mail while RVing can be challenging, but there are some great solutions. Many RVers use mail-forwarding services, providing travelers with an address for all their correspondence. The service will collect and sort the mail until the customer tells them when, where, and how to send it. Depending on the delivery method, they’ll typically deliver your mail wherever you are in a few days.

How Do You Get Mail While RVing?

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