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Q&A – Favorite Apps for Fulltime RV Traveling

We continue our Q&A series this week with a practical question that integrates travel and technology.

What apps do you regularly use as fulltime RV travelers?

We’re not the most tech savvy travelers on the road, but we sure do know our way around the iPhone. Some of the apps we use are specific to RV living and others are creature-comforts that help us enjoy the ride.

Here’s a breakdown of our top Travel apps:



We talked about this app many times in the past and it continues to be a huge resource for life on the road. The app has a huge database of private & public campgrounds, overnight parking locations, dump stations, road grades, and more! The map’s filtering tool is the best function of the app. We’re consistently able to find exactly what we’re looking for with the AllStays app.

Passport America

This is another tool we love to mention – Passport America saves us tons of money and their app is quite functional. The app’s map has pins that drop down, marking all member campgrounds.

Note: AllStays has an option to search only Passport America sites – but, if we’re specifically searching for PA campgrounds, its quicker to use the PA app. I also imagine that PA’s app is more up to date with new member campgrounds.


ALLSTAYS has a new “free camping” search feature!

Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy app is great for finding the cheapest gas around. We use it to find the best gas prices in our current location and to plot out our gas fill-ups on travel days. The app is easy to use, and user generated – keeping the data base extremely up-to-date.

Apple Weather App

We use the basic Apple Weather App. It’s not as accurate or detailed as many weather apps, but we like the function for adding multiple cities to our “favorites list”. This function gives us a quick glance at the weather conditions of our future destinations. If you use a better weather app, let us know! We know there’s room for improvement here.

Apple Maps

This is another generic app we regularly use. We guess it’s not the best “maps app” out there, but its easy to use and gets us to our location 90% of the time. We’re still searching for the best Map/GPS app – so let us know if you’re using an awesome one.


Apple’s Maps & Weather are easy to use, but not always the most accurate.

Bring Fido

We love traveling with our dog – if we’re out exploring a town, we want River to be exploring with us. The Bring Fido app is a great resource for dog friendly restaurants across America. It also has many dog park locations and dog friendly hotels.


Zomato is a restaurant locator app with a huge database. While we don’t eat out often, Zomato helps us find vegetarian or vegan restaurants with ease. The app also has a price guide letting us filter options in our price range.


Bring Fido is a great resource for our furry companion

Speed Test

With the recent addition of our WeBoost cellular booster, the Speed Test app has allowed us to test our internet connect speed and measure the actual boost we’re receiving. Its also been fun to test different campground wifi connections and help us gauge what connection is best for uploading YouTube videos.


Spotify is, by far, our most used app. We’re constantly streaming music in our camper, outside, and while we drive. Spotify has great playlists, and it’s easy to create our own. Best of all, with our T-Moble hot spot, we can stream Spotify without eating into our monthly data allotment!

Tune In Radio

As football season approaches, Tune In Radio gets a lot more use. We’ve found that its the most expansive and economical way to have access to every NFL and college football game. The app also has a large audio book database, local radio stations, and lessons in foreign languages.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.22.25 AM

Nothing beats listening to a College football game while camped deep in nature!


We’re always searching for great apps that compliment our fulltime RV traveling life. Let us know what apps you love!

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  1. Abbie says:

    Great suggestions! Try Waze for mapping. We used it all over Costa Rica and it never once failed it. Bonus- you can download your directions via wifi, then turn on airplane mode and it still uses gps to guide you and keep you on the right path. That feature was helpful internationally so we didn’t get roaming charges, but would save data as well locally.

  2. Hiroko miki says:

    Thanks! I found Zomato for us and Tune in radio for husband will be very useful. I use passport america and gas buddy all the time.
    What is the best app for me… LINE app communicate all my family and friends in Japan! Every Japanese had this app!

  3. Shawn Hall says:

    Check out Ultimate Campgrounds.
    Great for finding free camp sites.
    Topic for Q/A – I am sure you think about the future. What does that look like for you guys? I love to hear young peoples perspective.

  4. Mike says:

    We use an app called Around Me everywhere we go. It covers everything but music and the pet friendly places which I will download onto my phone now. Thank you for that!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Thanks for the suggestions! Great Topic!

  7. Awesome! Sounds like a great app!

  8. Thats a great feature! We are hearing good things about the Waze app!