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WeBoost OTR 4G-X Cell Booster – Product Review

WeBoost OTR 4G-X Cell Booster – Product Review

Our mobile internet game has really stepped up over that last month. WeBoost (a division of Wilson Electronics) gave us an OTR 4G-X Cell Booster to test, and the results are amazing!

Here’s the breakdown:

Product: WeBoost OTR 4G-X Cell Booster by Wilson Electronics

Price: $500

Function: The WeBoost cell booster amplifies cell signals and re-broadcasts the amplified signal inside your RV or vehicle. More simply, it makes dropped calls and dead zones less likely.

Installation: The OTR antenna is bracket-mounted; it can be easily secured to a ladder, flagpole or rod on an RV. It was created for truckers and originally intended to be mounted on their large exterior mirrors.

From the antenna, a cord must be run into the interior of your RV (or vehicle). We used the same entry point as our solar panel wires. Once inside, the cord is then connected to the WeBoost 4G-X Booster, which is connected to an interior antenna.


Performance: During our first week of testing the booster we were in an area with strong cell service. Noticing a 20% increase in upload & download speeds, we were glad to see a boost, but it wasn’t impressing us yet. A dramatic boost was documented at our boondocking site in West Glacier, Montana. We were receiving an unusable 3G T-Mobile connection before turning on the WeBoost. Once powered up, the boost gave us full bars of 4G LTE T-Mobile service coming in at -79dBm.

Recommended For: We think any traveling RVer could greatly benefit from the WeBoost Cell Booster. The company also makes a sleeker antenna for daily drivers. We use one for our truck and get great results out of it as well.


Our Personal Experience: Our primary use of 4G internet is for entertainment. On many occasions, the WeBoost allowed us to stream movies at locations we would’ve only been able to listen to pre-downloaded podcasts. We’ve also been able to upload YouTube videos more quickly because of the boosted signal.


For more information about WeBoost products visit RV Mobile Internet.

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Will the weBoost Drive 4G-X work fine in Canada also ?

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